War of Legends Mega Comprehensive Guide

War of Legends Mega Comprehensive Guide by Rohan Barnu

This is it, the final and most comprehensive version, ran out of reserve posts and didnt want my guide to be in different parts, because everyday i want to add something, my next goal is 100 million rep so by now i have a lot of experience :P.

Now straight to the point:

Table Of contents:
1)Beginners section.
2)Defence Section.
3)Exploration Section.
4)Legends Section.
5)Sub City Section.
6)How to use a subcity.
7)Governor and Taxes.
8)Friends section.
9)Invasion/Occupation section.
10)Ranking up.
11)Troop stats.
12)Alliance Section.
13)Item Drops List.
14)Resource Planning.
15)Wildland Troops numbers.
16)Tasks Section.
17)Advanced Legends Serction.
18)Famous City Section (for advanced players only.)
19)Special Paradises

BEGINNERS SECTION (Your first few days):

The first seven days you are under new player protection.
DO NOT make a big army.. in fact dont make any army unless a task demands you to.
Only follow the instructions under tasks, completing a task yields resources so you must not deviate from task the first 2-3 days.

Use all Vouchers to buy LABOUR BILLS ONLY. PERIOD.
Economy tips:

=>Concentrate maximum on food as later your army will be consuming lots and lots of it.
=>Second preference goes to wood; you can never have enough wood.
=>Copper and stone DO NOT require much attention so I suggest that after having 4 slots occupied in the outskirts each for copper and stone you don’t make new slots for them.
=>food: wood resource building ratio should be like 5:3.
=> Later in-game copper and stone can be bought from players easily so don’t worry about them.

Military tips:

=>Initially only build an army to meet tasks requirements i.e. the phalanx and bulwark tasks, but positively do not expend extra on army early on concentrate on upgrading palace/garrison (at least till first 6 days of play).
=>Before you can build an army assign you main legend as governor, He will gain Exp.
=>Recruit only 3 legends initially with 27 Ability or greater.
=>Assign max number of swordsmen/halberds to your main legend and invade wildland level 0-2 .
=>After reaching a certain stage in the game you will be able to recruit archers (after getting garrison level 10 and researching conscription to level 5) recruit as many archers as the task “darkened skies” demands.

=> After your main legend can carry as many archers as possible spy on level 3 wildlands and invade all those wildlands which do not contain archers.

Quick Tips:

Concentrate on doing resource tasks.
More so on the Logistics tasks.
Stick to tasks i say this yet again, and try to get to the troop tasks as soon as you can.
Dont forget to level palace when you have just finished a logistics task.


How to defend against invasions:
=>Go to parade ground
=>click on assign troops
=>assign troops to each of your legends
=>again go to parade ground
=>click on defend
=>your legends name will appear in a list on left side of the open window
=>select your legends
=>set defensive strategy to “ride out” and check the box which says “apply settings to all…”.

Passive defence:

Ramparts: The higher the level of ramparts , the more the defense value of your troops goes up.
Sometimes if your ramparts are a very high level they can “deflect” your opponents army without you having to send your troops for defence.

Watch tower: Before invading you your enemy will try to spy on you to gather the information about your troops and resources.
With a high level watch tower your enemy’s attempts to spy will fail and he will not come to know how many troops you have. This make it less likely for him to attack.

If you get occupied:
->Don’t panic getting occupied is not a big deal.
->Your enemy can’t do too much too you, but getting occupied is somewhat humiliating.
->There a few ways to get rid of occupant:
1)Wait a few hours, By now your enemy should have removed his troops from your city, now conduct an uprising and get free.
2)Ask an alliance member to send troops to your capital, these troops will defend for you.
3)Tell alliance mates to relentlessly attack enemy’s capital and you yourself attack his capital.
4)tell alliance members to send him a threatening message.
5)Occupied cities get released after 3 days automatically.

A good defence:

Here is what i defend with:

[legend1]: 15200 halberds
[legend2]: 6000 archers
[legend4]: 4000 Chariots
[legend4]: 3000 Chariots
[legend5]: 7500 archers

The basic idea of a defence is:

People mostly send halberds and archers to invade, so have some Chariots in your defence and some archers. I use lot of hals because i have over 60k of the and they’re cheap.


