Aika Online Warlock Complete Guide

Aika Online Warlock Complete Guide by jonhblaze


Tier 1 Skills:
ImageFireball (Lvl 1/13) – [Cooldown: 1 sec / Casting: 1 sec / 32MP]
– Deals 63 ranged magic damage and decreases resistance to fire attacks for 3 seconds. 25 additional critical rate applies for the skill.

Already learned at lv 1

FB is one of the WLs main skills along side LO(light orb). Most builds take and/or max one or the other as its main spammable skill and main source of dps(damage per second). FB has great damage and an excellent boost to crit rate. This skill also provides a debuff that momentarily strengthens Hellfire(HF),Inferno(IN)

ImageEnervate (Lvl 1/12) – [Cooldown: 6 sec / Instant / 42MP]
– Deals 23 magic damage per second and decreases resistance to dark attacks for 6 seconds. This spell will not kill the target.

Learnable by lv 5

EN is one of the WLs main Pve skills. Standardly held to be useless in pvp due to its reduced damage against almost any player characters magic defense it still does a good job of widdling away at and weakening the common monster.This skill also provides a debuff that momentarily strengthens Black Harvest (BH), Soul Trap (ST), Aetheric Shackles (AS), and Meteor (ME)

ImagePolymorph (Lvl 1/10) – [Cooldown: 40 sec / Casting: 2 sec / 54MP]
– Turns the target into an animal with no combat ability and decreases their move speed by 2 for 20 seconds.

Learnable at lv 6

A very good source of CC for the WL mainly used in 1v1, small pvp, and battlefield. It also has its uses in pve as in holding off one mob while u take care of another or taking a breather during a particularly difficult boss fight. Warning, the enemy will return to human/monster form once hit w/ any attack. 1 point in this is all that is necessary and any more is conscidered overkill. It is also widely accepted that a WL build w/o this… quite simply is fail.

ImageLightning Orb (Lvl 1/11) – [Cooldown: 1 sec / Casting: 1 sec / 44MP]
– Deals 79 magic damage and decreases move speed by 15; also decreases resistance to lightning attacks for 3 seconds.

Learnable at lv 8

LO is that other main source/skill of the WL. It does less damage than FB but provides a slow that makes it harder for melees to get to u, and any enemy to run away. Just as FB this is good in both pvp and pve. Choice of which one to use is based completely on play style. This skill also provides a debuff that momentarily strengthens Aether Flare(AF)

ImageMana Shield (Lvl 1/11) – [Cooldown: 60 sec / Instant / 178MP]
– Reduces 30% of damage taken at a cost of 2.25 times the mana instead.

Learnable at lv 9

Mana shield is a widely disputed skill. Some say it is invaluable, while others say it is useless. Mana shield is useful in that it reduces damage taken, greatly increasing the survivability of the WL. It is however detrimental in that every HP protected from damage is exponentially lost from MP. The ratio of HP to MP improves from level to level of this skill as it absorbs more and more damage. It is mainly used in PvP where the damage can come hard and fast. In PvE however it is only useful in AOE grinding. A process by which a WL will grind/farm groups of mobs at the same time. More on this later.

ImageHellfire (Lvl 1/10) – [Cooldown: 40 sec / Instant / 122MP]
– Deals 213 magic damage and stuns the target for 3 seconds; also adds 107 damage when the target is debuffed with Fireball.

Learnable at lv 11

HF is invaluable to any WL build if for nothing else then for the 3 second stun. However it also does a good amount of damage. The slow cooldown(CD) is cumbersome though this does improve w/ lvl as well. Some choose to leave this skill at 1, some choose to max it. It is generally accepted to max for pve, and in any case, when totally maxed is one of the hardest hitting WL skills, rivaling FB and even ME.

Tier 2 Skills:
ImageAetheric Shackles (Lvl 1/9) – [Cooldown: 60 sec / Instant / 109MP]
– Deals 104 magic damage and silences the target for 3 seconds; also adds 21 damage when the target is debuffed with Enervate. Silence duration is doubled if target is casting when affected.

