Facebook WarFlow Technologies List

Facebook WarFlow Technologies List by boomy180

War Academy Technologies

TechnologiesInfoWA lvl
ArmingUpgrade to increse troops ATK by 100
CR-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Parry ability0
Signal FlagUpgrade to increase the cap of soldiers for a Hero by 105
W-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ common ATK.5
ChargingUpgrade to increase troops’ Skill ATK by 2510
T-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Skill ATK10
ArmoringUpgrade to increase troops’ DEF by 715
BD-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Critical Strike ability20
RankingUpgrade to increase troops’ Skill DEF by 1825
EngineeringUpgrade to increase troops’ Strategy ATK by 630
BU1-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Dodge ability30
ScoutingUpgrade to increase troops’ Strategy DEF by 435
TU-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Strategy ATK35
EnhancementUpgrade to increase the cap of soldiers for a Hero by 2040
SQ-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ Counterattack40
BU2-FRMNUpgrade to increase troops’ DEF ability45
RebukingUpgrade to increase your Honor by 1%50
MedicationUpgrade to decrease the loss of soldiers in battle.60
ImmunityUpgrade to decrease the damage your troops suffer in battle.65
ConscriptionUpgrade to increase the amount of soldiers you can conscript70
FortifyingUpgrade to decrease the chance of buildings being damaged.80
CatapultUpgrade to increase the chance of destroying enemies’ buildings.80

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    theoreticly u can't have a lvl 0 wa but otherwise thx :)

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