First off Exploring a wildland gives items, searching lives legends (also gives legacy scrolls which unlock tasks, these tasks give legends with 30+ability).


->Level of legend affects exploration.
->Number of troops DOES affect exploration.
->Do 1 hr explores when you are online and 12 hr explores before sleeping.
(Level of legend and troop no. fact has been confirmed today)

I have 3 cities so i conduct 9-12 explores from each making a total of 32 explores at 1 time.

I assign 500 halberds/225 archers to each legend, you can start with 50 or even 1 right in the beginning.

Requirements for conducting many explores:

-> A high level parade ground (10+)
-> A high level legend pavilion(12+)


Searching yields legacy scrolls, which unlock tasks under the “legends” section.

These tasks are a little difficult but the reward is worth it.
The reward of the tasks (depending on which scroll you get) varies from a 31 ability legend to a 39 ability legend.

How to start an explore:

This is the best way how to start stop explores:

Go to palace interface and dispatch legends to as many wildlands as you can.

Go to Military situation (located next to reports in the middle of the screen)

After your legends have reached from miliary situation click on “land”.

You will see an option called search.
Click on it and ALL the waiting legends will begin exploring.

To search for legends click investigate.

New tips:
After a few days your wildlands will degrade to a low level and you will want to get new ones, this can be a pain.

Best Way:
Click on a wildland and send your legend with archers to INVADE it, and immediately after it send your exploration legend to OCCUPY it, exploration legends should be carrying archers so it doesnt reach before your main legend reaches and invades the wildlands and clears it.


General Basic Tips:
->Only select legends with ability 27 and above.
->Do not recruit more than three legends initially.
->The the legends you have initially should be 1 warrior, 1 monk and 1 seer/warrior.
->Dont be hasty in recruiting, first complete the legends task which gives you a “lark”, a legend with 30 ability.
->For warriors: Maximize their courage, this should preferably your main legend, level him up and assign all archers to him, use him to invade wildlands.
->For seers: Maximize their strategy, if he is your main legend fill with archers and invade wildlands, if he is an extra then train him initially to a certain level and he can be used like your main and he excels at defence.
->For monks: My advice, Monks belong in your city as governor, there is a reason why they are called monks and not warriors.

Do not recruit many low level legends(level 20 and below) initially even if they have very high ability because too many legends are hard to train and they consume gold by the hour.

Later in game you will get high level (40+) and high ability legends so be patient.

Alternative(Fastest way):
You can also do what i did.
Do this if you want to invade lots of people and gather resources fast, then train large army fast.
WARNING: If you are doing this You must have a huge food production (like 20k /hr later in the game.)

->Get 3 legends (either recruit or take as prisoner from wildland) they should be warrior/seer.
->All should be level 15+
->Maximize the strategy of every one of them.
->Assign 2.5k+ halberds to each of them.
->Now invade people like crazy.
->If you invade a person with decent reputation you will carry back 150k+ of each resource.
->This was You will get resources fast.
->So while your looting army is invading train your main legends(with archers) invading wild lands near you.
->In case one of your victims decides to invade you back refer to the defense and protection section.


->The sub city should be around 40 mins to 1.5 hrs AWAY from your capital.

->twice as many wildlands coverage.
->Twice as many people to invade.
->More land area under your control. (Between my 3 cities and a friends 3 cities we control the whole of the region around us).

->A good legend apart from main legend (preferably a gold lark/ biqiao tong*i).

I used another legend with 30 ability (seer).

3-4 legends stationed in your sub all with 2.5k-5k hals.


The hals are for defence/raiding.
The other good legend will gain nice exp from all the new wildlands you just got as a result of getting another sub.

Expect attacks from the person who you took the sub from, just send repeated attacks from your capital to his capital, after his defences are down invade with yous hals from your new sub and kill his capital.

What i have done:

My sub has 20k hals and 10k archers.

1 legend level 50 who i train all the time 4 legends holding 5k halberds each who raid people around me so i make more and more troops.

