Facebook King of Kungfu Stats Guide

Facebook King of Kungfu Stats Guide

Here are some hints on the stats. Hope it can suggest you on building your characters!
1. Beginner stage (average Level 10). Powerful weapons > skills > stats
In the beginner stage, people usually have neither abundant HP nor high stats. When everyone’s maximum HP is around 100, a powerful weapon that can hit 50 HP with one blow will make you a good sweeper.  

2. Early stage (average Level 20) Useful skills > weapons > stats
Useful skills shine in the stage of Level 20. Skills such as Survivor, Evasive Dance, and Critical Hit play as a deciding factor in battles. I believe experienced players who have gone through this period will consent my point.  
3. Middle stage (average Level 30) Higher state > skills > weapons
Once you enter the stage around Level 28, the importance of stats begins to manifest itself. In this period, the order of the 4 stats is: Speed > Strength > Agility > HP. Be aware that I’m not saying that skills are no longer useful. Yet when two sides of a combat have similar skills, stats are more likely to affect the progress and the result of the battle. This trend will continue in later stages.  

4. Advanced stage (Level 38 or higher) Higher state > skills > weapons
When the average HP reaches 170, the order of the 4 stats shall be rearranged into: Strength & Agility > HP & Speed. High Speed is not as appealing now as it was in the middle stage, whereas the less emphasized Agility state starts to bring you real surprises. Combining with Counter Attack and First Strike, 35 Agility points can give you a 90%+ average counter rate. High Strength and Agility has become the most popular choice for advanced KOK players. The Seeds of Stats have led to a fashion of state reallocating. In response to the question of how to make the most of reallocation, I would suggest that players make decision according to their skills and HP. A player with high HP, Counter Attack, and Steel Armor may consider transferring Speed stats to Strength and Agility. Someone who has lower HP but obtains skills like Evasive Dance, King of Hammers, Sword Mastery, and Critical Hit will probably find higher Speed and Strength a wiser choice. If your stats and skills do not present a clear tendency, you may just try a balanced development.

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