Facebook WarFlow Event Guide

Facebook WarFlow Event Guide by timdolman

As you know there’s an event each week, giving you free silver each day according to your ranking.
The reward is dependent upon your rank and your town center.
First place will reward 400xTC level.
2nd place will reward 395xTC level.
3rd place will reward 390xTC level and so forth.
After 10th place the reward goes down faster and after the 100th spot you’ll get near nothing. So aim high and cash in when you reach the highest spot you can get that day. Then stop and do it again the day after as others will have gained up or even overtaken you.
So how do you get high? What’s the secret? In nearly all cases it’s preparation, min/maxing and simply playing a lot.

So here’s the events, listed in the cycle they follow.

1. Stock forage: (requirement: obtain forage)
Simple… buy loads and loads of forage in the black market when the price is low. Stock those barns full to the top. (Make sure to have your barns maxed for your level)
Upgrade your market when the forage price is high and sell off as much as you can, so you can buy even more when the price is low.
Yes you will be losing silver from buying all this forage throughout the week, but when the event is over you’re barns will still be full and you can gradually sell it off each day waiting for the next forage event to happen. In fact this is the most profitable event you can get.
Of course normal and state farms also count towards this, make sure to always have a farm occupied.
(If you really want to win, don’t recruit but only conscript. The more forage you spend, the more you can buy. This is however wasting silver and I would not recommend it.)

2. Be great: (earn RP)
Another really hard to win event because of one little trick people abuse. Preparations are to be made for this event as well.
Stock up on honor, forage, silver and make sure you give high rp yourself.

The deal here is to earn as much rp as possible, meaning you save all your mcu to attack other players.
Invest in your region every 3 hours, boost your rp with honor whenever possible.
And because you give a fair bit of rp yourself, you can probably find a high rp opponent which you can trike a deal with. Take turns attacking each other, while unequipping your weapons when it’s his turn. That way both players get the maximum amount of rp they can get and will race up the rankings quite fast.
Make sure you’re in an area which has regional wars for a little extra rp.

It may not be very fair but if you want to win you’ll probably need to play a bit dirty. This event will be very costly on all your funds, but the rp stays (Assuming you’re not over 500k already) so you’ll be closer to having your dreamteam up and runnning and making some silver on the side.

3. Be Rich: (earn silver)
This one is the worst by far, simply as it requires so much preparation to get high in it.

When this event starts, you’ll notice some people soar up like there’s no tomorrow. Those are the ones that prepared. But just preparing isn’t very informative now is it? What do you need to prepare? It’s a fair number of things so let’s break them down in a list.

Treasury: Make sure to have it maxed for this event. If you follow all the instructions below, you’ll constantly be capped on silver and will want to be able to hold as much as you possibly can.
Gear to degrade: When you receive a nice new shiny item and upgraded it, you’ll have that old piece of junk you no longer need. Save it in your inventory so you can degrade and sell it during the event. This is by far your biggest advantage and depending on how high level it was can earn you hundreds of thousands of silver. Granted this is silver you already had, but the game doesn’t care. It claims you earned it.
Obsolete equipment: Random fragments, horses and cloaks you received from the dealers, scrolls and books from your daily quest. Basically anything you can sell. Save them in your inventory and only sell them when the timer is near to expiring. Then when the event starts, clean your inventory.
Boxes: Save them all up. Don’t open them till christmas, or in this case be rich starting day. If you proc silver or an item to sell, then booya you’ll have earned more points. Make sure to stop if you cap out on mcu to not waste any free mcu you’re given.
Also, the direct silver gained from the boxes allows you to go over your maximum silver cap, so make sure to do them after you degraded and sold your gear.
Dealers: Remember the “be strong” event with upgrading your copper plate every 5 minutes? You now get to do something similar to that by doing the dealer every 10 minutes.
(Be very careful with this though. While it’s a MASSIVE point gainer, you’ll lose silver on it. Especially the higher ranked dealers with fragments can very quickly turn that daily profit into a loss. But if you’re farming for a new horse or cloak, this is the week to do it.)
Trade upgrades: Save your market and posthouse upgrades for this week. Buy forage on the black market when it’s low and sell when high. Upgrade market and do it again etc.
Spam those channels looking for caravan receivers. It’s all silver.
Textiles: This is for those level82+ players. You know that stuff you normally do when the price is high? Make sure to get a team and make the highest profit cloth you can make. Wait for 125-128% price is in an area, move there and get as many in. Once the price goes down, wait another 3,5 hours and move to the next area. Keep doing it till you finished your 10 productions, then do it again the next day.
MCU: If you’re willing to spend your mcu on this event, then go farm for silver. There’s 2 options to spend them on:
1. Box fights: Completing these will earn you a set amount based on the speed you do it. Aim for general in the highest box battle you can complete. Like PR’s, you’ll receive more silver if you’re much lower level then the box fight.
2. Find the highest level full drop you can find and hit that npc over and over again and hope you get lucky. Don’t waste your time with fragments, as they’ll near always sell for less then a full drop.
Levy: Find the highest prosperity area you can move to and do your levies there. It’s not much, but it’s still extra silver.
Dependencies: Make sure to have active dependencies. If you’re really anxious to win the event, strike deals. Conquer a friend and have him levy, then have him conquer you when he’s done and you levy for him. In the meantime, find someone else to conquer yourself and hope he hasn’t levied yet that day. This is one of those “be popular” cases where those that have a lot of friends, especially ones willing to help out and don’t care about the event will help you win.
Mines: Make sure to always have one. Preferably the biggest one you can get your hands on and keep. No sense taking that best spot if you know that after 5 minutes someone will kick your ass and steal it from you. That said, do make sure to have one up at all times, even if it means spending mcu instead of your M on it.

Writing all this, I get reminded why I hate this event so badly!

4. Be strong: (receive points for each upgrade you do)
A small explanation on this one is in order.
Each upgrade you do will reward you with around 3 points. But 3 points aren’t going to cut it and those few upgrades you do to improve your armies won’t cut it. We need more… MORE I tell you! So we need cheap upgrades… as cheap as possible…
The answer is simple: buy a copper plate (cheapest to upgrade) and upgrade that every 5 minutes, when the magic level is 40% or higher.
It’ll cost you 64 silvers to upgrade it, after which you degrade it right away getting back 51 silvers. So for 13 silvers you gained 3 points. Just keep doing this until you reach a rank you’re comfortable with and then cash in. Even with the failed attempts on low magic, you’ll still make a fair bit of silver.
Now why 40% or higher you might wonder, why not all the time? For the simple reason that a failed attempt costs you 64 silver. While it’s not a lot, you’re trying to make silver from the event, not lose on it. Enough fails will eventually outweigh the daily reward or at the very least cut it down considerably. Try to find the right balance for your own level.

5. Conquer: (earn honor)
You’ll get points equal to the honor you gain, devided by your town center level (Special thanks to Atomslaya for informing me).
To win will be really tough.
(If you’re above level 50, make sure you have your Rebuking tech maxed to get an unfair advantage.)
Run PR’s of at least 6 levels higher then you are. This way you’ll receive double honor. Even at a lower level, you’ll gain enough honor to get fairly high in the rankings.
Yes this means that you won’t gain much rp this week, but you’ll have enough honor stocked up to do whatever you want the week after.

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