Facebook WarFlow Common Counter Strategies

Facebook WarFlow Common Counter Strategies by d4rk_pyr0

I want to make a small guide for the newcomers who wish to counter commonly known strategies in the game. Green = Strategy Name
Red = Counter #1
Blue = Counter #2
Orange = Counter #3
I hope somebody gets help from this.


Build up. Purchase cloaks and upgrade them for skill defense. At lv 20 war academy, skill defense tech is unlocked. Make sure to bulk up on it to minimize damage taken.

Cavalry. Heroes that have animated horses in combat have a high dodging ability. Put one up right in front of a strafer. If the dodge is successful, the entire strafe move it negated.

Drummers. When you unlock drummer heroes. They are able to steal morale from enemies and give them to your own hero. Place them in front of a strafer to suck up the very problem.


Headdresses. At level 29 if I remember correctly, headdresses are unlocked. Give them to the front heroes (all if thorn or rock warlocks are being used). This will soak up a good amount of damage.

Fight fire with fire. Get a warlock in the front. It has been noted that the higher the intelligence of the targeted hero, the less that an enemy warlock is likely to hit. So if you are already using a warlock, give him some armor and put him in the front.


Karma/Taunt. These special attacks are known to reduce morale if successful. Place heroes with these skills in the front to prevent sheltering.

Warlocks. Sheltering only protects from normal and special attacks. However, warlocks (magic attackers) are able to penetrate these people. Hire somebody like Lirux or Foucheon to demolish shelterers.


War Machines. Drummers can only do so much. They can only swipe morale from the front heroes. In case you didn’t know, war machines do not gain morale. Put heroes that are onagers, ballistas, or such in the front. That will completely destroy the purpose of drummers.

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