Facebook WarFlow RP Guide

Facebook WarFlow RP Guide by by d4rk_pyr0

Almost everyday, somebody in chat asks what RP is, and how to get it. I will now thoroughly explain the arts of RP.

What is RP?
RP is reputation points. It is sort of like getting points for being a powerful player.

What does RP offer?
RP offers daily salaries and new heroes. The higher your RP, the better the rewards

How do you get RP?
There are 4 ways to gain RP:

1. Levy – Occasionally you will get RP related questions during a levy. The rule of thumb is that if you choose the more “harsh” answer, then you will most likely get RP.

2. PvP – Whenever you initiate combat with a person in a different nation, you will be rewarded RP. Even if you get your ass whooped, you still get a bit of RP. Of course if you win, you get more ;).

3. Honor – You can donate honor in a 10:1 ratio for RP. For example, you can donate 500 honor for 50 RP. If you have a lot of spare honor, this is a great option.

4. Investment – Go to world and click on your city. You can donate money to your city for RP. The prosperity benefits all citizens of the city including you, so it’s a win-win.
The equation for RP from investment is RP=Prosperity x (2 times TC level).

What is a salary?
When you reach a target RP goal, you become promoted to a new military rank. The higher your rank, the higher the salary. You can go to the rank tab and grab your salary once every day. It is a very good way to kick start your economy every day.

Anything else RP is good for?
Just like every game, WarFlow has a high scores. The high scores is not based on your TC level, as some may assume. It is actually determined by how much RP the players have. Bottom line, the person with the most RP is number one in the game. This is more than enough reason to get RP.

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  1. go to the page where you check your rp Rank. There should be a button at the bottom to donate honor for rp.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do you donate honor?

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