Facebook Samurai Dynasty Dojos Guide

Facebook Samurai Dynasty Dojos Guide by DarthNemesis

Actually I have been doing some work on this, using 100 peasant as a test subject, and just using simple lvl 1 dojos–no conscription or anything else that decreases training times that we already know of. Here’s what I have so far:

1 dojo
100 Peasants=50min, 0sec
100 Peasants=25min, 0sec
100 Peasants=16min,40sec
100 Peasants=12min,30sec
100 Peasants=10min, 0sec
100 Peasants=8min,20sec
100 Peasants=7min,9sec
100 Peasants=6min,15sec
100 Peasants=5min,34sec
100 Peasants=5min, 0sec
11 dojos
100 Peasants=4min,33sec
12 dojos
100 Peasants=4min,10sec

As you can see, training times do indeed decrease with each dojo you have…the biggest being the second dojo you build which gives you that 50% decrease. Now as for the other part that I was curious about, does having multiple upgraded dojos decrease the training times for units? So far, it appears that they indeed do, however the decreases are not as significant as the lvl 1 dojo project i did earlier…BUT they do indeed decrease with each upgraded dojo.

Here’s some additional data from the lvl-1 Dojo Project: As such, the training time percentage decreases really start to slow down once you hit the 10 dojo mark, and in my opinion it seems to be irrelevant in building anymore than that considering the needed space for other buildings, such as housing.

LvL-1 Dojo’s, 100 Peasants:

1 Dojo: 100 Peasants=50min
2 Dojo: -50% (-50% overall)
3 Dojo: -33% (-67% overall)
4 Dojo: -25% (-75% overall)
5 Dojo: -20% (-80% overall)
6 Dojo: -17% (-83% overall)
7 Dojo: -14% (-86% overall)
8 Dojo: -13% (-87% overall)
9 Dojo: -11% (-89% overall)
10 Dojo: -10% (-90% overall)
11 Dojo: -9% (-91% overall)
12 Dojo: -8% (-92% overall)

And now for the answer to my other question: Does having multiple UPGRADED Dojos decrease training times for units? Yes they do! However, they are such small almost insignificant decreses…they are no where near the incremental decreases we saw from the lvl-1 dojo test, and thats why questioned it from the beginning b/c I didn’t really see anything significant. Here’s what I mean:

10 lvl-1 Dojos: 100 Peasants=5min,0sec
1 lvl-2 Dojo + 9 lvl-1 Dojos: 100 Peasants=4min,58sec
10 lvl-2 Dojos: 100 Peasants=4min,33sec

And there we have it. By taking my group of 10 lvl-1 Dojos and upgrading them each to lvl-2, I am able to train a 100 Peasant Conscripts 27 seconds faster. Wow. Considering it took me an hour and 40 mins to upgrade my 10 Dojos, I have to say I didn’t get much bang for my buck in doing so.

Here’s something else that I found really interesting:
11 lvl-1 Dojos: 100 Peasants= 4min,33sec
10 lvl-2 Dojos: 100 Peasants= 4min,33sec

Considering this a competetive PvP online game, I would indeed recommend upgrading all of your dojos to the max to get whatever advantage you can get (no matter how small), but if you’re a player just starting out then I would definitely not do this until later, as the ends don’t justify the means on a beginner’s level, and I would instead recommend you concentrate on something more worthwhile, such as resource development.

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