This should be done only if the sub you occupied has a balanced resource production.

Make 3-4 Garrisons in your sub.

Basically for taking another persons sub you have a lot of advantages so Don’t build your own just take his and his hardwork will be your reward.

->Try not to take a sub whose owner is in a strong alliance (even though i did), cause alliance mates might help him take it back.

Only take sub after you have 7-8 legends in main city.

Your friends can help lower the loyalty of the sub and you can make the final “occupy” and make it yours.

Governor and taxes section:

->Your governor should have high value of one type of skill (magic/strategy/courage)
->High magic(monk): A governor with high magic boosts resource production and decreases construction time.
->High Strategy(Seer): A governor with high strategy decreases university research time.
->High Courage(warrior): A governor with high courage decreases time taken to recruit troops.

Population and taxes section (Credit to king iix):
There two ways to control taxes:
->50% method: Set your tax to 50% and leave it there.. as simple as that, this way loyalty stays fine.
->100% method: Set your tax to 100%, this will severly drop you loyalty which can eventually lead you to have 0 population. To counter this we use pacify button under palace interface and increase loyalty by 15 every 15 mins.
WARNING: If using second method don’t forget to set taxes back to 50% before logging out.

Relation Between Taxes and population:

Simple, Lesser the taxes ,greater your population.
But that doesnt mean set your taxes to 0.
Strike a balance between population and tax%.

If you have lots of excess food use Give birth under pacify option, this is safest way to immediately boost population without risk.
Using sacrifice is cheaper but is risky as it can make you lose 500 population as well.

Some misc. things:

When you make troops your population goes down.
Do not be alarmed wait a while it’ll be back up.
This part is from Scoots tax equation:

tax rate x [(100-taxrate x max population) ÷ 100] x 1.25taxwrit x (1 + .02alchemy) = gold per hour

->Governor tricks:
->Before starting a long research at university switch governor to 1 with high strategy, then switch back to one with magic.
->Do the same when Starting a long recruiting process this time use a governor with high courage.
->At all times a high magic legend should be governor exceptions are mentioned above.
->Each magic point gives 0.5% increase on base production

FRIENDS SECTION: (Might not sound like it but important!)
How to take help from friends (Dedicated to Badevil 2005):

->Your powerful friends can invade high level wildlands near you then leaving them free for you to occupy.( you will not encounter any troops while occupying in the manner).
->Your friends (have to be in same alliance) with a position of ministerial prefect and above can send you resources for free!!! XD.
->They can invade powerful enemies threatening you then send them a message saying : “Leave XYZ alone or i will kill you”.
->They can give you tips in game . (

Okay this next one is slightly complicated and only you best friend will be ready to help you.

Okay say you have a task for which you have to invade a level 7 wildland and you have only 500 archers. Guess what?? You Can still invade it!!! Here’s how.

Talk to a dedicated friend:
-> tell him the troops of the wildland(after spying on it.
-> tell him to send enough troops so that his troops get killed.
-> what happens here is that even though your friends troops get killed his troops will manage to kill a lot of the troops stationed in the wildland.
-> As soon as he is done invading you send your your 500 archers and kill the few troops which remain in the wildland.
Say a wildland has 1440 halberds and 720 archers.
Your friend sends 1500 swordsmen.
Swordsmen kill all archers but are only able to kill 1100 halberds then the swordsmen die.
Then you send your 500 archers and pwn the remaining 340 halberds and therefore you have successfully invaded the wildland and your task is complete!!!
Addendum: (Credit to Its Becki )
“For the wildland one, I Just get my friend To invade all wildland empty from level 1-7. Then i invade ( of course i get nothing) but its still task complete lol ”

This is how i got the Invade a level 10 task done with a level 20 legend:
I asked my friend to invade it, i invaded it after him and task is done (invading empty wildland is fine)

(dis is ‘teh BAD and EVIL section cause the guys you invade are not going to like u)

Okay next section of guide:

How to invade/occupy people:

First thing:
->Invasion gives resources (food/wood/stone/copper).
->Occupying gives gold.
->Try to occupy with as many halberds as you can as they carry back most resources.
->I suggest invading as gold is not even close to being as important as food/wood.

