Facebook Backyard Monsters Catapult Defense Guide

Facebook Backyard Monsters Catapult Defense Guide by Jangooon

There are tons of defensive guides out there now, and oh look! Here’s another one! :]
This one will focus more on one specific defensive concept(Which I will mention soon), and is therefore more complicated than the rest.
I would recommend reading the other guides before this to gain some background knowledge in base designing.

Now ive never told people to build one specific design before, and I never will, because I value originality above all else, so even though someone who follows this guide will create a base that will share similarites with someone else who does, im gonna write this guide with a lot of room for variation, so while the basic concept will be present in both bases, they should look and act differently.

Now on to the basic concept….

Chapter 1: Creating the Impossible Decision.

What is the impossible decision you ask? Ill explain it in a sentence first.

Make it so that your most valuable tower is catapult proof, and monster proof, and no matter what your attacker will always lose out.

Got that? What do you mean ‘no’? Ok go read it again then! Hey! I heard what you said!

Ok well, first what is this ‘most valuable tower’ that I speak of? Its the laser of course, and now thats sorted, lets break that sentence down further. There’s really two parts to it, making it catapult proof, and monster proof.

-Part 1-Catapult proofing:

This is the easier part, and its really quite simple really…

There, done. You catapult the laser and you take down the silo as well. You can still catapult the laser down if you wanted to, but that would defeat the purpose of trying to level a base as you would destroy the silo too.

Its all about placing the silo in close proximity to the laser, they don’t have to be touching, just close enough so that even a 100k shot will damage the silo as much, or more than the laser.
Now thats not the only configuration you can use. Heres some more examples:

Its best to find a configuration that will invlove both lasers, and most if not all of your silos. But dont go making your silo configuration just yet, the next part is where it starts to get tricky.

-Part 2-Monster proofing:

Now just to set to get it out of the way, there’s now way you can ever 100% monster proof your base, especially considering what 10mil putty can do(We’ll get to that later). But we can make it very difficult for attackers to ‘penetrate'(giggle) your base.

The key to achieveing this is to make it so that the laser can only be reached after taking down its protecting towers. The protecting towers should also be within range of the laser too, or else there’s really no point in protecting the laser at all.

Ill give you a picture to better illustrate the point.

Note: This is only part of the base, the whole base will contain the full 280 blocks and all towers, so the pathing can be much more complicated, and the CF much much higher

As you can see, to reach the laser you must first knock down the nearby towers, all the while being attacked by the powerful laser itself. So unless they putty rage their monsters, they really are screwed.
This is highly reliant on wall and tower placement, and it can get tricky, if the monsters decide to mow down the wall to the laser, then it will all be for nothing
And that’s the impossible decision, do they nuke down the laser but take the silos in the process? Or do they send in monsters and go nowhere fast?

The answer, that im sure most of the more experienced players would say, would be ‘Putty Rage’. There’s no base that is safe from this kind of attack, so all we can do is delay the attackers, which leads me to the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Delaying the infamous putty rage attacks.

There’s really only two ways to delay this kind of attack, with wall placement(Mazing), and with the monster bunker(Stalling). Im going to be discussing how to use wall placement for this chapter, as the monster bunker will at most delay for ~5 secs, and should only be used as a delayer as a last resort(and also because I will be dedicating a chapter to the monster bunker).

The idea is simple really, place your wall blocks so that the monster take as much time as possible getting around them, without going through them. Im gonna leave this up to you to figure out, but just to send you on the right way, heres a sample image of how its done.

Note: As you can see parts of the maze is hidden by snipes, this will prevent attackers making strategic descisions

The key here is to be efficient with the wall blocks, dont dedicate a single long length of wall to delaying and instead mix it up a bit, split the walls up at the ends into branches, do whatever you can to make it so that monsters take as much time getting to the next tower, without plowing through the walls.

Chapter 3: Ooo maa guu where do I places the siro deth thrap now?!?

This is where it gets really tricky, all bases should have a silo death trap, its the last line of defense after the towers are gone, and its just as important as the towers themselves, if not more. Now im sure you already now what this is considering you’ve read the other guides, so I wont bother explaining. I will instead try to show you how you can add the Silo DT.

The problem is, when a tower is inside of a Silo DT, tower monsters can just trip all of the mines themselves, and leave none for the looters. So because the laser will be right in the midst of all the hub bub, tower monkeys will undoubtedly trip them… unless you add some clever pathing that is.
Remember, the lasers dont have to be touching the silos for the silos to take damage, so you can in fact place walls in between the silos and the lasers, this opens up worlds of possibilities for you to add the Silo DT in, tricky worlds which are….tricky.

Ill just give you a little image to get the brain juices flowing

Chapter 4: Octo-ooze! I choose you!

The monster bunker is a great addition to this kind of base, now that your lasers are uncatapultable, the MB can bring it as close to monster proof as possible. Place your MBs as close to the center as possible, nearby your silo config, but not inside as you dont want to disrupt the silo dt, then fill them with ichis and octos.
Yes, ichis and octos, your base already has enormous CF, so to balance it out a little you need further protection against X rage attacks, and ichis and octos work the best.
Also, by the time the X rage runs out, your octos and ichis should still be pouring out the bunkers, fighting non-raged Xs they actually stand a chance.
But like I said before, don’t rely on the bunker to protect you from X rage attacks, mazing works far far better.

Well that brings me to the end of the guide, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Oh one last question, yes you with your hand up, what is it?

You: Wer can I poot mah town whole?
Me: This kind of base is designed to protect you silos, but because it has such high CF you can just place your TH nearby the towers, OR, if you decided to be a bit more original, you could have made some room in the center for the TH.
Remember, the silo config relies on two lasers, this means you could just split it up into two separate groups, with less CF but more balance, and then place the TH in the middle.

Oh another one? CrabatronLevel4 is it?

CB4: What should we do with our RGs.
Me: As with most bases that have super high CF, they should be placed around the perimeter, this kind of base is intended for high leveled players who are near maxed out in resources and who really have no need for RGs.

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