Ashe 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Ashe 30 Seconds Quick Guide – League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Flash: Short range teleport to initiate fights and to escape
2) Ghost: To escape

Offense: Archaic Knowledge, Sunder, Lethality, Havoc
Utility: Awareness

1) Armor Penetration and Mana Regeneration

Champion Skill Priority
1) Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ultimate): Stun Hero and slow surrounding
2) Frost Shot Level 1: Slow Heroes
3) Volley Level 2: Slow multiple units
4) Hawk Shot Level 1: Extra gold and scout
5) Volley
6 ) Frost Shot
7) Hawk Shot

Item Build
1) Doran’s Blade
2) Boots of Swiftness: Enhanced movement 3
3) Zeal

4) Infinity Edge: +80 Att, +25% Crit, 250% Crit damage
5) Vampiric Scepter
6) Phantom Dancer
7) The Black Cleaver:  +55 Att, +30% Att Spd, Reduce armor by 12/12/12
8) Stark’s Fervor
9) Banshee’s Veil +375 HP, +375 Mana, + 50 Magic Resist, Blocks 1 spell every 45 secs.

Early Game:
1) Take a lane with a tank with stun or support hero. Do not solo.
2) Last hit creeps with your Critical ability.
3) Use Frost Shot on heroes only.
4) Use Volley to kill multiple minions.

Mid Game:
1) Continue Farming items, follow team as support hero.
2) Stay behind your allies.
3) Focus on slowing enemies.
4) Use Frost Shot + Volley when initiating fights. Use Crystal Arrow when both sides start to charge into battle.

Late Game:
1) As Infinity Edge is complete, you become a damage dealer for your team.
2) Stay with your allies.
3) Deal high damage while continuing slow and stun roles.
4) Complete Black Cleaver to drastically increase damage.

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