Facebook Backyard Monsters Universal Map Guide

Facebook Backyard Monsters Universal Map Guide by bionicleboy101

the UM, to start, is very different from the map list. a few basic changes are that you now have no ninjas-people who can steal your kill and get away with no hope of retaliation-if someone is lucky enough to steal a kill up here, they cant hide from you!!! you are also competing against players around you and are concentrated on a certain area, like your territory.

Building the Universal Map

you access the UM by upgrading your map room to lvl 2. this requires a lvl 7 town hall and 5 million twigs, pebbles, and putty. this upgrade also takes 4 days to complete. while the map room is upgrading, you are still able to attack players from the list, and you are still able to be attacked

-remember, the map room is vulnerable to being attacked and knocked down, which means it is best to put it closer to your base while it is upgrading, or someone is going to attack it with 1 pokey and cost you time

The Beginning

there are a few strategies as to how you want to start out, but it depends on your situation. if you are by a bunch of people, it is best to claim only a few outposts and work on upgrading those. if you are out by yourself, it may be best to grow stronger and focus on gaining resources faster and wait for the people to come to you.

this user has no one near him, so it is wise for him to have many outposts creating resources

this situation, there are many users. it is best for them to keep to a few outposts to be able to spend on defenses at the same time

how to defend

here are a few good examples of good outpost layouts

a few problems you will face compared to your real base is protection from large scale attacks such as a PPX wave or a nuke. do not worry, there are more cost-effective ways to take over a base, so you will have gained in the end from this if you attack using only monsters and/or small catapult usage.

THIS GUIDE helps with base layouts for a lvl 1 starter kit

another major issue is a lack of walls. these bases use their walls in the best way possible, which is to surround and path the monsters at an inner scale. surrounding the outpost and then surrounding defensive buildings is the smartest way to go if you want to help path the monsters.

damage protection: base between base remains the same

Defending Against Wild Monsters

there is a famous base layout called the BDB. it used to be popular in the game before the catapult

for defending outposts against wild monsters, the BDB is a smart way to go. why? because the wild monsters do not have catapults, and there is a bigger tower to other buildings ratio, making the BDB a good layout and being able to cover most, if not all of your buildings

even if you build a cheap outpost and you build small RGs and lvl 1 towers (meaning you didnt buy a starter kit) this is still effective.

Outpost DP Rules:

if the base is over 90% damaged and not taken over, it recieves 8 hour protection

there is attack limit to which an outpost gets DP (attack outposts as much as you need)

90% damage on an outpost means it is destroyed and you are free to take over it.

you recieve 12 hours DP after take over of any base, DP time is NOT added with the purchase of a starter kit

here is another good base layout:

blocks are used in the same manner.

notice the changed terrain? different areas of the map have different terrains that are associated with their location and height. that base is located on a high elevation, where its mountaneous and rocky. there are other terrains out there, such as beaches

note: for UM users with no one near them, they are still vulnerable to WM attacks, so it is best to have a few low level towers on each base (they are cheap, and will defend somewhat)

basically, defensive tactics are still that of a base. make sure to keep towers so they are not easily twigged (like putting a tesla and laser together).

Attacking outposts

attacking outposts (especially newer ones) are not like attacking bases at all. why? there is no need to use high amount of catapults or any big and expensive monsters to take an outpost down in 2 attacks.

what i have found while testing is that groups of fangs work extremely well. why? they have a good health compared to the towers that they are up against, and they can destroy all of the “other” buildings pretty well and fast enough.

whatever monsters you use, it is important to spread them out. why? because outposts are smaller, and the towers have a greater range compared to the size of the outposts than does a base. picture this. on a base, you want to send your monsters from 1 direction, so you are able to knock down more with less shooting at you. on an outpost, the range of the tower will cover the entire base anyway, so it makes sense to spread them out so 1. splashes are not as effective, and 2. booby traps.

know whats really cool about the attacking? you can attack with monsters from your main base AND your outposts at the same time

common tactics while attacking outposts:

abusing 90%- this is attacking and leaving the last few buildings standing (preferably RGs) so you will not need to repair them when you take them over

booby traps- after the attack has ended, do not wait for the monsters to unearth booby traps while attacking like you would while attacking a base. why? because you dont want to have to rebuild them.

abusing attack log- if you had your outpost stolen, why not use the attack log to figure out how he attacked your base, and then copy his attack, with timing and everything. if you retaliate right away and he hasnt upgraded anything, this is a smart tactic. then, re-arrange the outpost, so he cant take it over again

cycling: taking over an outpost and then recycling it: taking over an outpost and then recycling it is a very annoying attack method. it has been discouraged to the point where, now, recycling outpost buildings only give you 25% of the buildings actual worth, unlike the usual 50%. cycling multiple outposts creates a “dead zone” and it remains to be seen as to how people will strategically use these. currently, you cannot recycle the main outpost building (the same as the town hall) because it is free to build+ a blank outpost means that it cannot be damaged=well then, how do you do 90%?? = dividing by 0.

surrounding: a tactic where you completely surround a base, and they cant do anything. they are usually forced to recycle the map and rebuild in another location

outposts cost more to take over for the more you have:

0 2,000,000
1 2,000,000
2 2,000,000
3 2,000,000
4 2,000,000
5 3,000,000
6 4,500,000
7 6,750,000
8 6,750,000
9 10,125,000
10 15,187,500
11 22,781,250
12 34,000,000
13 36,000,000
14 38,000,000
15 40,000,000
16 42,000,000
17 44,000,000 credit to sasha

+2M for each additional outpost. do not worry, outposts gain +2 million storage for you, so it is possible to keep expanding without buying improved packing skills.