Learnable at lv 17

AS is mainly used for the silence effect. Some choose to keep it at lv 1 for a quick disable/gap in enemy dps although it is generally accepted that lv 4 is the minimum effective lvl for this skill. This skill DOUBLES the time of silence if cast during an enemies casting time. Some choose to max this skill to maximize the duration of the silence effect and if cast on a mage, completely remove that enemy’s ability to attack for the entire duration (over 20 secs= epic). It can also be used on melees/scouts to inhibit their ability to use skills which greatly lowers their dps.

ImageBlack Harvest (Lvl 1/8) – [Cooldown: 20 sec / Instant / 96MP]
– Deals 173 magic damage; also adds 35 damage when the target is debuffed with Enervate. 100% of the damage dealt is leeched. Decreases the effect of heals by 25% for 6 seconds.

Learnable at lv 18

BH hits the enemy using mainly the str stat to boost the main magic damage. Therefore it doesn’t gain as much damage from your stats as many other skills do.It still does a decent amount of damage. It also heals ones HP for an amount equal to the amount of damage dealt. This skill is invaluable in pve, and very effective in small scale/ 1v1 pvp. In large scale however it suffers a bit for the fact that w/ that many people it is quite hard for a squishy mage to walk up to any enemy across battle lines and not quickly suffer a swift demise.

ImageMana Torrent (Lvl 1/8) – [Passive]
– Increases magic attack by 5 at a cost of 3 additional MP.

Learnable at lv 20

MT adds an amount of magic attack(matk) at an extra cost of MP to every skill cast. This skill is generally accepted to be useless in both pve/pvp. The amount of matk it adds simply isn’t worth the skill points(SP) needed to raise it.

ImageMeditate (Lvl 1/7) – [Passive]
– Increases max MP by 80 and MP recovery rate by 5.

Learnable at lv 22

MD adds an amount of mana and mana regen. This skill is also considered to be useless for the same reason MT is. Its not worth the SP. The amount of mana gained at max lvl is equivilant to one intermediate mana potion, and the mana rejuvinated during battle is either equal or less than that.

ImageShadow Fall (Lvl 1/7) – [Cooldown: 12 sec / Casting: 10 sec / 407MP]
– Deals 68 magic damage per second for 10 seconds to all targets in range; also adds 5 damage when they are debuffed with Enervate.

Learnable at lv 25

SF is the WLs main AOE(area of effect skill). It incurs a DOT(damage over time) curse on any who enter the range of this spell while they are standing inside it. Once the enemy leaves this range the curse is removed. It also does not stack. Meaning if more than one allied WL is casting this spell on a group of enemies the enemy will only incur the curse of one WL. I am not sure if it is whoever casts first, or whoever’s curse is stronger however. It casts for 10 seconds for a total of 10 ticks of damage. This skill is most widely used in dungeons, but is also used for AOE grinding, and during many kinds of pvp. For pve it is generally accepted to max this skill, however, for pvp one level is acceptable. Simply put, humans arent mobs, and they arent dumb enough to stay standing inside the aoe when they know if they move they will stop getting hurt. And this is what this skill is for in pvp, to get people to move. To make it undesirable to stand in/pass through a given area, and to do some damage if the area is passed through. Which weakens the enemy approaching your allies/yourself. Furthermore this skill must be channeled. Meaning the caster must stand in one place, casting, for the entire 10 seconds of this spell. If the WL were to move the spell would end. It is also pretty easily interrupted. It is the main AOE used in dungeons and most pve, where is is usually kept on max to speed the destruction of any number of mobs caught inside its range.

ImageSoul Trap (Lvl 1/6) – [Cooldown: 20 sec / Instant / 255MP]
– Explodes when the target’s HP drops below 50% or after 20 seconds. Deals 340 magic damage to all enemies within 4 meters; also adds 34 damage when they are debuffed with Enervate.

Learnable at lv 27

ST is an instant cast AOE. Once cast it appears as a green diamond above the enemy’s head. It will stay there for 1 minute or until the enemy’s hp is below 50% before exploding in a green sphere that damages the one you cast on as well as any within it’s range. It cannot be cast on any one target twice in a row, it does not stack (once it is cast the damage will not be multiplied by it being layered over the last cast), however it can be cast again once the former ST has exploded. Furthermore It can also simultaneously be cast on two separate enemies, however, if the second enemy gets caught in the blast from the first they will be cured of the ST, and ST is also removable by clerics.

