Facebook FrontierVille Guide to Visiting Efficiently

Facebook FrontierVille Efficient Visiting Guide by FrontierFan_01

Well first off this is more a guide on how to make your visit efficient with regards to the Bonus Combo Bar.

Most thinks visiting can only give you reputation, additional energy, and a little more income… well that’s true if you are in a hurry, but if you got time to spare
you can earn more too.

Upon logging you may use up all your energies so you can later on utilize the ones earned from visiting , yet, you may also just visit since energy from visiting stacks up even if your energy bar is full but this eliminates the energy you can get every minutes.

Also it is best that you learn the Techs related to visiting.

Guide proper:

When you visit always aim first for high yield crops and carefully observe which they drop. If not available aim for Adult livestocks since our target is the higher value of drops.

Example : prefer peanuts, peas, adult Ox, Apricots, over other, sunflower doesnt give food drop but gives higher coin or exp I think.

When picking normally practice to aim for the low value ones first, Hearts, then next is either Food or Stars depending which gives lesser movement on the combo bar, and last should be Coins but not in cases where the coin drop is just 1 piece. bulk coins like peanut drops can fill the first bonus bar depending on timing of your actions. note: collectibles are as low as hearts.

our main concern with the combo is the time limit
dont worry about it

First you must choose from 2 options

1. X1+X2+X3 gain (X1+X2 gain if you don’t have tech upgrade)
with visit tech upgrade i can normally reach upto the outstanding combo level but rarely over it so if I’m level 10 that means:
for every neighbor i get 10×1+ 10×2 + 10X3 = 10×6 = 60 (if upgraded)
for every neighbor i get 10×1+ 10X2 = 10×3 = 30 (w/ no upgrades)

2. X1+X2+X3+X4+X5+X6+X7+X8+X9 OR simply X45 (full combo)
yep full combo gives times 1 + upto times 9 (don’t react yet if you still dont know how to do this)
so again if I’m level 10 that gives me 10 X 45 = 450 extra coins
if i have upgrades i get to full combo (completely fill-up Insane bar) with just 6-7 neighbors but without upgrades takes me 7-9 neighbors depending on the quality of drops.

Option 1 w/ Upgrades thats 60 extra coins per neighbor
Option 2 w/ Upgrades thats 450 extra coin every 6-7 neighbor
or 450/6 neighbor =75 to 450/7 neighbor = 64 extra coin/neighbor

Option 1 w/o Upgrades = 30 extra coins /neighbor
Option 2 w/o Upgrades = 450 extra coins every 7-9 neighbors
or 450/7 = 64 or 450/8 = 56 or 450/9 = 50 extra coins /neighbor

Now how to do it ?

Option 1 can be done in few ways but I’ll be discussing the easiest and surest way
-aim for the closely placed together targets to tend then tend fast and dont pick anything yet as much as possible or just aim for one or 2 lower contributing drop like the hearts or food,
-then accept/click the share bonus tool button but DO NOT click the publish yet
-now is the time to pick the items one by one if you can still see the combo bar then it’s better since you still can learn to observe the combo behavior
-if the pop-up window blocks the item simply drag the field not the pop-up.

then after picking all and the bar fully stopped or you had met your target combo then it’s time to publish or cancel then proceed to the next neighbor to do the samething.

Option 2
everything’s almost just the same with Option one but you got to save time by not publishing nor canceling at all, that way time is lessen by popping out again in the next neighbor
-after collecting drops one by one with timing move on to the next neighbor
-your combo level stays as long as you leave that publish box alone
-again just drag on the field to have better view and not the publish box.

after you are done with all the neighbor simply return home then refresh, if you dont want to refresh share bonus tool pop-out X the number of neighbor comes 1 after the other.

at level 40 I get 1,800 extra coin every 6 neighbor sometimes 5 neighbors, If i was able to mange enough the drops doing Option 2

Using Option 1 usually get 240 extra coins…

It may not matter that much to all but hope it helps somehow…

and this works too in your own homestead if you don’t have pop-out messages to stop time you can use the trade in share coin if you dont have anything else to trade use the market and the my stuff icons to stop the timer and reset from time to time but this is riskier and may not workwell during lag times.

Bonus advice is go for the eggplants which lets you regain 24 energies before harvest and one coin drop of it could fill bonus bar or if you like use the food and exp drop for the first bar then the coin for the next bar then observe and learn to be creative with the combo.

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