Q. does improved packing skills add to the extra storage from taking over outposts?

A. no, it is +2 million, reguardless of amount of improved packing skills. (to help limit power to shiny buyers)

taking over and expanding in large amounts is highly discouraged because of this.

flinger and catapult information

flinger lvl 1: 1 yard range
flinger lvl 2: 2 yard range
flinger lvl 3: 3 yard range
flinger lvl 4: 3 yard range

catapult lvl 1: 1 yard range (twigs)
catapult lvl 2: 2 yard range (twigs, pebbles)
catapult lvl 3: 3 yard range (twigs, pebbles, putty)

0 yard range: 0 yards
1 yard range: 6 bases
2 yard range: 18 bases
3 yard range: 36 bases

Starter Kits

buying starter kits was implimented because of the need to build outposts faster + less annoying clicking. when you buy a starter kit, the buildings still take a length of time to build; however, you have damage protection. your worker is still available at the time of buildng outposts.

again, do not worry. outposts give you +2 million, so from taking over and expanding over time, youll be able to purchase them in no time

question for developer/someone who knows. considering it costs -2 million of your total storage (without IPS) to get an outpost at a certain level, are the possibilities of buying a mega super awesome starter kit diminished?

has anyone been able to buy a starter kit, and if so, at what time, and are you able to at a higher level with IPS?

here is a table of the deficite of resources you can possibly have (at the least, assuming resources are full, 10 lvls improved packing skills

credit to sasha garza

as you can see from the table, you cannot ever in a point in time take over a base and purchase a mega starter kit at the same time.

Building Information

resources:you are allowed 4 of each resource generator, no silos (outpost building gives you 2 million extra storage)
buildings: 1 monster housing, 2 hatcheries, 1 HCC (for 500,000 twigs, pebbles, and putty), 1 flinger, 1 catapult, and 1 yard planner
defensive: you get 4 snipe/splash, 2 tesla/laser, 2 bunkers, 20 traps, and 100 walls
decorations: it says “coming soon”. the debate im sure is whether you place a decoration on an outpost, taking it over results in attacker keeping it??

there is no restrictions based on lvl

Q. if i recycle my town hall on my main base, can i still build on my outposts?
A. not sure yet

Q. can the outpost building be upgraded?
A. no



here is one major advantage in this map as far as bullyies: if you attack a user with 4 or more outposts, and you 3 or less outposts, it will cost them more to take it back than for you to steal it. why? outpost costs go up with each outpost, so it will still apply when you took his. this is the same for all outpost numbers. if someone has more outposts than you, its worth it to take over, because in the end, you will have won! if you do not like the list because of bullying, this is a very good reason to switch to the UM

-the importance of loot-

it is NEVER worth it to simply nuke an outpost. why? first of all, its a mini-base, and it does not require a massive army to take it down. you never realize how long it takes to regain the resources you just threw away. remember, if you destroy an outpost/wild monster base, you need to pay to take it over and you need to pay to get a starter kit. even if you are just going with the small, it will still cost around 4 million twigs/ pebbles, 2.5 mil putty, and 2.5 million goo for monsters). that is expensive, so nuking (especially against a player who can retaliate) is foolish.

-wild monster bases-

you need 90% of a wild monster base destroyed to take it over, not simply the town hall like in the list.
for cheap, easy take-overs: attack the lvl 28 legionaire and the lvl 30 abunnaki. they are the weakest WM bases and the best to take down with smaller monsters. dreadnaut is harder due to the increased rate of power towers. kozu is for looting. for a guide on how to loot kozu effectively, click
–remember for looting kozu, that everyone near you can loot the just as well. make sure you attack and get the resources before they do!

Q. do wild monster bases still repair?
A. yes, they repair over X amount of hours (believe its 48, need assurance on that one)

-multiple yards-

it is possible to attack a yard with more than the usual housing limit with outposts. you are able to fling in monsters from your main base and your outposts in the same attack. however, you cannot attack with multiple catapults.

Q. can i take over a main base?
A. no

Q. do mushrooms grow on my outposts?
A. no


-the leaderboard is calculated by the worth of all of your buildings that you own. (if you recycle your buildings, you get half the total worth)
-upgrading/building buildings (including starter kit buildings) do not count until they are fully built.
-upgrading buildings will count as its previous level (lvl 7 RG upgrading to lvl 8 will count as lvl 7 until upgrade is complete)
-resources do not count, it is wealth of buildings (resources can be stolen, buildings cant)
-lvl 1 list users cannot make this leaderboard.


outposts yet still become slightly more complicated because of elevation. what elevation does is it causes a rising of either tower range or resource production

elevation can be useful in many ways. first of all, if you are deciding which wild monster yard to take over, and you arent near anyone in attack range, look at the advantage in resource production. if you are deciding to take an outpost from someone who will retaliate, it may be best to take the one with a greater tower range, because it will be harder for them to take back.

for attacking: if an outpost has less tower range, minor range switches can affect your attack. example, if ichis are attacking a splash tower, the laser may or may not attack the ichis at the same time because of the range switch

please note: all main bases are not affected by elevation

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