Veigar 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Veigar 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Flash: For escape and also to teleport in for stun
2) Ignite: Extra nuke for killing champions

1) Offense: Archmage’s Savvy, Sorcery, Archaic Knowledge
2) Utility: Expanded Mind, Blink of an Eye, Intelligence

1) Mark of Insight (Magic Penetration), Seal of Clarity (Mana Regen), Glyph of Celerity (Cooldown), Quintessence of Insight (Magic Penetration)

Champion Skill Priority
1) Primordial Burst (Ultimate): Big Nuke for kills
2) Baleful Strike Level 1: Nuke and Farm to increase Ability Power
3) Event Horizon Level 1: Mass Stun
4) Dark Matter: Calls down a meteor that deals AOE damage, takes 1.2 seconds
5) Event Horizon
6) Baleful Strike

Item Build
1) Doran’s Ring
2) Boots of Speed
3) Kage’s Lucky Pick: +AP and Gold
4) Sorcerer’s Shoes: Movement speed, Magic penetration
5) Haunting Guise: +AP, Health, Magic Penetration
6) Deathfire Grasp: +AP, Reduce Ability Cooldown, Nuke
7) Rabadon’s Deathcap: Increase Ability power
8) Morello’s Evil Tome: +AP, Reduce Ability Cooldown

Early Game:
1) Take a lane with an ally and play conservatively, hiding in bushes and staying back
2) Use Baleful Strike to harass enemies and farm minions for Ability Power
3) Use your Event Horizon to trap heroes in vulnerable positions and land Dark Matter on them. Go for the first blood with your ally

Mid Game:
1) Move with your team and take up support role.
2) Use your Event Horizon when the opportunity arises. You will initiate team battles with the stun.
3) Focus Nuke the weakest hero and your allies should easily finish him off. If confident, you can wait to land the finishing blow with Primordial Burst.
4) Always be conservative and stay out of harm’s way
5) Farm by clearing all ranged minions using Dark Matter. Keep using Baleful Strike to farm AP.

Late Game:
1) Use Dark Matter to help your team in pushing
2) Continue to Stun enemies and nuke them.
3) Use Deathfire Grasp immediately after casting Dark Matter so that it can hit before Dark Matter lands.
4) Always be conservative and stay out of harm’s way

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2 Responses

  1. Baleful Strike is to farm AP. Dark matter is a much better nuke for Veigar because:

    1) It farms like crazy, one shot all ranged minions and wraiths.
    2) It can hit multiple champions, especially when you trapped them in Event Horizon.
    3) You can single handedly defend against any early pushes.
    4) Dark Matter has much higher damage (320 + 100% AP) than Baleful strike thus much higher burst damage that is needed in a team fight to take down the focused enemy quick. There is no time to wait for the second charge of Baleful.

    Dark matter is the main nuke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    …WHY UP Q LAST?! Your Q is your main nuke throughout a teamfight. At level 5, it has a 4 second cooldown, with at least 250+ damage. And you need that cooldown to farm AP efficiently. Goddammit.

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