To invade a person simply click on his city an click invade. No are u crazy?? Don’t think you will be successful if you try to invade anyone who may be much better than you.Spy on them first.

->only invade people with reputation a lot less than you
->They must also be in no alliance or a weak alliance.
->You must be part of an alliance. (in case that guy tries to own you back your alliance mates can help {refer to how your friends can help you section}).
->Usually people don;t set defenses (more on this later) so when you invade your pillaging army just walks away with tons of resources ( i invaded a guy and got 2 million resources).
->So in case they have defenses send archers followed by halberds, in case none only halberds.

Occupying a guy(only capitals are enslaved, sub city can become yours, refer to new sub city section for latter details):
Requirements for successful occupation:
-> Your palace Level 11
->Opponents palace level 10 or above
->His dissent must be 50(or more).
first of all let me say occupying a person(successfully) is over rated you are better off just invading him thrice everyday(there is a limit).
Okay here’s the guide on how to occupy a person.
->spy and check if person has no defenses.
-> if there are defensive troops take em our with archers.
-> if no defensive troops send 5 legends(u can repeat a legend) 1 by 1 (NOT TOGETHER)
->first 3 legends take home lots of gold and first 4 increase dissent to 40 fifth will occupy.
->occupied cities are automatically released.

->Stay senior prefect and collect diagrams which you get from daily task of invading level 6 wildlands.
Trust me i regret not being a senior for long when i look at my 65 lockboxes.

->only advance from senior when you have all requirements till state.

Ranking up:

Your initial position is outskirts officer.

The requirements for Outskirts Minister
-> Palace level: 2
-> Reputation: 1,000
-> Gold: 10,000

The requirements for Outskirts Officer :
-> Palace level: 4
-> Reputation: 3,000
-> Gold: 50,000

The requirements for Junior Prefect:
-> Palace level: 6
-> Reputation: 5,000
-> Gold: 100,000

The requirements for Senior Prefect :
-> Palace level: 8
-> Reputation: 10,000
-> Gold: 28,000
-> Gems required: 1 Lucent Jade, 3 White Jades, 5 Gold Beads.

The requirements for Ministerial Prefect requires:
– Palace level: 9
– Reputation: 20,000
– Gold: 40,000
– Gems required: 1 Silk Yarn, 3 Lucent jades, 5 White Jades.

The requirements for Justice Minister :
-> Palace level: 10
-> Reputation: 50,000
-> Gold: 80,000
-> Gems required: 1 Sky Stone, 3 Azure Stones, 5 Silk yarns.

The requirements for State Minister :
-> Palace level: 11
-> Reputation: 80,000
-> Gold: 120,000
-> Gems required: 1 Nuwa Stone, 3 Sky Stones, 5 Azure Stones.

The requirements for Development Minister :
-> Palace Level: 12
-> Reputation: 150,000
-> Gold: 200,000
-> Gems required: 3 Wyrm Pearls, 5 Nuwa stones.

The requirements for War Minister :
-> Palace level: 13
-> Reputation: 400,000
-> Gold: 350,000
-> Gems required: 3 Spirit Pearls, 5 Wyrm Pearls.

The requirements for Education Minister :
-> Palace level: 14
-> Reputation: 1,000,000.
-> Gold: 600,000
-> Gems required: 5 Spirit Pearls, 5 Wyrm Pearls.

The requirements for High Priest :
-> Palace level: 15
-> Reputation: 1,000,000.
-> Gold: 1,300,000
-> Gems required: 8 Spirit


Life: 15
Attack: 10
Defence: 5
Speed: 100
Load: 120

Gold: 10
Food: 75
Wood: 75
Copper: 50
Stone: 0
Population: 1

Life: 25
Attack: 12
Defence: 25
Speed: 70
Load: 30

Gold: 20
Food: 100
Wood: 150
Copper: 125
Stone: 0
Population: 2

Life: 10
Attack: 35
Defence: 5
Speed: 90
Load: 40

Gold: 30
Food: 150
Wood: 250
Copper: 100
Stone: 0
Population: 3

Life: 35
Attack: 30
Defence: 25
Speed: 130
Load: 80

Gold: 60
Food: 300
Wood: 200
Copper: 300
Stone: 0
Population: 5

-> Halberds are only for looting resources from other players.

