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Why 0 Critical Resistance ?

Since some players always ask me : dodge, why is your tenacity 0? I wanna give my answers here, i posted it last year, but i cant find it anymore, now, i have corrected some mistake after huge tests, so it is now a revised edition.

Please don’t laugh before reading through my post, below I will explain with numeral analyse. You will find this style will be nice for mage and warrior!

Suppose your opponent ‘s original damage on you is A, of course A varies when he uses different skills.

Since your tenacity is 0, so nearly every hit is critical one, and you will receive 1.5A damage without holy stones.

Now, let’s check the holy stones and holy spirit, lv5 can be obtained easily, and lv6 stones are available in credit mall, some rich ppl can obtain lv7 or even lv8 (very expensive, not recommended) .

Water Spirit of Intent & Water Spirit of Resilience : It is these 2 holy spirits that I can boast here without any shame or hesitation!

Water Spirit of Intent: reduce a percentage of the damage from a critical strike you receive, by 0.28-0.7% per lvl,
Water Spirit of Resilience :reduce the damage from a critical strike you receive, by 40-100per lvl
Relevant link http://gw.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=165

Suppose your holy stones are lv6. Mage has 6 parts to add cooled holy stone. Each lv6 holy stone implemented with  Water Spirit of Intent will reduce 0.28-0.7% *6*6= 10~25.2%, with goddess stone, you can get 20% easily.

Each lv6 holy stone implemented with  Water Spirit of Resilience will reduce 40~100*6*6=1440~3600, with goddess stone, you can get 3000 .
Besides, there is a pet’s skill called       it will reduce 375 critical damage  at rank 12(not hard to reach )

So the final damage you receive = 1.3A * -3000-375 when you add holy stones
It is 1.3A-3375.
OK, it is getting clearer , damage A and damage 1.3A-3375, which is larger? lol
As long as you can get a C in math exam, i bet you can fix it:

When A=11250, you will receive the same damage when he critical hits you.

When A>11250, you will still receive more damage when he critical hits you than no critical hits

When A<11250,, you will receive less damage when he critical hits you.
Question: can attacker take 11250amage (note, no critical) on a same lv mage?Maybe a very high attack champion or mage can make it with only SPEAR HIT and FIRE LOTUS, actually, average damage is much less than 11250. usually, 5k to 10K.

For warriors, they will get more profit from holy stones because they have 7 parts for  cooled holy stone, and the damage they receive is less than mage (the “A”will be much less than 11250).

As long as the attacker is weaker enough, you will receive a big”0” from their light skills(like wind blade, holy stab, chip blast ect ).

My cooled holy stones are more than 20% 3000 now, so noobs’ crit hit on me take  0 damage is quite  reasonable. So, dont call me hacker or cheater anymore (hehe, just kidding,and i am so glad that another heavy maller have recognized my build)


AMULET.PNG (188.17 KB)
4-12-2010 03:06 AMULET.PNG
ARMOR.PNG (195.04 KB)
4-12-2010 03:06 ARMOR.PNG
BOOTS.PNG (188.99 KB)
4-12-2010 03:06 BOOTS.PNG
leggings.PNG (185.66 KB)
4-12-2010 03:06 leggings.PNG
4-12-2010 03:06 BRACERS.PNG
BELT.PNG (192.78 KB)
4-12-2010 03:06 BELT.PNG

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's not possible to have 13pcs of amethyst..just do Zeus Gift event…,do that..and u will know..u don't have to waste any gold..

  2. Anonymous says:

    This build is great for mallers… but how about non mallers? my tip here just TP farm your way to the top… this guy is something… 13pcs of amethyst! OMFG!

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