Facebook King of Kungfu Skills Guide

Facebook King of Kungfu Skills Guide

1. How to obtain skills?
1) You will have chance to obtain a skill each time when your character is upgraded.
2) You can buy skills from Mall with gold coins or honor points.
2. How many skills are there?
There are 28 skills that can be obtained when your character is upgraded.  

Superhuman Strength: Passive skill, Increases your strength significantly.  
Swift Movements: Passive skill, Increases your agility significantly.  
Burning Wheels: Passive skill, Increases your speed significantly.  
Vitality: Passive skill, Increases your HP significantly.  
The Middle Way: Passive skill, Increases all of your attributes
Iron Skin: Passive skill, your defense will be increased.  
Sword Mastery: Passive skill, Increases the damage of your sword-related attacks  
Combat Prodigy: Passive skill, Increases the damage of your unarmed attacks.
King of Hammers: Passive skill, Increases the damage of your heavy weaponry attacks.
First Strike: Passive skill, Interrupts an opponent’s attack by counterattacking first.
Counter Attack: Passive skill, higher chance to counter attack opponent when attacked.  
Combo Strike: Passive skill, higher chance to release a combo attack.  
Shield Wall: Passive skill, higher chance to block an opponent’s attack.  
Tiger Blow: Passive skill, Attack the opponent and disarm his weapon.
Vital Blow: Passive skill, Chance to destroy one of your opponent’s unused weapons.
Evasive Dance: Passive skill, Increases your chance to dodge an attack.
Critical Hit: Passive skill, Chance to inflict double amount of the damage to your opponent.  
Steel Armor: Passive skill, Passive skill. The damage you receive will be reduced.  
Capture Net: Active Skill, Throw a net to the opponent and stop his action. The net will be broken when attacked.  
Pet’s Charm: Active Skill, Bewitch a pet of the opponent and make it fight for you.  
Growl of Horror: Active Skill, Growl at the opponent’s pet and scare it away.
Phantom Strike: Active Skill, Launch an elegant, overwhelming attack causing great damage to your opponent.  
Bull Rush: Active Skill, Lift your opponent and throw him down hard.  
Cluster Bomb: Active Skill, Throw a bomb to damage a group of opponents.  
Healing Potion: Active Skill, when your HP is less than 50%, use the Healing Potion to restore your HP.  
Disarm Spell: Active Skill, You can disarm your opponent when you are unarmed.  
Do or Die: Active Skill, You will leap into the sky and throw 1 to 3 of your weapons at your opponent.  
Survivor: Passive skill, Give you a chance to escape death but remain only 1 HP.  

3. Premium Skill
Asura Smite: Active skill. The legendary Asura’s unique feat, incredible powerful. (Attack player and drop his/her shield and weapon.)  
Dragon Wave: Active skill. You can summon a dragon to attack the opponent. The most powerful skill available currently (Most powerful skill)  
Kiss of Death: Active skill, Vampire’s specialty. Absorbs opponent’s HP to increase yours.  
Curse of Evil: Active skill. Curse opponent. Each time when opponent attacks, his HP will be deducted until the combat is over. (Enemy HP will be deducted until the combat is over.

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