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Simple Marathon Guide (Guide for making a record)


Ive’ first post this guide at my blog which was created yesterday located here http://necron.blog.igg.com/?cat=11140 .I know this is already late but I just want to share my own guide I’ve also stated below on where you have to use Portal Scrolls for lesser consumed time so be sure to read it carefully. If you see that images are a bit confusing, just ask me to take it out XD

Marathon is one of the cool events made by IGG for non-mallers to gain extra salary which we call E-Golds, a bound gold currency used to buy special items that can be purchased on Mall. You may earn upto 220 E-Golds per session if you put some effort.

Marathon Event Times
Mondays to Saturdays @ 11:55 AM / 5:55 PM / 9:55 PM GMT(-5) Server Time
Sundays @ 00:01 Weekly Top 10 Draw

Marathon Rewards Per Day (Whole 3 Sessions)
First Run : 70 E-Golds
Second Run : 70 E-Golds
Third run or more : 20 E-Golds

I think you can run upto 6 Laps per session without using scrolls, or more if you use scrolls. I managed to run 6 laps using scrolls for my first run.

Marathon Hints and Tips
For you to have a record, you may optionally buy Athens and Athens Suburbs teleport scroll for faster transport. By using these teleport scrolls it may lessen your time consumed for every run. Only use scrolls when you feel no lag or delays.
For newbies or starters who doesn’t have E-Golds for the first time, manually or auto-run each Fitness Trainer and finish it to obtain your first 70 E-Gold. After getting your very first E-Gold from Marathon, spend it for 5x Athens Portal and 5x Athens Suburbs Portal Scrolls (7 E-Golds each) which will cost you 70 E-Golds in total.
If you now posses these items, you may now start again for your 2nd run and try your very best to beat the fastest time or make a record if there’s no current record.
Important Note : Don’t use auto-run system whenever you want to make a record.


Get Health Manual 1 from Fitness Trainer 1

then run as fast as you can to Fitness Trainer 3 and get the Health Manual 2

next stop is to Fitness Trainer 4 and get the Health Manual 3

don’t use the teleport scrolls yet, instead… manually run to the next trainer, the Fitness Trainer 5 and get the Health Manual 4

use now 1 Athens Suburbs Portal Scroll and manually run back to Fitness Trainer 3 and get the Health Manual 5

Then go fast to Fitness Trainer 2 and get the Health Manual 6

use now 1 Athens Portal Scroll then go immediately to Transporter NPC to transport to Marathon and use the portal below to get back to Suburbs of Athens and run quickly after teleporting to Fitness Trainer 4 and get the Health Manual 7

use again 1 Athens Suburbs Portal Scroll and head back to Fitness Trainer 3 to obtain the Health Manual 8

again, use 1 Athens Suburbs Portal Scroll and run quickly to Fitness Trainer 1 to get the Health Manual 9

You are now done in Athens Suburbs part. This time you’ll need to run manually after you reach Fitness Trainer 7Now go to athens and run to Fitness Trainer 6 and get the Health Manual 10

now use 1 Athens Portal Scroll and run below to Fitness Trainer 7 to obtain Health Manual 11

manually run to Fitness Trainer 9 and get the Health Manual 12

continue running to Fitness Trainer 10 and obtain the Health Manual 13

Then go back to Fitness Trainer 9 to claim the Health Manual 14

You’re almost done, go quick to Fitness Trainer 8 and claim the Health Manual 15

Then use another Athens Portal Scroll and quickly go down to Fitness Trainer 7 and get the Health Manual 16

2 more trainers to go… Now use Athens Suburbs Portal Scroll and go back to athens to get the Health Manual 17from Fitness Trainer 6.

Again after claiming use another Athens Suburbs Portal Scroll and immediately run to Fitness Trainer 1 to finish the race.

By that way, you’ll get like below 900 seconds, for me having a delay I’ve got my fastest time 86X and maximum of 913 seconds

Download XNote Stopwatch to monitor your current time. But for some, this just take more pressure while running. But for me it’s better way to know if you can still beat the fastest record or not.

Just run the setup and install it to your desktop. Don’t register.
To setup the stopwatch to what the Marathon Time is, just follow this instruction;
1. Open XNote Stopwatch
2. Right click anywhere inside the box where you see 00:00:00:00
3. Click Always on top.
4. Right Click again and choose Time Format…
5. Uncheck Hours and Minutes
6. Click OK then test it by click the Start button at the bottom left

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