->Swordsmen are for defence or of you want to attack a player who has archers.

->Archers are for mass invading wildlands.

->Chariots are for defence and attacking other players and later in game (a lot later) chariots can be used for anything.

There is no point raiding for profit from Wildlands, they should be seen as a source of Rep and exp for your legends. With this in mind, minimizing losses is essential. So DO NOT RAID until you have archers. And when you raid with archers, send double the number of hallys, quadrouple the number of swords, 10 times the number of chariots (these figures are a gross approximation, with max crg legend you can take out chariots with just 4 times the archers) and dont attack wildlands with archers! You should be raiding by day 3 with archers!


|100k gold and 50k Total Reputation and 5 members to upgrade to Level One|

———Level One———
At the 1st alliance level, the life recovery speed of all members’ legends will increase by 15% and can research alliance items. – Can appoint 1 Lieutenant and 1 Officer

|500.000 gold and 250.000 Total Reputation to upgrade|

———Level Two———
At the 2nd alliance level, the mana recovery speed of all members’ legends will increase by 15% and can research advanced alliance items. – Can appoint 1 Lieutenant, 1 Elder, and 2 Officers

[3.500.000 gold, 1000 Jcredits, 1.000.000 Reputation to upgrade]

———Level Three———
At the 3rd alliance level , the resource output of members is increased by 10% and alliance items can be researched. – Can appoint 1 Lieutenant, 1 Elder, and 3 Officers

[5.000.000 Gold, 2500 JCredits, at least 25 members, and 5.000.000 total reputation to upgrade]

———Level Four———
At the 4th alliance level, the life recovery speed of all members’ legends will increase by 15% and can engage in alliance research. – Can appoint 1 Lieutenant, 2 elders and 4 officers.

[It will cost 25.000.000 Gold, 5000 JCredits, at least 30 members, and a total reputation of at least 10.000.000]

———Level Five———
At alliance level 5, troop training costs are reduced by 15% and troop training time is reduced by 20%.

Tasks completed with alliance:
Symposium 1: Alliance gets to level 1
Reward: 1 Tax Writ (It’s the Senior tax order)

Symposium 2: Alliance gets to level 2
Reward: 2 Tax Writs (It’s the Senior tax order)

Symposium 3: Alliance gets to level 3
Reward: 3 Tax Writs (It’s the Senior tax order)

Call to Arms (A daily task): Alliance contribution deduction: 30,000
Rewards: Horn (Amount depends on which all. level)
(Basically if you’ve donated to the alliance you get X amount of horns daily)

Item Drop List.

[Wildland lvl 0]: legends lvl 2-3
Meteor I
Meteor II
Other junk

[Wildland lvl 1]:
Same junk as lvl 0

[Wildland lvl 2]:
Meteor I
Meteor II
Bronze box

[Wildland lvl 3]:
Meteor II
Bronze Box

[Wildland lvl 4]:
Meteor II
Bronze Box

[Wildland lvl 5]:
Meteor II
Meteor III
Lucent Jade
Bronze box
24h production bonuses

[Wildland lvl 6]:
Meteor II
Meteor III
Silk Yarn
Fated Wind
Bronze Box
Siderite Box

[Wildland lvl 7]:
Meteor III
Silk yarn
Siderite Box
Bronze Box

[Wildland lvl 8]:
Meteor III
Labour Bill!!! Yes, for real
Azure stone
Sky Stone

[Wildland lvl 9]:
Labour Bill!!!
Wyrm Pearl
Sky Stone

[Wildland lvl 10]:
Labour Bill! (Lucky ******* )
Nuwa Stone
Wyrm Pearl
Spirit Pearl

Special paradises give almost any item on any floor , ranging from farsight to silver box.

What sp’s do give thats good is famous legends.

This guide provides Information about base production and level increases of outskirts lots for levels 1-21.