Tier 3 Skills:
[img][img][/img][/img]Aether Flare (Lvl 1/5) – [Cooldown: 6 sec / Instant / 359MP]
– Deals 378 magic damage; also adds 132 damage when the target is debuffed with Lightning Orb. Removes 2x defensive skill such as Divine Ward.

Learnable at lv 32

AF is an instacast hard hitting skill. It hits about as hard as FB/LO but requires no cast time.It is the fastest cooling of the instacast spells which are also mainly meant for dps, which makes it semi-spammable. The only other insta which shares such a low CD is EN, but you shouldn’t be using EN for PvP. On top of this it removes the Pally’s Devine Ward, and Warrior’s Parry.

ImageInferno (Lvl 1/5) – [Cooldown: 30 sec / Instant / 357MP]
– Deals 476 magic damage to all enemies within 5 meters; also adds 119 damage when they are debuffed with Fireball. Decreases move speed by 20 for 8 seconds.

Learnable at lv 34

An instant cast AOE that spreads out from the casters location for a set distance. This skill also slows the enemy and does great damage. This skill is mainly used in PVE for AOE farming but is also usefull in small scale pvp(SSPVP)/battlefield(BF) to do strong dmg, potentially taking out weaker opponents, while also slowing stronger ones to facilitate the WL’s escape/ slow the enemy’s escape from you and your allies.

ImageNightmare (Lvl 1/4) – [Cooldown: 120 sec / Instant / 561MP]
– Puts enemies within 5 meters to sleep for 4 seconds. This skill cannot be automatically recast.

Learnable at lv 35

This is another instacast close range AOE. This skill puts enemies to sleep for a certain amount of time. If any of the enemies are hit, they wake up. This is also good for pve AOE farming, but is even more useful than inferno for its aid in escaping from or CCing a group of enemies. This skill is usually kept at lv 3 where it puts the enemy to sleep for 12 seconds. This is meant to compliment ME’s 8 second channeling time, so that the caster can sleep enemies and then cast ME on them.

ImageRend Soul (Lvl 1/4) – [Cooldown: 40 sec / Instant / 501MP]
– Decreases Hit Rate by 40 and move speed by 20; also decreases Physical and Magical Defense by 278 for 6 seconds.

Learnable at lv 37

The highly controversial RS was apparently first made to be a dps/dot skill, but instead fleshed out as a general debuff. It provides a good slow, and lowered mag/phys def (the def debuff actually doesn’t do much) along w/ a hit rate debuff (here is what u get this skill for if u choose to get it). It makes any class have trouble hitting much of anything for the time its in effect. It is basically a silence for melee’s, but is also useful on mages for the same reason. If they cant hit you, they cant hurt you.

ImageMass Teleport (Lvl 1/3) – [Cooldown: 600 sec / Casting: 6 sec / 1697MP]
– Teleports to the saved location with all party members who are within 10 meters. Maximum of 1 locations can be saved.

Learnable at lv 40

Mass teleport gets you from point A>point B faster than any other class in the game. This skill however is mainly a pve skill in that
1, in pvp you don’t want to waste any sp in anything that isn’t going to provide some sort of dps/cc.
2, you cannot use it while in enemy nations.

ImageMeteor (Lvl 1/3) – [Cooldown: 300 sec / Casting: 8 sec / 1607MP]
– Deals 2142 magic damage to all enemies within 6 meters and stuns them for 5 seconds; also adds 214 damage when they are debuffed with Enervate.

Learnable at lv 40

Meteor is perhaps the strongest WL skill. It drops on a group of enemies and causes CRAZY damage and also effects a 5 second stun on anyone in the area. This, just as SF, is a channel skill ,however; and as such, is very hard to cast to completion in pvp. For this reason it is more a pve AOE grind/farm skill.

Skills Past lv 50: from viewtopic.php?f=6&t;=4402 thx dee

This seems as good a place as any to mention that there is word that past lv 50 not just the WL but all classes will split into two subclasses that will both be similar but at the same time have stark differences. The WLs subclasses will be Arcanist and Archmage. I surmise that this class split will more deeply define the difference between the DD WL and the CC WL but only time will tell.

