Mordekaiser 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Mordekaiser 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Exhaust: Marks out heroes for kill, also to escape
2) Cleanse: Remove annoying effects

1) Offense: Deadliness, Sorcery, Archaic Knowledge
2) Utility: Awareness, Quickness, Intelligence, Presence of the Master

1) Magic Penetration and Magic Resist

Champion Skill Priority
1) Children of the Grave (Ultimate): Steals life over time
2) Siphon of Destruction: Farm and Nuke
3) Creeping Death: Increase defense and deals high dmg to surrounding
4) Mace of Spades: Hits multiple units or massive damage when it hits 1 unit.

Item Build
1) Doran’s Shield: Health regeneration for early game
2) Sorcerer’s Shoes: Movement speed, Magic penetration
3) Hextech Gunblade: Attack Damage, Ability Power, Lifesteal, Spell Vamp, Active: Nuke + Slow
4) Lich Bane: Mana, Ability Power, Magic Resist, Movement Speed, Triggers 100% Ability Power Damage for physical attack after using an ability.

Early Game:
1) Team up with a stun ally for easy first blood.
2) Use Siphon of Destruction to farm minions and hit champions at the same time.
3) Cast Creeping Death on your melee minions so they go in and wreak havoc.
4) Use Exhaust for easy first blood, again.

Mid Game:
1) Push turrets with your Siphon and Creeping Death.
2) Stay with your allies and take shots at enemies with Siphon.
3) Buff yourself or your allies with Creeping Death.
4) Finish off individual champions by chaining Creeping Death, Gunblade, Mace of Spades, Exhaust, Siphon, Children of the Grave.

Late Game:
1) Keep pushing with your team.

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