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Locations of Elite Monsters(Spartans) [Updating]

Hi Everyone,

I have made this guide for those people who don’t know the Name/Locations of all the elites. I have been seeing all forum posts about location where all details are not given. In some there are the names of elite but not location of them and in some there are location of elite but not all elites. So i have decided to make my own location guide,But i also don’t know locations of all elites, so please help me to make a complete guide.(IF anyone want to give any suggestions/comments/advice feel free to give becoz these guide is for everyone)

Sparta Elites
[[ELite]Sharp Tooth Lemen Location: 187,198 (red) Lvl 16

[Elite]Parkins Location: 179,-5 (blue) Lvl 5

Sparta Suburb Elites
[Elite]Dangerous Misk Location: -6,134 (green)

[Elite]Confused Mansolo Location: 121,104 (blue)

[Elite]Gordon -188,155 Lvl 30 (red)

Peloponnesus Elite
[Elite]Scorpion Paul Location: 126 -172 Lvl 34 (brown)

[Elite]Envoy Debby -182,-201 (black)

[Elite]Boa Olybium Location: 168,40 Lvl40 (green)

[Elite]Net Maker Lisa Location: 1,-22 lvl 32 (orange)

[Elite]Corrupt Lizard Lusa Location: 180,44

[Elite]Spider queeen Ala 139,163 lvl40 (purple)

Nemea Elites
[Elite]Astrien 48,-137 Lvl 56 (red)

[Elite] Forest Creeper -57,-26 lvl 56 (black)

[Elite]Wind Rider Pangta -210,-25 Lvl 58 (yellow)

[Elite]Heroine Chipa -196,193 Lvl 61 (pink)

[Elite]Protector Barry 220,-154 Lvl 67 (white)

[Elite]Knight Sakura Location: 200,188 Lvl 74 (blue)

Nemean Forest Elites
[Elite]Evil Treat Falio

[Elite]Soul-eating Demon 174,-182 Lvl 85

[Elite]Ginormous wasp lord 126,26

[Elite]Acadian Chieftain 69,-83 Lvl 90

Argolis ELites
[Elite]Storm Turtle Read Location: 189,99 lvl 85

[Elite]Predator Joe Location: -131,-103 Lvl 81

[ELite]Bloody Lord Wikido Location: -163,176 Lvl 95

[Elite]Dark Spirit Yones Location: 43,-206

[Elite]Valkyr Location: 53,11

[Elite]Leader Cassirer

Isthmus Elites Location
[ELITE]Corinthian Nightmare Location: -17,-79

[Elite]Fire Lord Neo Location: 19,36

[ELITE]Nekoose Location: 190,26

[ELITE]Aldau Location: 185,28 Lvl 90

[ELITE]Warriock Ktuoma Location: 196,-99

[Elite]Red Dragon Puluo -230,-39

[Elite] young red dragon -151,-47

Megara Elite
[ELITE]Soul Holder Sameng Location: -64,96

[ELITE]Corpse Eater Sherlose Location: 3,-187

[ELITE]Karl Location: -180,-87

[Elite]Cold wind kaya 149, -51

Derveni Elites
[Elite]Doom Tooth Howard

[Elite]Bully Kalmose

[Elite]Furious Sneakis

[Elite]Centaur Shaikh Hailer


[Elite]Wind Blade Chandler

[Elite]Harpies Queen Debby

[Elite]Monster Ageri

Mardonius location 167,8

[Elite]Crawler Sebore -194,-185

[Elite]Ice Heart Jala

[Elite]Sharp Axe Doluo


[Elite]Huge Hammer Harlis

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  1. Anonymous says:

    in this only Sparta plss Read Idiot!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    allow me to ask .. ALL monster elite will respawn 90mins as the last time killed ??

  4. Anonymous says:

    you forgot

    HUTING MAN IVAN (in sparta)
    SKY WOLF HERBIS (suburb of sparta)

    ~John Naorbe (heheh)

  5. Anonymous says:

    the feltree is just a demon..

  6. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the felttree a tree like monster in argolis in 64,0

  7. Anonymous says:

    all Elite monster ????

  8. Anonymous says:

    spawn time is 90 mins after the last time it was killed…

  9. Anonymous says:

    can put the time when they will spawn??",

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