Here is a Lvling guide as Suggested by adnzzzzz:

LVL 1-34:
At LVL 4 use one point in Enervate (this skill is always optional: you can choose to level this one up or Hellfire after LVL 12. If you try to level both you might not have enough opints left. If you choose to level Hellfire then just replace wherever you see “Enervate” for “Hellfire” after LVL 12).
At LVL 6 use one point in Polymorph.
At LVL 8 use one point in Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 10 use one point in Mana Shield.
At LVL 12 use one point in Hellfire, Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 14 use one point in Mana Shield.
At LVL 16 use one point in Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 17 you decide if you want to have Aetheric Shackles.
At LVL 18 use one point in Mana Shield.
At LVL 19 use one point in Black Harvest.
At LVL 20 use one point in Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 22 use one point in Mana Shield.
At LVL 23 use one point in Black Harvest.
At LVL 24 use one point in Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 25 use one point in Shadow Fall.
At LVL 26 use one point in Mana Shield.
At LVL 27 use one point in Black Harvest and Soul Trap.
At LVL 28 use one point in Lightning Orb and Enervate.
At LVL 29 use one point in Shadow Fall.
At LVL 32 use one point in Lightning Orb, Enervate and Aether Flare. You should have 1 point left, feel free to choose any skill to level up.
At LVL 33 use one point in whatever you want. ^^When you hit LVL 34 you should reskill. You can forget about Soul Trap for now. I really like grinding with this skill, though. But I think most people prefer to level without it, it’s your choice really… You can forget about Hellfire (or leave 1 point in there for the stun), since Aether Flare does about the same damage (or more) and has instant cast time and lower cooldown. Depending on your gameplay style, you could also forget about Mana Shield, but I wouldn’t do that now…

After you reskill, your build should look like this:

Code: Select all
Lvl 34 Warlock Build (Remaining: 7 SP)
– Lightning Orb (Lvl MAX)
– Mana Shield (Lvl MAX)
– Black Harvest (Lvl MAX)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Inferno (Lvl MAX)
– Hellfire (Lvl 1/6)
– Polymorph (Lvl 1/8)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl 1/5)

By the way, you can level the passive skills up if you want. I don’t really like them, but you might find them useful. You could also keep Enervate and choose to go without Mana Shield or Black Harvest… Your choice! Just try to keep the same amount of points left or the rest of the build won’t really work out… =P

LVL 35-44:
At LVL 35 use one point in Black Harvest.
At LVL 36 use one point in Lightning Orb and Aether Flare.
At LVL 37 use one point in Shadow Fall and Nightmare.
At LVL 38 use one point in Mana Shield and Inferno.
At LVL 39 use one point in Black Harvest.
At LVL 40 use one point in Lightning Orb, Aether Flare, Mass Teleport, Meteor and Nightmare.
At LVL 41 use one point in Shadow Fall.
At LVL 42 use one point in Inferno.
At LVL 44 use one point in Aether Flare, Nightmare and Meteor.

You have no more points now. You could choose to continue like this or reskill and forget one or two skills. I’ll choose to reskill again… I chose a build that doesn’t require Mana Shield because I found a cleric to level with me (lame example of how different scenarios will affect your build). =P

Code: Select all
Lvl 44 Warlock Build (Remaining: 6 SP)
– Lightning Orb (Lvl MAX)
– Black Harvest (Lvl MAX)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Inferno (Lvl MAX)
– Nightmare (Lvl MAX)
– Mass Teleport (Lvl MAX)
– Meteor (Lvl MAX)
– Polymorph (Lvl 1/8)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl 1/7)

LVL 44-50:
At LVL 45 use one point in Shadow Fall.
At LVL 46 use one point in Inferno.
At LVL 47 use one point in Black Harvest.
At LVL 48 use one point in Lightning Orb, Aether Flare, Nightmare, Mass Teleport and Meteor.
At LVL 49 use one point in Shadow Fall.
At LVL 50 use one point in Inferno.

You should have 1 point left. In this build I only used 2 reskills, but you will probably need more if you want to see what suits you best. Remember that you can choose whatever build you want. This is one of the best in my opinion because you get to use most of your AoEs and it’s not bad for PvP either. If you have other ideas, please feel free to comment and give me suggestions.


