Facebook Samurai Dynasty Quick Guide

Facebook Samurai Dynasty Quick Guide by Nathan Young

I can’t stress this enough: THIS IS A GUIDE, not “this is how it’s done”

Using past experiences with other Kabam games, KoC, DoA, and GoR, other players and I have came up with a quick “City Guide” to help new players adjust to this type of game. In this guide: Basic building references and what they help with, if anything; Building ratios (House vs. Dojo, etc.); Resource Quick Guide

—————————Quick Reference Guide————————–
First things first, in order for you to succeed in Samurai Dynasty and level-up quickly, you must know what exactly you’re building and why. The following should be used as a reference at first, and then thrown out, as most players memorize this in the first few days or so after starting to play the game.

Building Type – Use – Is This Needed Right Away?
Castle – Center of your Dynasty/City – Yes, Definitely
Wall – Defend your City from enemies – During Beginner’s Protection, No. After, Yes.
Shrine – Offer your element carriages to receive a bonus – Not needed immediately.
House – Builds your city’s Population – Yes, houses are a necessity.
Dojo – Train soldiers and supply vehicles for your armies – Yes, Definitely.
Generals’ Quarters – Houses All Generals – Yes
Rally Point – Offers a spot to call your troops to arms – Yes
Ninja Tower – Spots Enemies/Attacks – Not needed immediately
Workshop – Increases Training Speeds, Unlocks higher level Walls – Yes
Forge – Increases Training Speeds – Not needed immediately
Stable – Increases Mounted Troops Training – Not needed immediately
Daimyo Hall – Houses artifacts found/bought – Not needed
Geisha House – Offers your Allied armies a rest – Not needed immediately
Sumo Ring – Increase City happiness, Build Silver Income – Not needed immediately
Storehouse – Protects XXXX amount of resources – Yes, Definitely
Academy – Begin Researching New Things – Not needed immediately
Market – Buy/Trade Resources – Not needed immediately
Embassy – House reinforcing Allied armies – Not needed immediately

Now, having gotten an overview of our buildings and what we can expect from them, what do we build and how many do we build?

Well, Yuna, SD’s beautiful avatar, will have you make your way through the quests, slowly building up your city one quest at a time. As this is the simplest thing to do, it’s not always the quickest way to rise to Honor. Here, I’ll give you a few tips, not quests, to remember when building your city.

When you enter the world of Samurai Dynasty, you’ll make your way through the Tutorial. From what I remember, the tutorial only took a few minutes (thanks to my dinosaur computer) but was indeed helpful. I suggest you be patient and follow Yuna’s commands, if you haven’t already done so. After that, your city should have the Palace, Shrine, Generals Quarters, 1 House, a small picket Wall, and not much else.

Here’s a guide to follow, and it make take some time, but it’s worth following.
Houses are the key to your city’s success. The higher your population, the more workers you’ll have for your fields and recruits you’ll have for your armies. A quick start to growing your population is to 1) Build more houses OR 2) Upgrade what’s already there. I suggest building more, as this is quicker (15 seconds for a level 1 vs 60 seconds for a level 2).

Once you have a growing population, the next step isn’t exactly clear, but it’s not hard to figure out. All you need to do is give your peasants a place to work. There should be a few field plots already outside you Castle Walls. This another Guide completely, so I’m stopping before I get ahead of myself.

Back to our building. Once you’re comfortable with where your Houses are and how many you have, it’s time to focus on other buildings. The next thing on the list, well, mine anyway, has always been a place to train troops. Once you have population, you can raise an army.

So, Dojo’s are the only choice in this case. A good Glory of Rome player I’m associated with has told me that it’s possible to survive with 6 Houses and 12-14 Dojo’s. That’s a lot, and for good reason. A good tip to remember here: The more Dojo’s that you have, the faster troops train. However, you start seeing the effects once the Dojo’s are upgraded a few times.

To recap so far, build your houses, preferably 4-8 for now, and then start building Dojo’s. The ratio I use is something like 2 Dojo’s for 1 House, i.e. 12 Dojo’s – 6 Houses.

For this next tip, which isn’t all that spectacular, I’m going to say this: Follow Yuna’s quests IF you manage to get lost.

Ok, so you know from up above that Houses and Dojo’s are only two of the many buildings in Samurai Dynasty. What about all those others I haven’t mentioned? Well, most of them you only build once. A few, you have a choice to make based on what people tell you about them or how much room you have left in your city. Let’s start with the buildings which are needed MOST, then work our way through to LEAST needed, shall we? (Quick note: This is opinion-based from a group of current players. Feel free to make any personal changes to this list. Buildings were ranked by usefulness vs. necessity.)

1) Castle
2) House
3) Dojo
4) Walls
5) Workshop
6) Storehouse
7) Academy
8) Stable
9) Rally Point
10) Generals’ Quarters
11) Forge
12) Embassy
13) Ninja Tower
14) Sumo Ring
15) Shrine
16) Geisha House
17) Daimyo Hall
18) Market

So, as you can see, there are important buildings and unimportant buildings. Some offer speed bonuses. Some offer resource bonuses. It’s up to you, as a player, to find out the details and work out the kinks. Nothing will be given to you in this world. you have to learn like everyone else has.

As promised, I’m including a quick resource guide for everyone, even though most player’s have known this for ages already.

Resource Name – What to Build – Item Bonuses Available – Wild Bonuses
Food – Farms – Food Surplus/Abundance – Own Rivers/Grasslands
Lumber – Sawmills – Lumber Surplus/Abundance – Own Woods
Stone – Quarries – Stone Surplus/Abundance – Own Hills
Iron – Mines – Iron Surplus/Abundance – Own Mountains
Silver – Sumo Ring – Raise Taxes OR Silver Surplus/Abundance – NONE

Well, I hope this helps new players adapt to the game. I’d like them to play it as much as I do and have fun with it. Be careful though, it is addicting watching that green bar slowly tick away…little…by…little…

Feedback is welcome…please be nice and respect the new players we may have reading along.

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