War of Legends Faster Experience and Reputation Guide

War of Legends Faster Experience and Reputation Guide by Nobodynat

Hi, I am Nobodynat, cookie giver of [Legacy] in Royal Garden Server. I am leaving WoL and so now I give the rest of the community some great Guides.

Here I’m trying to put in a guide of how to gain rep… Wait, that’s kind of stupid…

Anyway, I stand by this statement:
“Everyone has the ability to gain at least 5% of their rep, in a good day, probably over 10%”
I say this, because well, I cant exactly say “you must be able to gain X rep a day” as it doesn’t scale with your strength.

From what I can see, Rep is pretty much EXP, high rep is high exp in legends, which equals to high level legends.

What you want to do:

1) develop a efficient way of invading wildlands
You can Either look at my [Guide] Effective Spying [Pro] or have some way of respying wildlands you invaded.

Aim to OHKO with archers, [Advanced] spying can separate with or without chariots even.
If you lose a reasonably few archers on wildlands (or at the limit of OHKO) it is a good idea to continue as this means the wildland is giving high exp for cost. It will help your legend level to OHKO status.
If a high level wildland has archers, and the next nearest non-archer is within reasonably far distance, one could opt for a Chariot-Archer combo.
See [Guide] Minimize Troop Losses for more info
A good Spying strategy can help you gain rep/exp much faster as you are respying closer wildlands, meaning your legends return faster etc.

2) Focus on a few legends
This way, you will give your selected legends the most exp so that you can invade even higher wildlands.
[Advanced] Have Selected legends separated into “Tiers” such that they only hit a selected level of wildlands, preferably their best.

“Tiers” are mainly due to level differences. This helps training low level legends and high simultaneously.
“Tiers” help a lot as this clears wildlands from e.g. level 5s to 10s, All your legends are gaining max exp they can, overall, the payoff will be great in the future.

3) [optional] Dump Legends into paradises
This means training them in 12 hours practices. What you want to do here is if you are sure you cannot gain as much exp as you would if invading.
This is mainly due to having many Legends of the same “Tier” and is relatively pointless to move them down a “Tier” (low exp/no wilds/ already have low “Tiers”;)

I think the time is scaled so that the exp gain increases exponentially to “50%” of exp bar.
Apparently, high level legends have a lower % increase per 12 hours
Putting 5 legends at once has no effect on each other, the exp increase is independent

4) Advanced playstyle
This includes having multiple “Tier” legends across multiple cities spread far. Its basically the above, but implemented on multiple areas of the map at the same time.

This is basically an expansion of the [Guide] Effective Spying [Pro] method. I leave that for yourself to figure out.
Advanced playstlye is for the “hardcore” or efficiency fanactics such as myself.
Needless to say, this will perhaps increase rep/exp gain rate by three times.

5) Eat a cookie
It is a necessity

Higher leveled legends can eat more cookies.
Use boosts as needed, they are relatively cheap in cost. and you loss less troops.

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