Facebook WarFlow After Level 20 Guide

Facebook WarFlow After Level 20 Guide by Sputink

After completing the Donjerd Power the game takes a new route and can get complicating. There is a sudden increase in new features and they are not explained well by the in-game minions.

Things explained in this guide

  • Moving
  • Mining
  • Reputation points (RP)
  • Ranking
  • Dependacies


When you defeat Donjerd you are allowed to move to another city. Moving is compulsory as you can not grow larger than level 20 in Lyon. Before you can move you must move to a certain nation. There are three nations
Volpugny, Beluprus and Malscinia.
If you are in a legion before you pick a nation you can only move to the nation your legion is in. For example i am in Legion X and it is in Beluprus i can only move to Beluprus. To check what nation your legion is in just click  the Legion button and in the statiscis just read the nationality.

When moving there are 3 cities you can move to: Norland (Volpugny), Kening (Beluprus), Malscinia (Malscinia).

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Mining is like farming. If you occupy a mine you can obtain silver. The longer you occupy the mine the more silver you gain. This works excatly in the same way as foraging. you can steal other peoples mines at any time.
Once you move a new option will open the mine button. This is found in the bottom right of the game. (Like shown below)

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Reputation Points
This is very important in the game as alot of the rankings in game depend on RP points. There are a few ways to get RP points.

  • Attacking Other players (PvP battles)
  • Investment
  • Levy Events
  • Honor Conversions

Attacking Other players
This is the main way to gain RP points however it can be expensive as it uses MCU points.
To attack someone they must be from another country. Click on the world Button and scroll to a city in another country. Then select a player’s city and click attack.

Attacking someone costs 1 MCU no matter if you win/loose.
If you loose you receive 29 or less Reputation points
If you win you get more reputation points. THis number depends on your level, your opponents level and how easily you win the battle by.

Furthermore if you are attacked by anyone you can still receive RP points if you successfully defend yourself. However you don’t loose MCU if someone attacks you.

Investment is a good way to obtain Reputation points however it consumes Silver. On the world tab if you click on your city and click on invest it will ask you how much silver you want to invest.

The more prosperity you invest in the more RP you receive. The forumla to calculate how much RP you recive is:
2 x Town center level per 1 prosperity

Levy Events
Sometimes when you levy you get a problem to solve.

If you pick a more aggressive option you will get RP points. There are more rewards in store.
For hints on what options to chose open the thread below.

Honor Conversion
If you click on the Town Center and lick promote it will open your Ranking Option. In the bottom of the window that opens there is a button called “Donate Honor”. The rate is pretty high and i would advice to use this option.

Depending on your RP points you have a ranking. If you click on the Town Center and click on promote. It will open a page that has your ranking information. It will tell you how much you need to upgrade your rank. As you go higher in rank your rights are increased and are allowed to do more stuff. For example after you get the first rank you can have 4 heros. Also if you have a rank you get a salary and this salary increases with rank.

This is a good feature if you want to earn some extra silver. If you attack someone in your own Nation and will they will become your dependancy and you are their lord. You will receive 10% of the silver they earn. Don’t worry nothing is deducted from your dependancy but its just like an extra reward.

To attack some one click on the world tab and then click on the city you reside in. Then click on a city you would wish to occupy. Then click on conquer. If you win the battle they will automatically be your dependancy.

You can have more dependencies as your ranking increases. To check your dependancies click on your town center and click on “DEP”

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