Facebook Dynasty Saga Complete Weaving Guide

Facebook Dynasty Saga Complete Weaving Guide (work in progress)

1) When you reach Level 82 City hall you will see the Textile Mill appearing in your city.

2) You cannot use the Textile Mill and cannot weave anything until your Textile Mill is level 82.

3) When your Textile Mill is Level 82 you will gain a Level 1 weaver who is able to weave a Level 1 fabric.

3.1) Your weaver’s level cannot exceed your Textile mill’s level minus 80. Therefore your weaver can only be level 2 if your mill is level 82 and you need to upgrade your mill to lv 83 for your weaver to level up to level 3.

4) You can Weave 10 times a day.

5) The Profits you will receive on each weave depends on the price index which fluctuates anywhere from 60% to 140%. Usually the price will rise to about 120% and then start falling. On rare occasions it will rise above 120% and go up all the way to 140%.

5.1) Your weaves have a chance of doubling. This means you pay the same cost but your selling price is doubled.

6) With each weave no matter success or failure your weaver will receive a fixed amount of experience based on the level of the textile you weave.

7) When your weaver reaches level 5 she will gain a special bonus ability. The two initial abilities available are as follows. Which one you get is entirely random. When your weaver reaches level 10 she will gain a second ability, this can be the same or different from your first ability.

Skill                                                Details                     Explanation
Elegant Embroidery                         Luck +3                    Increase success rate
Lightning Spin                                Efficiency +3              Increase critical rate

8) When your first weaver reaches level 10 you may choose to transform her.

This happens when you transform your weaver:
a. Your weaver will return to level 1 and lose all the bonuses she had.
b. Your weaver will need less experience to level up and thus will level up much faster than the first time
c. Your weaver will gain the chance to acquire new abilities when she reaches level 5 and level 10 this second time. There are 5 possible abilities that transformed weavers can gain and which one you get is totally random.

Skill                                                Details                     Explanation
Elegant Embroidery                         Luck +3                    Increase success rate
Lightning Spin                                Efficiency +3              Increase critical rate
Fastidious Needlework                     Luck +5                    Increase success rate
Meticulous Threadwork                    Efficiency +5              Increase critical rate
Bright Prospects                             Level +1                    Weave better Textiles

9) If you do not transform your weaver, when her exp maxes out at level 10 (100% exp) you will gain a second weaver.

10) The second weaver is the same as the first weaver. She starts out at level 1. But she only gains exp when the first weaver is maxed out on exp.

11) The second weaver allows you to weave higher level fabrics from level 11 and above. The level of the fabric you can weave is the two weavers’ levels added together.

Profits Table

All prices at 100%. I have also calculated the Expected Profit per Weave which is the average profit you should be getting on average for every weave! So the better the Expected Profit per Weave, the more silver that fabric will bring you in the long run.

I am also adding different bonuses like Luck and Efficiency to the table to see if the ranking of the fabrics change when we have different types of weaving bonuses in effect!

Normal Success and Double Rates 

LevelCostSell PriceProfitProfit if DoubleExpected Profit per WeaveSuccess RateDouble Rate
1Coarse Burlap550275022004950242090%20%
2Low Grade Coarse Burlap600300024005400264090%20%
3Rough Hemp Weave650325026005850286090%20%
4Mixed Fiber Weave700350028006300308090%20%
5Lightweight Burlap750375030006750330090%20%
6Low Grade Coarse Cotton8005600480010400284050%30%
7Tight-Woven Hemp850425034007650374090%20%
8Rough Cotton Weave9006300540011700319550%30%
9Low Grade Tight-Woven Burlap950475038008550418090%20%
10Mixed Cotton Weave10007000600013000355050%30%
11Low Grade Silk630010500420014700409590%10%
12Low Grade Satin33008800550014300462075%20%
13Rough Tight-Woven Hemp11505750460010350506090%20%
14Mixed Fiber Tight Weave12006000480010800528090%20%
15Lightweight Rough Cotton12508750750016250443850%30%
16Lightweight Tight-Woven Burlap13006500520011700572090%20%
17Tight-Woven Smooth Hemp13506750540012150594090%20%
18Tight-Woven Coarse Cotton14009800840018200497050%30%
19Refined Hemp Weave14507250580013050638090%20%
20Coarse Thick Cotton150010500900019500532550%30%
21Rough Silk Weave930015500620021700604590%10%
22Rough Satin Weave480012800800020800672075%20%
23Batiked Smooth Hemp16508250660014850726090%20%
24Rough Cotton Weave17008500680015300748090%20%
25Coarse Bloodstreaked Cotton1750122501050022750621350%30%
Price Level100%

+ Luck Success Rates (not exact)

LevelCostSell PriceProfitProfit if DoubleExpected Profit per WeaveSuccess RateDouble Rate
1Coarse Burlap5502750220049502750100%20%
2Low Grade Coarse Burlap6003000240054003000100%20%
3Rough Hemp Weave6503250260058503250100%20%
4Mixed Fiber Weave7003500280063003500100%20%
5Lightweight Burlap7503750300067503750100%20%
6Low Grade Coarse Cotton8005600480010400356860%30%
7Tight-Woven Hemp8504250340076504250100%20%
8Rough Cotton Weave9006300540011700401460%30%
9Low Grade Tight-Woven Burlap9504750380085504750100%20%
10Mixed Cotton Weave10007000600013000446060%30%
11Low Grade Silk6300105004200147005250100%10%
12Low Grade Satin33008800550014300567685%20%
13Rough Tight-Woven Hemp115057504600103505750100%20%
14Mixed Fiber Tight Weave120060004800108006000100%20%
15Lightweight Rough Cotton12508750750016250557560%30%
16Lightweight Tight-Woven Burlap130065005200117006500100%20%
17Tight-Woven Smooth Hemp135067505400121506750100%20%
18Tight-Woven Coarse Cotton14009800840018200624460%30%
19Refined Hemp Weave145072505800130507250100%20%
20Coarse Thick Cotton150010500900019500669060%30%
21Rough Silk Weave9300155006200217007750100%10%
22Rough Satin Weave480012800800020800825685%20%
23Batiked Smooth Hemp165082506600148508250100%20%
24Rough Cotton Weave170085006800153008500100%20%
25Coarse Bloodstreaked Cotton1750122501050022750780560%30%
Price Level100%


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bright Prospects, If I get lv 25 (not involve skill). Can it improves to lv26.

  2. too much luck is useless because the chance of success can only reach a highest of 100%. critical rate is the double weave rate and that can be increased by efficiency.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the "critical rate" please? By that I mean what will be improved by increasing efficiency?

    When you have 2 weavers will there be benefits in being +5 * 4 luck, or +5 * 4 efficiency or +5 * 2 of each (assuming you can get to +5 on each)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need more information about high level weaving profits table.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One thing that should be noted, is that you are better off transforming your first weaver until you get the stats you want before leveling the second weaver since you will level faster this way.

    Transforming your first weaver when your second weaver is at level 10 will give you poor XP (same as leveling your second weaver when your first is at level 10).

    Same thing applies for third weaver, make sure your first 2 weavers have the stats you want before leveling her.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Link for Ling Tong succes stun got in this blog?

  7. i meant weave higher level textiles, and higher level textiles usually give you better profit as shown in the table.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What does it mean by "Weave better Textiles", more profit?

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