Now that you know a little about the WLs skills its time to talk builds. In Aika you gain a certain amount of SP per level, aren’t able to learn certain skills until a specific level, and once learned, must be a specific level to upgrade those skills. At the current level cap (50) one has only 49 SP to work with. It would take many more to level every skill to max.

Therefore we have choices to make, on what skills to use, and what level they should be at. There are many roles a WL may take either while fighting monsters or enemy nations. A build is very specific to the players style. One cannot, or rather should not, copy and paste a build seen on the forums, and expect it to work perfectly for him/her. A build evolves and developes over time as your character and your skills as a player develope. That being said here are just a few of the roles WLs take and EXAMPLES of builds that accompany them. The builds presented here will all be supposing max lvl.

WARNING: These builds are not TRUE builds in that they should not be used in game. They can do what they say they can do, but would be mostly ineffective in any other area of the game. These are suggestions to give you an idea of what skills are good where IMO(in my opinion). Take what knowledge you can from these and make a build of your own.

PvE builds

Single target, made to take down a single target at a time as quickly as possible saving the caster HP and time. Also has a little bit of cc for multiple targets, and mass tele for traveling to quest giver/ areas of interest quickly. … r=g8pwrj0j

– Enervate (Lvl MAX)
– Polymorph (Lvl 1/10)
– Lightning Orb (Lvl MAX)
– Hellfire (Lvl MAX)
– Black Harvest (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Mass Teleport (Lvl 2/3)

AOE grinder/farmer, Made to gather up mobs and quickly dispatch them to maximize speed. This build uses insta casts to gather up non agro mobs while on the move. Mana shield to be able to take the punishment, and several aoes to deal it. The idea of this build is to build a train of mobs behind you only stopping to kill them w/ a quick combo of aoes NM>ME or NM>IN>SF, ST in both of those cases is being cast along w/ the other instas and will explode on the train as you’re still moving … r=g8pwwyai

– Fireball (Lvl 1/13)
– Enervate (Lvl 1/12)
– Mana Shield (Lvl MAX)
– Hellfire (Lvl 1/10)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl 1/9)
– Black Harvest (Lvl MAX)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl MAX)
– Soul Trap (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl 1/5)
– Inferno (Lvl MAX)
– Nightmare (Lvl 3/4)
– Rend Soul (Lvl 1/4)
– Mass Teleport (Lvl 1/3)
– Meteor (Lvl MAX)

Now moving on to the real game, PVP builds.

Single target/small pvp ganker, Hard hitting 1v1 skills w/ CC skills to take on multiple opponents and enough other options to still be effective in pve/mass pvp: … r=g8qahiu5

– Polymorph (Lvl 1/10)
– Lightning Orb (Lvl 10/11)
– Mana Shield (Lvl 8/11)
– Hellfire (Lvl 1/10)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl 6/9)
– Black Harvest (Lvl 4/8)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl 1/7)
– Soul Trap (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Nightmare (Lvl 3/4)
– Rend Soul (Lvl 3/4)
– Meteor (Lvl 1/3)

Battlefield GOD, this build was made specifically for use in the pvp mode “Battlefield” or “BF”. More on this later. This build has enough AS to lock up mages forever, just as good as killing them. RS to CC melees. And enough aoes to take on small/medium groups. … r=g8px8zoo

– Polymorph (Lvl 1/10)
– Lightning Orb (Lvl MAX)
– Mana Shield (Lvl 8/11)
– Hellfire (Lvl 1/10)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl 8/9)
– Black Harvest (Lvl 1/8)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl 1/7)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Inferno (Lvl MAX)
– Nightmare (Lvl 3/4)
– Rend Soul (Lvl MAX)
– Meteor (Lvl 1/3)

Mass PvP, you want a good mix of dps/cc w/o any of the close up skills. You don’t want to get close to the front line in mass pvp because the moment you do, you’re dead. There’s just too many enemies for a wl to be able to survive on the front line. … r=g8pxgftq

– Fireball (Lvl MAX)
– Polymorph (Lvl 1/10)
– Mana Shield (Lvl 6/11)
– Hellfire (Lvl 1/10)
– Aetheric Shackles (Lvl MAX)
– Shadow Fall (Lvl 1/7)
– Soul Trap (Lvl MAX)
– Aether Flare (Lvl MAX)
– Rend Soul (Lvl MAX)
– Mass Teleport (Lvl MAX)
– Meteor (Lvl 1/3)

