Facebook WarFlow Army Tips and Tricks

Facebook WarFlow Army Tips and Tricks by d4rk_pyr0

This is my battle strategies and tips guide. In this, you will find things such as the different army builds that people use. If you know of more strategies, or would like to suggest more guides, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We will begin with the basics. One does not only need an army, they need to use proper strategy to properly use it. A person with randomly placed heroes will do much more terrible than a person who knows the trade. Ever since I have started playing this game, I have seen many forms of builds and different heroes used together.

If you examine your hero stats, he/she will have 3 strange numbers next to them. Str, Dex, and Int.
Str – Strength – This determines the output of your standard attacks.
Dex – Dexterity – This determinhes the output of your special attacks (the shiny ones that use morale)
Int – Intelligence – This is special to the warlock race. It determines stuff for them such as success rate.

All of the above stats can be improved for a cost of honor. The stat boostage is a gamble, but with enough work you can add a noticeable boost to your military.

Tanking – This strategy is pretty much what it is called. A very powerful hero is placed in the front lines, soaking up massive damage, while the heroes in the back annihilate the enemy.
This strategy’s main concern is who will tank for you. Heroes like Lyone and Waxon possess a skill called Shelter. When activated, it gives the hero TREMENDOUS defense for one entire round of combat. The most common damage taken is 1 when shelter is active.
In the back will be very strong heroes. Make sure to give them highly upgraded weapons. Alot of people prefer to put ballistas and such armies in the back, to kill 2-3 armies in just a few elongated shots.
TIPS – Give tokens and cloaks to the hero in the front. This will further improve his/her life expectancy in battle.

HEROES TO PUT IN FRONT: Waxon, Lyone, Roychute, cavalry, etc…

Strafing – This strategy is incredibly effective, but it comes with some flaws. It is highly boring and straightforward. It is the cookie cutter for the cookie dough with your enemy’s name on it. Also, people frown upon this strategy, for being so overpowered and being a tactic for noobs. Please try at your own risk, and don’t come crying to me when people hate on you.
The build of this is to get heroes that have the strafe move. The next thing is to get a meat shield or something of the sort in the front. Purchase very high end horses and max them out. At higher levels, you can use war drummers or dancers like Charidea to quickly give morale to your strafers.
SUGGESTED HEROES: Strafe – Jenlon, Haera, and other heroes with area of effect moves.
Morale – War drummers, Charidea, Military band officers

Warlocks – You are probably familiar with Lirux. He is a warlock from the mid-Donjerd map. Warlock is a fancy word for mage. They cast spells that cause tremendous damage, and can sometimes do other effects. When given BOOKS and engineering tech, these beasts can murder even the toughest foes in front of them.

Warlocks are very high in intelligence (strategic-based stat). The bad part is that the trade off is very low Str and Dex. This means that you must give them high armor, or put them behind other heroes like shieldersor chariotry. Purchase a book for each warlock (the more the better). Level them up as well to increase force. I’m 99% sure the force level helps determine the success rate of their spells.
The best part about warlocks, besides devastating damage, is the fact that some have special after-effects. For example, thunder warlocks can paralyze the enemy if they strike successfully. The target will be unable to do any attacks for a full round, allowing your army to get in the lead.
Heroes – warlocks include Lirux, Foucheon, Shuyatis, and many more
Hint After you complete the Roychute map, you obtain a high-grade book called Instant Heals. Be sure to give it to a worthy warlock

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