Facebook Backyard Monsters Wild Monster Looting Guide

Facebook Backyard Monsters Wild Monster Looting Guide by slowness 

Edit: This was written prior to the introduction of the Map Room Level 2, so many of the aspects of this post are now outdated. Kozu used to be the best tribe by far to get resources from, and they probably still are. This guide may still be useful to some for attacking tips so I will leave it up. I don’t play much anymore and don’t plan an update, but it would be great if someone were to use the information in here to rewrite an updated guide (I need no credit).

Do you need 4-4.5 million Twigs, Pebbles and Putty every 8 hours? (plus 3 million Goo before costs)

1. Destroy Kozu until their Town Hall is level 6 (if you destroy a Wild Tribes level 6 TH they will be permanently be removed from your Map Room)
2. Loot level 6 Kozu, without destroying the Town Hall
3. If they are no longer in your map room and the other 3 are, you may need to destroy a different Tribe past level 6

When you wipe out a Wild Monster Tribe along with their Town Hall they will come back stronger. Their buildings increase in level each time until their Town Hall reaches level 6. Assaulting Wild Tribes does not remove your Damage Protection or Starter Protection.

At this point (December 2010), if you destroy a level 6 Town Hall of any Tribe, they will not return to your Map Room. Fortunately, if you loot an entire level 6 base, being careful to not destroy the Town Hall, they will eventually repair their base for you to attack again. I think, but have yet to confirm, that they repair/respawn somewhere between 3-6 hours after you finish attacking them. The repair/respawn rarely can happen between attacks (but not during) forcing you to start over against a fresh Tribe base if you haven’t finished looting.

At one point I accidentally destroyed the Legionnaire level 6 Town Hall, and they have yet to come back to my map room. This had an upside though: since there are always 3 tribes in the map room, Kozu is now always there. This leads me to believe that, since the tribes in your Map Room rotate when you wipe them out, you may have to completely destroy one tribe (so they don’t ever come back). If you want Kozu to always be in your map room that is.

You can attack the Wild Monster Tribes as many times as you want. There is no damage protection for them and it is a tribe just for you, that other players can’t attack. So feel free to catapult and attack as many times as you want. When I was desperate for resources to upgrade blocks I attacked Kozu instead of players because I couldn’t get Ninja’d (which is another player waiting until I destroyed all the defenses of an enemy and then underhandedly looting the resources. Getting Ninja’d 8 out of 10 times is a net loss for me, and very disappointing).

Kozo gives up about 4-5 million of each resource (about 2.4M Goo) from just the Silos and you can loot them twice a day. Be sure to remember that they won’t come back if you destroy the Town Hall when it is level 6 (you can partially damage it, but don’t walk away while looting!), so just take out the silos and then the base will refresh within 12 hours or so. The other 3 tribes loot about 1 million or less of each resource if I’m not mistaken, and are more annoying to attack with so many Lasers (Dreadnaut) and mines. They can be quite useful to learn some advanced techniques for both offense and defense.

Kozu details:
The level 6 Kozu Tribe has 6 Storage Silos defended by 2 Laser, 5 Tesla, 4 Cannon and 7 Sniper Towers. Not all of the Towers are of the same level. The scrolling damage numbers as they shoot you will give you an idea of their relative strengths. For instance, of the 2 close Tesla Towers, one hits for 120 and the other for 140 damage.

I use the catapult (100K twigs/attack=3attacks, 10K is cheaper/damage, but that takes too long for me) to take out the northern Laser (by aiming just above the Cannon I damage all 3 Towers). I use only Twigs because I generally loot about a million more twigs than pebbles, so I always have extra twigs. Then I assault from the north with my ready-to-go army of Crab, Ichi, and or Project X. As I am rebuilding my next army I finish catapulting the southern Laser (100K twigs/attack=4 attacks, so this Laser must be of a higher level) then attack from the southwest with just Crab and or Ichi. After I wipe out the rest of the towers, I loot with 2 attacks of Bolts, flung in from all sides, while being careful not to destroy the level 6 Town Hall.

Extra tips: I first attack the easternmost Sniper, as it has 4 Booby Traps, by just using 2 Ichi quickly followed by 7-8 more (fire and forget, they’ll all die after the tower is down). Then I simultaneously attack the northernmost Tesla and the damaged Sniper/Cannon (near the dead Laser) which helps my army to avoid 4 Booby Traps between them inside the walls. During this attack from the north, I sometimes need a well timed 100K Pebble catapult to help my battered, grouped up army get past that one annoying Booby Trap prior to the dual Sniper Towers. Otherwise there are few Booby Traps to worry about. Well, there are a few that annoy my looters….

Generally, after trial and error and learning Booby Trap locations, I found that even using no putty I can completely loot Kozu by using 100K Twig Catapults on the Lasers 7 times, 2 attack waves on the rest of the Towers, and 1-2 loot waves with Bolts. You can save yourself some Goo by just using Ichis, but it will probably take 3 attacks. If you have extra Twigs like I always do, try launching at the other 2-Tower groups. Generally, after first using the 7 100K Twig catapults on Lasers, I follow up with 2 Project X, 32 Crab, and 10 Ichi (9 Ichi for that eastern Sniper), with careful timing of the Project X and 100K Putty drops to survive 1 Booby Trap.


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