As with all builds these are open to Interpretation. Most of these pvp builds can also be used in PvE. All of these builds were made using the skill simulator:


Equipment: Equipment is very important for the WL. Especially for one playing the role of DD. Strength of skills for a WL is amplified (in most cases) by his matk, and a large chunk of the WLs Matk comes from his staff. Likewise, as we know the WL has little defense, and therefore high grade armor is necessary to extend the WLs lifetime in battle as much as possible. (the ranks seen on the weapons apply to their respective armors as well) some of the following obtained at: viewtopic.php?f=25&t;=847

Image – Rank – Level – Phy. Power – Mag. Power – Name
Image │ F │ 01 │ 007 │ 019 │ Pine Staff
Image │ F │ 08 │ 012 │ 032 │ Tamarack Staff
Image │ F │ 16 │ 019│49 │ Cedar Staff
Image │ E │ 24 │ 028 │ 074 │ Paulownia Staff
Image │ E │ 32 │ 042 │ 108 │ Oak Staff
Image │ D │ 40 │ 061 │ 158 │ Ilios Staff
Image │ D │ 48 │ 085 │ 220 │ Eonia Staff
Image│ C │ 56 │ 115 │ 295 │ Eliminate perish Wand

Image – Level – Phy. Defense – Mag. Defense – Name
Image│ 01 │ 018 │ 036 │ Somnium Robe
Image│ 08 │ 029 │ 058 │ Vita Robe
Image │ 16 │ 044 │ 088 │ Ventus Robe
Image │ 24 │ 068 │ 138 │ Odor Robe
Image │ 32 │ 099 │ 202 │ Nox Robe
Image │ 40 │ 144 │ 292 │ Nigra Felis Robe
Image│ 48 │ 200 │ 405 │ Rubra Luna Robe
Image │ 56 │ 337 │ 590 │ Perish Robe

Image – Level – Phy. Defense – Mag. Defense – Name
Image │ 01 │ 006 │ 013 │ Somnium Gloves
Image │ 08 │ 010 │ 021 │ Vita Gloves
Image │ 16 │ 016 │ 031 │ Ventus Gloves
Image │ 24 │ 025 │ 051 │ Odor Gloves
Image │ 32 │ 037 │ 075 │ Nox Glove
Image│ 40 │ 054 │ 109 │ Nigra Felis Gloves
Image │ 48 │ 075 │ 152 │ Rubra Luna Gloves
Image │ 56 │ 126 │ 258 │ Perish Gloves

Image – Level – Phy. Defense – Mag. Defense – Name
Image │ 01 │ 009 │ 018 │ Somnium Boots
Image │ 08 │ 014 │ 029 │ Vita Boots
Image │ 16 │ 022 │ 044 │ Ventus by Boots
Image │ 24 │ 034 │ 069 │ Odor Boots
Image │ 32 │ 049 │ 101 │ Nox Boots
Image │ 40 │ 072 │ 146 │ Nigra Felis Boots
Image │ 48 │ 100 │ 202 │ Rubra Luna Boots
Image │ 56 │ 168 │ 345 │ Perish Boots

Image – Level – Phy. Defense – Mag. Defense – Name
Image │ 01 │ 011 │ 022 │ Somnium Hat
Image │ 08 │ 018 │ 036 │ Vita Hat
Image │ 16 │ 027 │ 055 │ Ventus Hat
Image │ 24 │ 042 │ 086 │ Odor Hat
Image │ 32 │ 062 │ 126 │ Nox Hat
Image │ 40 │ 090 │ 182 │ Nigra Felis Hat
Image │ 48 │ 125 │ 253 │ Rubra Luna Hat
Image │ 56 │ 210 │ 431 │ Perish Hat

There are also Superior forms all of these equips w/ as the name suggests, better stats and durability. Superior items are also supposedly easier to upgrade.

Another way to improve your gear is to add PelluriteImage (for weapons) and RubicineImage (for armor) to it through enhancement at the alchemist in town to “+” it. Basically your adding anywhere from +1-+11 to your equipment which gives better base stats and improvements in hp/mp for +4 or higher.

