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Facebook eDragon FAQ by ThePagan

Q)What is the different color equipment mean?
A)White Equipment is basic. It has no bonuses. Green has 1 bonus. Blue has 2 bonuses. Purple has 3 bonuses. Red is unique gear. Now to see all the possible bonuses you can get on a specific item. Click Lv Up next to your name. Then click equipment. Then find the equipment and there will be a longer list of bonuses and the name will be in purple. These are all of the available bonuses you can get. You can have less than the numbers show. Example. If it says attack+3 you might get attack+1 or attack +2 but you will not get attack+4.

Q)What is Gil?
A)Gil works like gold for some things. I think everything in the mall can be purchased with Gil. You can buy VIP days with gil. You can trade gil for energy at the inn. If you play TransForce….Gold is like matrix and Gil is like tokens.

Q)How do I gain exp?
A)There are quite a few ways to gain exp. The most common is attacking monsters. Each time you attack a monster you use 1 energy. You can exercise, which will use up to 24 energy to automatically attack. I personally like exercise because you get good exp, loot, and you don’t have to heal. You can train in the palace, which uses no energy, just coin. The arena doesn’t give exp, but you can trade honor points for exp. You can do missions at the Pub. Some pay with exp and some with gold and sometimes even rep or items. If you run out of energy you can still attack monsters to complete missions, but you’ll only receive like 5 exp each.

Q)When do I get more energy?
A)At 0800 server time you receive 90 energy(102 for VIP)+you can get some if you servant has the guardian attribute(+1 energy per day for every 10 points in the guardian attribute). You get +3 +4 and +5 energy from the daily claims. Some quests reward you with energy…the arena quests come to mind first.

Q)Where do you get equipment from?
A)The most obvious places are the Armor and Weapon shops in town. As far as I’ve seen these shops will carry white, green and blue equipment. I’ve not seen any purples there. You can go to the Greedy Shop(my personal favorite choice) and buy random stuff that you’ll need to identify after you buy it. I’ve seen green, blue, and purple items there. You also get gear in your bag from fighting monsters(even if you are out of energy) or exercising.  Some missions give equipment also, as does instance.

Q)What are break, critical, dodge, and hit for?
A)Break means you have a chance to hit someone and ignore their defense. Critical means you have a chance to do 1.5 times your normal damage. Dodge means you have a chance to completely dodge that attack. Hit means you have a better chance to hit someone. I would assume hit is useful against people with a high dodge.

Q)How do you gain reputation?
A)Well first off you want to make sure you compete in Hall of Power and Hall of Bravery each day. Both give rep and coin. Hall of Power sets you up to fight against the person above and below you in arena ranking at the beginning of that day. Hall of Bravery is a tournament style with all the people of you position (i.e. Civilian, Officer, Veteran, etc..) Now you can also get reputation from some of the pub missions. And of course some of the quests give reputation as well.

Q)Can I buy VIP with gil?
A)Yes! I finally found out that you can.

Q)How do I unignore someone?
A)There are 2 ways. You can click settings in the chat menu (rightmost button). The second is to wait til after midnight. Everything resets at 0000 server time.

Q)How do I get my class?
A)Just follow your quests. I think around lvl 10 you choose it. Then between 20-25 you update from trainee. Then somewhere around lvl 38 it upgrades again.

Q)List of things you cannot buy with gil…must have gold
Anything in the Black Shop or Auction House
An additional queue for your servant
Creation of a guild
Reentry into the instance
4×6 or 4×8 pack expanders

Q)Do I have to be logged in while I’m doing training, teaching or exercising?
A)No. Once you start any of these activities they will continue to go until they are done, whether you are logged in or not.

Q)What’s up with the dun malice?
A)It says #1 Firex3 and #2 Windx1…..which mean you must put the dun malice and 3 fire runes and 1 wind rune in the blacksmith and click activate to unlock the helmet. It is a red item and while the defense doesn’t measure up to other equipment, the bonuses are pretty nice for a while.

Q)Can you explain to me how guild wars works?
A)Why yes…yes I can! In guild wars you have your 4 buildings…watchtower, lobby, library, and vault. Attackers sit in one of these rooms and have to collect bricks to destroy, while defenders have to sit and collect bricks to repair. Now one side may attack a member of another side and 2 people can join in for each side…setting up a 3-on-3 battle. The losing side of this battle dies and must revive, thus losing all the bricks they have saved up to that point and they also go into the winners loser list in the slave market. I think you get your level*6 bricks per minute.

Q)What does use CometBird to play mean?
A)Cometbird is a web browser made by the same people who make eDragon. They want you to download that browser and play the game with it. I personally use Cometbird all the time and love it, but all you have to do is finish the quest and you never have to use it again, unless you play another game by the people at Comet. The browser can be downloaded from http://www.cometbird.com/page/download.html

Q)How do I get guild ‘Reputation’?
Guild reputation and guild fame are the same

Q)How do I get guild ‘Fame’?
By winning Guild Wars and/or using your Slave to create fame for the guild (done after initially capturing a slave using the ‘Torture’ effect)

Q)How do I Attack another guild or Defend my own?
In town, click on the ‘Adventurer’ building and under the ‘Operation’ column you have three options: Atk (Attack) / Def (Defend) / Wander* (Spectate). Click on whichever option is available to you (NOTE: You cannot attack a guild that is allied with yours). Notice where it says “Entrance to other guilds today: 0/5”? That means you’re able to enter a Guild War up to five times a day — ten if you’re a VIP player (*NOTE: The ‘Wander’ operation eats up an entry)

Q)What do the attributes do?
For Berserker
Each point in strength adds 0.3% to your attack
Each point in agility adds 0.1% to attack and 1.12% to dodge
Each point in constitution adds 1% to HP and to MP
For Human Vagrant
Each point in strength adds 0.2% to your attack
Each point in agility adds 0.2% to attack and 0.12% to dodge
Each point in constitution adds 1% to HP and to MP

Q) Gil refund for the Guild
For the player who creates the guild(Guild Founder), we will send Gil refund of 200
Important: only the founder of the guild shall receive the refund.
The refund will be sent every Monday.

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