Facebook WarFlow Caravan Tips

Facebook WarFlow Caravan Tips by koisumaz2000

This is a mini-guide for new players.

Post house (PH) is unlocked when TC reaches lvl 41. It enables players to trade with other players. Trading is limited to players of the same nation only. You can trade in any areas where there are players lvl 41 or higher. PH enables two operations: sending trade caravans (vans) and receiving trade caravans. Both give players silver. If the other player is online, it’s finished immediately. There is no CD on sending and receiving vans (sigh), so you can reach the daily limit very fast.


1. Don’t rush upgrading your PH. With each upgrade, the numbers of the vans you can send are reset. Be sure to upgrade it when there are no more vans to be sent and to use all the vans immediately after the upgrade.

2. At lvl 45 Native bank is unlocked. It increases the profit of each caravan, so it’s better to upgrade it to maximum level, before starting upgrading the PH past level 5.

3. Vans can be sent only once to each player, so be sure that there are any players online that can receive them.

4. It’s best time to send vans when there are a lot of players online. You can see who is online from in the chat. If you plan to upgrade the PH one or more times that day, better do it in several time windows, so that there will be different players online.

5. It’s better to send vans to higher-level players. Usually when a player accepts vans and hasn’t used all his vans, he will ask for trade in return. Higher level players send more vans, so you will reach the daily limit with fewer operations.

6. Don’t keep trade requests pending – accept or reject them as soon as you can. Keeping somebody waiting will slow him and there is a possibility that he won’t find anybody to send his vans if all have already finished trading. Remember: as a part of a nation, the prosperity of each player helps all the others.

7. If your trade request is pending for too long, use the private chat to ask the player if he can accept or not. If nobody answers, try another one.

8. Be sure to check all the zones of the city for players online. New zones appear when new players move in.

9. Use the area chat or the others if you can (legion and nation chats can be used only by top 100 RP players in the legion/nation respectfully) to announce that you can send or receive vans. Announce the name of the city and the zone you are in to make it easier and faster for the others to find you.

10. Vans can be a powerful tool for making tons of silver. It will be wise to start upgrading the PH and power-trading when there is an GET RICH event. It will secure you one of the first ranks and you will get more silver as a reward.

11. It is possible to plan the number of the vans you receive in order to use all the spaces available. There are usually several spaces remaining which cannot be utilized. I haven’t tried to do it yet, because there won’t be much difference in the silver I get ( I am still low level). However, in the high levels it can be used to get several thousand silver more.

12. Think strategically. The PH upgrades are limited, so use them in the right moment to get fast silver when you need it the most. 

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