As you enhance your gear there is more and more of a chance it will break. Most gear is fine until +3 after that the risk rises and rises as the + does. If you are using regular pells and rubis then if an enhancement fails your equipment will break. The only way to stop breakage is if you are using extracts ImageImage or enriched extracts(These are not in the cash shop right now and as such I could not obtain images of their icons, if anyone has images please post and share.) which can be acquired through the cash shop or from other players in game.

These extracts must be used in conjunction w/ their regular counterparts to obtain the desired effect. Regular extracts only protect against destruction, but damage still may occur, which can reduce the strength of your weapon, effectively lowering the +. Enriched extracts however protect against damage and breakage, this guarantees an added + w/ every use.

You can also add different enchantments to your weapons and gear using Aurelars and Magic stones. Aurelars provide between 1 and 3 random enchantments while magic stones provide one specific enchantment. The most helpful enchantments for WLs seem to be:
Skill atk Max
Damage to human types
Defense from human types
Movement speed plus
Physical defense plus

Above the regular and superior gears there are also unique gears found in different dungeons, crafted w/ recipes or bought using Honor. (honor is a prize you gain through defeating members of enemy nations, more on this later)

The most common unique gear is Honor gear which can be obtained via NPC in Regenshein. The honor set has a set bonus. These are bonus stats your armor acquires as you acquire more pieces of the set.

The WL Mana Set (Acquired from Zantorian Citadel: Hell Mode): These are just the mods on the set, not the actual stats and they may be different because this is from the JPAIKA wiki and may have been changed for our version. (this info obtained from: viewtopic.php?f=3&t;=9909#p122633)
Weapon – M.Atk +73, HP +490, MP Recov +50
Helm – HP +70, MP +170, MP Recov +20
Body – HP +100, MP +270, Mp Recov +24
Gloves – HP +40, MP +100, MP Recov +24
Feet – HP +50, MP +140, MP Recov +24

Set Bonuses:
3 Set – HP +540, MP +1150
4 Set – M.Atk +38, MP Cost Down 10%
5 Set – Attack Skill (Silent Mana/Whisper of Mana)

There are also Unique armor sets to be found in both LM(lost mines) and ZH(zantarian citadel hell mode). I do not have information on these sets stats or set bonuses so if you, the reader know of someone who has these sets perhaps you could obtain the info for me, or optimally, obtain screenies like i have above, tyvm.

As stated before you can also obtain unique equipment from recipes. These recipes are items that can only be used when the correct combination of items are in your inventory. Once used the recipe is destroyed but you gain the unique equipment item. These recipes usually drop from bosses in dungeons. Your first encounter w/ a recipe will be the teddy bear recipe which u acquire as a part of a quest for Joanne Sutherland(banker in Regenshine)

Besides just armor and weapons there is also a great and varied amount of jewelry in this game. Each piece of jewelry provides its own boosts to stats and attributes, and as well can be enchanted, but not enhanced (+’d).

The optimal set of jewelry for a WL is one that boosts the main stats (matk/mregen/skillatk) for a wl, or provides other boosts of the like.

I’m wary to continue on to list all the pieces of jewelry that aid a WL but if you guys in the community can think of any in particular that should be listed I will update this guide and list them.


There are 3 types of pran but the most widely used pran by WLs is the Fire pran which has passives to raise matk, and apply a fire elemental boost to skills, as well as a passive fire def buff. She also has activatable buffs that include a fire boost to all atks, a boost to skills, and a mirror atk ability, which hits the enemy for a small portion of the damage u recieve in a fire element form.

Second most is the Wind pran which has similar abilities except that wind pran raises Max mana, and mana regeneration, and Evasion.

It is widely accepted that a water pran has no use for a WL since its focus is mainly on def, and hp.

For a complete list of fire and air pran skills check out these links:
Fire :
Air :


As other equipment the mount can be upgraded using certain stones. In this case “mount stones”. Mount stones upgrade certain stats/attributes by a great deal. The best mount stones to use are those that enhance those stats listed earlier in the equipment section about which enchantments are best for a WL.


PvE: When speaking of a WLs role in pve one is usually speaking about their role in dungeons. In a dungeon a WL is mainly considered a DD and therefore their main task is to speed up DPS and kill the mob(s) or bosses as quickly as possible. This usually means spamming SF to take out groups or FB/AF/other single target skills for single targets.