Level…Production….next level adds:

21…..3445……Requires Advance Sketch

This information should be used when planning for completing tasks and determining ideal levels for production.

Examples of plot level vs relatively equivalent production:

10 level 5 plots = 6250
5 level 10 plots = 6000
3 level 15 plots = 5925
2 level 20 plots = 6300

To meet the final Growth Tasks requires a base output of 20k of the specified resource. To reach this level requires at least 7 lots leveled to 20 (7*3150=22050). If you want to complete these tasks in one city you will need to divide the 33 lots so that each resource gets at least 7 lots each.

Obviously you are king of your city so you can build however you want too. But I would recommend building no more than 3-4 quarries in you main city and instead build more in your sub to complete the task. You will probably want to focus on high levels of food and wood followed by copper to maintain and grow your armies.
Hopefully this information will help you in planning your outskirts to your benefit and happiness. Feel free to comment on your own zoning experiences.

Troops Number Section:

Lvl 0-2: 1 group of troops
Lvl 3-4: 2 groups of troops
Lvl 5-6: 3 groups of troops
Lvl 7-8: 4 groups of troops
Lvl 9-10: 5 groups of troops

Archers = 2 Halberdiers
Swordsmen = 2 Halberdiers
Charioteers = 5 Halberdiers

Level 0 = 40 Halberdiers
Level 1 = 90 Halberdiers
Level 2 = 180 Halberdiers
Level 3 = 640 Halberdiers
Level 4 = 1000 Halberdiers
Level 5 = 2160 Halberdiers
Level 6 = 3600 Halberdiers
Level 7 = 7680 Halberdiers
Level 8 = 11520 Halberdiers
Level 9 = 18750 Halberdiers
Level 10 = 22500 Halberdiers

So this means :

Level 0 = 1X40 Halberdiers
Level 1 = 1X90 Halberdiers
Level 2 = 1X180 Halberdiers
Level 3 = 2X320 Halberdiers
Level 4 = 2X500 Halberdiers
Level 5 = 3X720 Halberdiers
Level 6 = 3X1200 Halberdiers
Level 7 = 4X1920 Halberdiers
Level 8 = 4X2880 Halberdiers
Level 9 = 5X3750 Halberdiers
Level 10 = 5X4500 Halberdiers

So if u can 1 hit 4500 hals you can probably take wildland 10 (might have a little problem with chariots).

And thats about it.

Some more stuff:

Wildland 0 = of a resource, 0 rep , 100 exp.
Wildland 1 = 1k of a resource, 3 rep, 225 exp.
Wildland 3 = of a resource, 143 rep, 1.6k exp.
Wildland 4 = 7.5k of a resource, 351 rep, 2.5k exp.
Wildland 5 = 12k of a resource, 1639 rep, 5.4k exp.
Wildland 6 = of a resource, rep, exp.
Wildland 7 = 25k of a resource, 6426 rep, 19.2k exp.
Wildland 8 = of a resource, 11.52k rep, 28.8k exp
Wildland 9 = 41k of a resource, 18.75k rep, 46.875k exp.
Wildland 10 = 51k of resource, 22.5k rep, 56.25k exp.
——-Special paradise level 4——-

Floor 1 = 37,500 xp and 15,000 rep
Floor 2 = 43,750 xp and 17,500 rep
Floor 3 = 58,909 xp and 22,747 rep
Floor 4 = 71,726 xp and 27,690 rep
Floor 5 = 86,939 xp and 33,558 rep
Floor 6 = 98,284 xp and 37,554 rep
Floor 7 = 117,719 xp and 43,291 rep

Task section:

Ok, here i will give a basic outline about how to unlock certain tasks and the begginers “tong*i token” task.

This is the basic algorithm:

->You get all your resource production to a certain amount
(e.g. 1600 per hour, remember this is base production)

->This unlocks a corresponding “logistics” task which requires you to get each type of the resource building to a certain level( eg. logistics task: get your quarry,cropland,lumber,copper mine to level ten)

->Doing the logistics task unlocks a number of tasks
(e.g. Home defence task i.e. get your garrison to level 20, bulwark, phalanx, darkened skies, hammer blow tasks, which involve making a certain quantity of troops to complete these tasks.)

