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Frontier Ville Walkthrough by Kaytlynn

I’m noticing a lot of new players are coming to the forums asking for help with a lot of in-game issues. I figured I’d try to help and create an early stage in the game walk through.

First thing is first, Frontierville teaches you how to clear grasses and how to harvest crops but not much else. I thought I would help you all with the rest of this work! After Zynga leaves you to work on your homestead, you will notice you have several goals to complete. You may do as you wish with the goals but personally I find the game boring without them. I complete the goals as quickly as possible considering it’s a type of “story-line” Pink/purple arrows will point you over to your goal pages (located on the far left of your game page going down vertically.) Your goals will be something simple such as “Clear 25 grasses from your homestead” or “Find a pot of clover tea.” After finishing both of these goals (and those two don’t go together) you will be given a small reward and then given a set of new goals!

Adding items to your WISH list!

A wish list is a list your neighbors and friends can view in order to see which items you’re looking for or wishing for! It appears as if only SOME items can be placed into your wish list. Down below are step by step instructions on how to add those limited items to your list! (Pictures included for easier explaining)

Step 1: On the bottom right corner, select the backpack icon also known as “MY STUFF.”
Step 2: click on “inventory” on the bottom left.

Opening up your inventory should give you a page or multiple pages of things you’ve collected off feeds and/or Zynga has given you such as when completing a goal, you will be rewarded a sheep or a tree.

On the second page of my personal inventory, you will notice that there is a +page icon which looks like this: . If you click this tiny +page icon it will automatically add that particular item into your wish list! I’m unsure as to why not all items have this wishlist icon but I can only assume it’s because they need to be crafted by hand I hope that clears at least a little bit up!

Completing goals early and their possible consequences

I’ve noticed a lot of you upset because you will clear grasses and/or skulls and then be given a goal to do the same, regardless to if you have grasses/skulls on your land or not. Here is a simple solution! Instead of clearing the grasses and skulls from YOUR land, why not visit a neighbor and help them clear theirs! That way you’re gaining some coins, food, XP, reputation points and energy but leaving your own grasses for when you are given the goals to clear them. You shouldn’t be bothering your neighbors any because they can easily “dismiss” your offer and you are still rewarded with what you found on their farm! No harm done

Crafting buildings

Once you reach a certain point in the game you’ll be asked to craft together a cabin, school house, barn, inn and even a general store! You can piece together these fun buildings with help from your neighbors! Neighbors can send you free gifts such as paint, hand drills, nails and hammers! These items will go directly into your building-in-the-making and until it is finished they will also sit inside your inventory, so do your best to ignore them if you’re a neat freak!

Special little letters

You will notice special letters that appear on your farm every once in awhile. These are from your husband/wife to be if it wasn’t already obvious . You will have to finish a few set of goals before your husband/wife joins you on your homestead. While your husband/wife may share the same energy bar as your avatar, they do come in handy when you are trying to do things the fast way! For instance, you can put your avatar to work chopping wood while you select your husband and have him feed the chickens! Two things done at once can make your homestead chores much simpler.

Harvesting markers

You will notice yellow arrows pointing at your animals and sapling trees. These yellow arrows direct you to which animal is ready for harvesting and which is not.

Pesky little critters!

While clearing grasses and chopping wood (If you decide to chop the trees down on your homestead) you will occasionally run into a gopher, bear or snake! You’ll have to scare or whack these critters several times before they eventually run off! Not only do they give you loads or coins, food, XP and energy from beating them but you also receive a reward for getting rid of them!

Gaining energy!

To gain energy you can do several things. First off, you can click on the market button located on the far bottom right corner. Select the energy tab under the market and purchase a light snack! The light snack will cost you 25 food pieces and in return you are given 3 energy points! Next, you can easily enough gain FREE energy by visiting your neighbors homes. ONCE a day, everyday, you can help out on your neighbors homesteads. As a “reward” of sorts, you are given 5 energy, 50 coins and 5 cloth (which will come in handy later in the game, when you craft goods.) Energy points (which look like blue lightening bolts) pop out from just about everywhere! I’ve found them in trees, grasses and crops! One extra way to gain energy is by planting crops. If you’re just starting off in the game and have low energy I would recommend planting clover (5 minute crop) and tomatoes (15 minute crop.) When these plants are fully grown you will be given another 5 minutes / 15 minutes to harvest them before they wither! If you are lucky enough to harvest them before they wilt, you will be given coins, energy and food which, as I stated above, can be traded in for a light snack!

Prices in the market

Now, let’s say you want to purchase the mule or horse from the animals tab in the market! You will notice that it asks for two things in order to purchase these animals. Horseshoes are the exact same thing as Farm-Cash, when referring to Farmville. In order to recieve your mule or horse, you’ll have to pay 3 horseshoes and 2,000 coins.

chopping down trees

when cutting down your giant oak trees and evergreen trees, please remember that they will only grow back (in that exact spot) if you LEAVE the stump in the ground. Otherwise, little saplings will start to grow in another random place around your homestead!

Clothes, presents, cribs?

I’ve noticed a lot of you very confused as to what the items inside your buildings are for. Let me tell you here, if you like to play the game by yourself these will be spoilers. I’m going to make a map of sorts to explain it easier to you all

cloth + coints = clothes

General store:
Ribbon + cloth = present
ribbon + clothes (made in cabin) = fancy clothes

covered wagon:
wood + coins = plank
wood + cloth = fire

plank + tools (given to you when hired by a neighbor) = sawhorse
cloth + sawhorse = crib

Each of these items listed above need to be crafted some way or another in order to complete your goals! For instance, you need ribbon (gifted from neighbors) and clothes (made in your cabin) to make fancy clothes, which I’m assuming from my experience, fancy clothing is your wedding gowns. Every single one of these is used in a goal of some sort. You CAN craft some before goals since it’s easy enough to obtain them.

Nice neighbors

You will notice at any given moment neighbors will start appearing on your farm! If you hover your cursor over them the grasses, trees or animals around them will glow blue! This means that they are wanting to help you with those tasks. If you decide you don’t want help with those things, you can simply click on their avatar and click “dismiss.” Make sure you choose carefully though, because there is no second chances!

Buying enery

To buy energy, open up the market and click on the energy tab. Once there and ready, glance up at your food count (center of top screen) It should be a picture of a piece of pie with a number beside it. You can purchase 3 energy for 25 food pieces, 100 food pieces refills your energy by 15.

Picking up energy, coins, XP and wood

These items will drop out of animals, trees, grasses and crops. You’ll notice they will scatter about as you harvest or clear things. Normally, I click each one to pick it up but I wanted to inform you that you CAN leave it on the ground. They will be added to your count if left alone.


On the bottom left of your homestead, there will be a sign saying “(Names) homestead” and beside this will be a weather sign! You can click that little sign to view your frontiers weather. Today, my weather is cool and stormy. I get 10 extra energy for clicking and I get a “tip” which explains that while cutting down trees today, I have a chance to yield extra energy and collectibles. What cool things is your weather giving you?

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