Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Heroes List

Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Heroes List by Eleven

Sima Yi22. Force 2Black Arts 2Sieve FormDiamond Form
Zhang Fei40. Master 1Demon Chill 3Awl FormDiamond Form
Zhao Yun37. and Blood 3Devil’s Lure 1Awl FormArrowhead Form
Zhang Liao35. Commander 1Tempest Fury 3Awl FormCrescent Form
Guan Yu40. Commander 1Torrent Slash 3Crescent FormArrowhead Form
Ma Chao40. Commander 1Thunder Strike 3Awl FormArrowhead Form
Zhang Zhao21. Master 1Stunning Might 3Triad FormEarth-Heaven Form
Zhou Yu23. 1Golden Locks 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Lu Bu42. Master 1Roaring Legions 3Arrowhead FormSerpent Form
Zhuge Liang13. Yang 1Thunder Call 3Sieve FormWild Goose Form
Lu Xun28. Siege 1Sea of Flames 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Huang Zhong37. Master 1Unrelenting Blows 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Jia Xu23. Guardian 1Psychological Warfare 3Sieve FormCrescent Form
Cao Ren33. Siege 2Power Blast 2Diamond FormTriad Form
Sun Ce38. Master 2Line Breaker 2Diamond FormCrescent Form
Xu Chu37. Commander 2Law Enforcer 2Earth-Heaven FormSerpent Form
Xu Shu23. of Genius 2Pyromaniac 2Sieve FormWild Goose Form
Xun Yu23. Steam 3Saddle Bags 1Sieve FormTriad Form
Guo Jia17. Walfare 2Devilish Plot 2Sleve FormWild Goose Form
Huang Gai36. Master 2Thicket of Spears 2Diamond FormCrescent Form
Xiahou Dun38. Commander 2Lion’s Roar 2Crane-wing FormArrowhead Form
Dian Wei40. Battle 2Thicket of Separs 2Triad FormEarth-Heaven Form
Shen Pei25. Mason 3Rockslide 1Diamond FormEarth-Heaven Form
Cheng Yu25. Yell 2Power of the Pen 2Sieve FormEarth-Heaven Form
Fa Zheng25. Guardian 2Flamming Arrows 2Hook FormWild Goose Form
Gan Ning36. Master 1Ambush 3Diamond FormCrescent Form
Man Chong24. Mason 2Road Master 2Sieve FormDiamond Form
Wei Yan33. Commander 2Melee Master 2Diamond FormCrescent Form
Xiahou Yuan35. Speed 2Mounted Bowmen 2Earth-Heaven FormSerpent Form
Xu Huang34. Siege 2Curtain of Fire 2Diamond FormSerpent Form
Taishi Ci36. Commander 2Flamming Arrows 2Hook FormSieve Form
Zhang He32. Commander 2Kamikaze 2Awl FormSieve Form
Jiang Wei32. Commander 1Triple Threat 3Diamond FormWild Goose Form
Pang De33. Guardian 1Adamanta 3Diamond FormEarth-Heaven Form
Zhuge Jin24. 1Saddle Bags 3Triad FormSerpent Form
Zhu Rong33. Master 2Rattan Aegis 2Diamond FormSerpent Form
Da Qiao36. Bags 3Heavy Load 1Earth-Heaven FormSerpent Form
Yang Xiu26. 2Market Tycoon 2Earth-Heaven FormWild Goose Form
Huangfu Song34. Guardian 1Horse Bane 3Diamond FormEarth-Heaven Form
Pan Feng36. Master 2Full Steam 2Arrowhead FormSerpent Form
Fang Yue36. Commander 2Full Steam 2Arrowhead FormSerpent Form
Gao Shun35. Battle 1Line Breaker 3Diamond FormArrowhead Form
Wen Chou37. Commander 3Cavalry Guardian 1Arrowhead FormSerpent Form
Cao Hong33. Guardian 2Kamikaze 2Diamond FormArrowhead Form
Sima Hui23. Mason 3Road Master 1Sieve FormSerpent Form
Zuo Ci35. 1Black Arts 1Hook FormSerpent Form
Ji Ling35. Siege 2Power Blast 2Awl FormSerpent Form
Xun You27. Bag 2Road Master 2Earth-Heaven FormSerpent Form
Cheng Gong24. Foot 3Devilish Plot 1Triad FormSerpent Form
Diao Chan34. 1Power of the Pen 3Awl FormSerpent Form
Ju Shou25. Force 1Rebel Yell 3Sieve FormSerpent Form
Li Dian30. Guardian 2Frantic Flight 2Hook FormEarth-Heaven Form
Li Yan32. Steam 1Heavy Load 3Wild Goose FormSerpent Form
Sha Moke37. Master 3Rattan Aegis 1Diamond FormSerpent Form
Tian Feng22. Force 2Power of the Pen 2Awl FormEarth-Heaven Form
Wu Anguo33. Steam 1Saboteur 3Awl FormDiamond Form
Yan Liang36. Master 3Curtain of Fire 1Awl FormArrowhead Form
Zhou Cang33. Master 2Blood Battle 2Diamond FormSerpent Form
Cao Pi28. Master 3Trailblazer 1Sieve FormDiamond Form
Cao Zhang35. 1Curtain of Fire 3Awl FormCrane-wing Form
Liu Ye24. Commander 1Crushing Might 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Lu Su25. Load 1Market Tycoon 3Hook FormSerpent Form
Ma Dai32. Commander 2Cavalry Guardian 2Awl FormArrowhead Form
Sun Shangxiang33. Commander 1Archer Guardian 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Zhu Jun40. Breaker 1Fortitude 3Diamond FormEarth-Heaven Form
Ling Tong32. Commander 1Archer Guardian 3Hook FormWild Goose Form
Wen Pin31. Guardian 3Log Barrage 1Diamond FormEarth-Heaven Form
Xiao Qiao27. Steam 3Heavy Load 1Awl FormSerpent Form
Liao Hua31. Master 2Blood Battle 2Awl FormArrowhead Form
Lu Zhi22. Guardian 3Horse Bane 1Sieve FormCrescent Form

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