->To unlock more tasks again you have to get your base resource production to a certain amount.

->This again unlocks a higher level logistics task.

->Doing this logistics task unlocks more tasks, and so on.

Tasks to do on first day of play:

->Novice and Growth tasks. Keep chasing those tasks which ask you to get your base resource production to a certain stage.

LEGENDS TASK: Most people miss this.

This is the task which yields snake helm and tong*i token.

Go to legends section, there will be a task which asks you to invade a lvl 0 wildland to collect a magic urn.

I was lucky enough to get it on my first invade but if you dont , dont panic you will in the next 4-5 invades.

Keep doing what this tasks demands (it is very easy) and you end up with a tong*i token.

When you use the tong*i token it yields either a Goldlark (warrior), Skylark (monk), Biqiao Tongzo (seer) all three are 30 ability legends.

To get these legends use the token and check your legend sanctuary.

Advanced legends section:

Managing legends:

First off i will tell you about the legends i have.

->1 powerful main legend in each city.
->3 Raiding legends in each city.
->8 exploration legends in each city.
->1 Defence legend in Each city.

Your main legends:

Try having at least two powerful legends, preferably of different classes, i.e a warrior and a seer.

Each city should have 1 ‘main’ legend which you will train.
This is the reason it is better to have sub cities far apart, so each legend can grow independently and doesnt interfere with the other legend leveling up.

Raiding legends:

The highest level legend you can capture from wildlands will be you raiding legends. these carry hals.
Their goal is to loot other player cities so you can have a steady archer production. Dont level them up, when you can take level 10 wildlands you will get lvl 40 legends.
And their level matters ability doesnt cause you arent going to level them up.

Exploring legends:

->If you are planning to have 8 legends whose job is to explore 24X7 then you might want to start off with low level ones because too many high levels will eat your gold, unless you can afford them.

Assign 100-500 hals to each and send them for exploration.

Defense legend:

The highest ability highest level legend you can capture will be your defense legend.

He/she will carry chariots and remain in your capital at all times.

You will need this especially of you invade other players a lot.


My defense:

I have a whole defensive team of 4 legends 2 with chariots and 2 with archers, all lvl 40 and ability 28/29.

This is optional and only do this later when you can afford to.

The concept of Special Paradises:
Ok new thing, firstly , since a long time now ive stopped doing wildlands , i do only special paradises (sp’s) everyday.
Why doing sp’s is better:
1)A chance of getting a famous legend
2)Higher chance of getting a good item
3)Commute time very less
By 3) i mean when u travel to one sp and do say floor 1-5 u only have to go to the sp once and stay there, where when u hit 5 lvl 10 wildlands u have to travel to each one and back thats 10 trips, for the sp its 2 trips.

How to go about mass killing sp’s
What you require:
->Warrior seer pairs is what you need.
Pair 1 : Guan Bin (lvl 60) , Lan Hu (lvl 60)
Pair 2 : Warrior (lvl 70) , seer (lvl 45)

Things to know about sp’s:
The troops you will face on floor 1 and 2 will change everyday just like in a wildland.
The troops on floor 3 and later REMAIN SAME, everyday for every player.

How to attack a sp:
This is what ur queue should look like:
Legend 1 (1 archer)
Legend 2 (1 archer)
Legend 3 (1 archer)
Warrior ( max archers)
Seer (max chariots)

As floor 1 and 2 are random and you dont know whether the first legend carries archers or not, send in the 1 archer legend first so the next legend you send can be chosen by you and later you can switch them as per what you face.
Important things:
The warrior needs to be of a high level as compared to the seer, because the warrior will need to 1 hit large quantities of troops, where as the seer carries chariots and it is relatively easier to kill archers (e.g. 1.5k chariots can kill 3 sets of 2k archers).

Try to write down or remember the special paradises which have least archers, and try to do them in case you cant afford chariot losses.
Try to have your cities apart so you can cover more.
Sp’s yield excellent rewards, i try to do around 30 a day when i can, the more floors you clear in 1 go the more time you save and harder the floor the better

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