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Facebook Three Kingdoms Online Wei Strategy Guide by gehrshi


Black Lamp: An ID that started a city but never built much of anything and now do not play.
Cleared: When all of a city’s troops have been killed by an invader, basically the city is defenseless. 
Gold: A commodity that is purchase through TKO that renders the player advantages over others, costs real life currency.
City Types: Wood fields/Stone fields/Iron fields/Farm fields A short hand used to describe the resource field allocation of a city. 4/4/4/6 are standard cities, 5/4/4/6, 4/5/4/6, 4/4/5/6 are all variations of resource focused cities, and 3/3/3/9 and 1/1/1/15 cities are food focused cities.
Oasis: External resource field modifiers that improve the output of one or two resources. There are 25% iron/stone/wood/food oasis as well as combo25% iron/stone/wood/food coupled with 25% food oasis. Any permutation of these oases is possible that follow these rules.
Fleet Save: The act of removing your army from a location being attacked so that the main body of your troops are preserved.
Acceleration points: Accelerates troops recruitment speed in any troops house. Accelerated troops are recruited at half the normal recruitment time.
Starting out:

Wei has an advantage in starting out, as far as internal resource production is concerned. Wei is the only kingdom that can improve both a resource field and a building at the same time. This is an ENORMOUS advantage as long as you can defend yourself and not be turned into a farm. Build according to wei’s resource requirements. In the beginning that is Wood, Iron, Stone & Food. 

As long as you can feed your cities construction population and any troops your city may have light plundering of black lamp cities will provide more than enough food for continued building. Gold is very useful in gaining the advantage early in the game and in the later parts it will dominate in large scale battles, using rank as a large deciding factor. I will cover how to exist without the use of gold and what is the best uses for light gold user later on in this guide.
As stated above build your resource fields according to what your city lacks at the time in general relation to the weighted scale I listed above. For city building use this order. Get your warehouse and granary to level 5 immediately These should be your very first constructions (If this is a new server follow the quest guide line to ensure that you get the bonus resources given by those quests.). 

After this get a barracks (for troops), command center (to deploy troops and heros),career center (for heroes), and drill ground (to research new troop kinds). Get these buildings to level 5, level 3, level 1, and 5respectively. Then purchase your first 4 messengers (this will enable you to send 4 deployments without using a hero to escort them) and research Heavy infantry and Guardsmen. Next get your builder’s guild up to level 20 as fast as possible as this will decrease your overall build time on every building.
Throughout this building process build guardsmen and Heavy Infantry. Do NOT build Swordsmen yet as they are not as beneficial as Heavy Infantry in resource cost. Guardsmen are your attacking and plundering unit and Heavy infantry are your defensive unit. Here it depends on your situation and location on the map as to your further building and troop recruitment. If you are part of a league or are more developed than your neighbors recruit guardsmen and plunder every city you can. This will give you many, many more resource of every kind than your own resource fields will. 

If you are surrounded by enemies or more developed cities build your city wall and use heavy infantry to defend your city. Also a few hidden warehouses are very, very beneficial if you have already been cleared and are being farmed early in your development. As you develop build an armor/weapon smith and improve your main units abilities (Guardsmen and Heavy Infantry).

Also, build resource improvement buildings (mill, logging camp, quarry, iron field) as your resource fields pass level 6. I recommend that you do not build your resource fields above level 10due to the fact that the 4/4/4/6 city you start with is not the best for a main city. If you are looking very, very long term do not make a main city until you have at least 5 sub-cities(6 cities total) and a good military base of troops (30,000 or more)and then make a 15c (1/1/1/15) city your main city and ensure that it can take 3, 50% food oasis. If your looking to play less or plunder less make a 9c (3/3/3/9) city your main and have a 25/25 wood/food, a25/25 iron/food, and a 25/25 stone/food your three oasis if you can. 

During the time you are waiting to build your main city you rotate your “main city” to each of your sub-cities in order to gain benefit of certain characteristics of a main city. You can acquire 2 oases for each of your sub-cities through the building of career center to level 15 and a mansion to level 1. Then build a monitor’s building (to level 1 at least) in each sub-city (when you have the mansion built in each) to make them much more resistant to demolition. You can then demolish your mansion and rotate your “main city” to the next sub-city and repeat. Involve each of the other buildings as you need them, if you trade more build your market higher, if you attack more build your scout house and stable to recruit more powerful and faster units for plundering. I suggest that you build a stable second and get a few thousand Light Calvary for plundering.

 Use the Light Calvary for plundering and your guardsmen for killing or clearing your opponents. If you feel in fear of attack at all I highly suggest you build your wall level to level20 which will give you an 83% advantage in attacks on your city. For wei this is huge as this is the highest % increase due to a wall. Also, build a scout house and tower, then put your archers into the tower. This will create a very good defense for your city.

Use Heavy Infantry, Swordsmen, Bowmen (up to800 who are put into the tower), and LASTLY Qing Calvary (if you can spare them). Qing Calvary are better used on attack and only should be used in times of desperation for defense. If your city is being attacked send all of your attacking and plundering units to another city (this will allow you to quickly recover should you lose the battle.). This is called Fleet Saving and will protect you from being turned into a permanent farm.
Then concentrate your defensive forces(if you think your defense is stronger than the attack) in the defending location, put archers in the tower and make sure all defensive works are built on the wall (rolling stones, rolling log, barricade, trap, blind age). Next equip your hero with the best dueling gear you have (high attack, strength, dodge, block, healing, etc with attack > health > hit & armor being the most important stats) and equip a scroll of defense (if you have one).

Use Guardsmen, Bowmen, Calvary Archers, Qing Calvary, and Light Calvary (if you have more to plunder with) to attack. Also send a hero with your best dueling gear (explained in Defending) and equip a scroll of attack if you have one.

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