BUT another large part of the WLs job in dungeons is CC. Silencing mages or priests who can self heal. Weakening bosses whenever possible(many bosses are immune to many effects). If the tank(Paladin) were to die inside a dungeon the WL could use NM to great effect, to effectively pause the battle until the tank is resurrected and ready to go. These are but examples of the WLs great range of versatility and utility.

PvP: The Wls job here is primarily the same as in PvE but the experience is entirely different as well are the skills that will be used and the amount of player skill it takes to do it effectively. There are several types of pvp and Here I will attempt to list them all and give my opinion on what a WLs role is in each. I will attempt to relay the common standard idea of what that role is w/ as little personal coloration on the facts that are common knowledge as possible.

Ganking/1v1/Small squad pvp: This is primarily the area of Honor farming. Where a single person or group will go into an enemy nation to hunt down its citizens and obtain honor. Usually this means either that one person or group running upon a single person while grinding/farming and “ganking” them.

A WLs role here is to first stop the target using HF/AS/LO/RS and other skills that would make it impossible for the target to run or fight back. After that his job is to down the target as quickly as possible. A lengthy fight here is not good since the longer you stay in one area the more likely it is that somone/ some group will find you and eliminate you/your farming party. Remember that here you are in their home and are outnumbered 100s to 1

BF(battlefield): BF is a pvp mode where 1-24 players on each team (2 teams) go head to head in a death match style battle. Honor, money, and heroes medals are obtained at the end of every match. Depending on whether you won or lost you will gain more or less of each.

Here WLs can truely shine. Their combination of Single target and aoe skills can be used to their best in BF. Poly for instance. In small scale pvp poly is great, u can stop one enemy from attacking. In mass same deal, but usually for a shorter amount of time because that bunny is most likely gonna get hit, or be turned human again by an accompanying cleric. In BF there arent as many clerics, and not as many people to hit that bunny and turn it human again, so the full effectiveness of this spell can be seen here.

A WLs role in BF is to CC and Kill as quickly as possible. Have fun, U are GOD here.

Mass PvP/Raiding/Defending Relics: In Aika one of the biggest parts of the game are the relics. Items that when secured in one of the temples around the nation will provide every citizen of that nation and visiting allies(while they are in the nation) w/ buffs.

These relics are much sought after and coveted and may be stolen by enemy nations. The defense and acquiring of these relics is one of the most important parts of the game, and can yield great rewards, not just in buffs but the 300-1200 honor gained for placing a stolen relic in a home/allies temple.

The undertaking of something like this usually takes great coordination since the enemy nations are just as zealous about protecting their relics as the attacking nations are about stealing them. As such the defense, although usually thrown together on spur of the moment and requiring the acquiescence of citizens from all over the nation, is just as coordinated.

And so the practice of taking a relic usually requires 2-4 full parties of 6 people, adding up to a full 24 person raid group. There may be a lot more or even less but this size is standard in a raid. The party of the person who places the relic gains a full 1200 honor, while every other person in that raid group gets only 300. People outside of that raid group get nothing.

In Mass PvP I am starting to believe as many others do that the WLs main role is CC. Yes a WL has a great many DD skills but using most of them either just arent as effective as simple CC and trying to use some are just outright ineffective or will simply get you killed. Even the strongest WL spell, meteor, is more effective in stunning a mass of people in Mass pvp rather than trying to kill them, IMHO.

Mass pvp is about the group as a whole and not just the individual. So in this area a the way a WL can best facilitate the success of the group is to control as many people on the opposing side as possible. Silencing a cleric, getting a group of enemies to slow their progression w/ an aoe, or turning the tide of the battle all together w/ a well placed and timed meteor.

Seige: Castle Siege or CS is the weekly event where a guild alliance vies for the leadership of their nation. The leader of this alliance becomes Lord Marshal(LM). In CS the role of the WL is much the same as in mass pvp. There are a great many hall and door ways in the CS arena as there are Passes between areas from Rhawn Crossroads to the rest of any given Nation. A WL may aid defense or offense here by focusing their AOEs on such areas. And as in mass pvp can control the flow of battle on either side w/ effective crowd control.

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