Facebook Dynasty Saga Campaign and Scenario Guide [Updated]

All Campaign Scenario Maps and Tips by punkren
[NEW Update] New Battle of Puyang Scenario maps for new DS version
[NEW Update] New Battle of Hulao Pass Scenario maps for new DS version
[NEW Update] Battle of Hukou Scenario map

Yellow Turban Stage



Nothing hard in this stage.

Cheng yuanzhi has high rate to drop a white armor. But is not worth to do him many times, no need to waste more time on this map.

Some enemies can skip. Skip them. Pass this map as fast as you can.

Complete map can get 1 white sword, no need.

Dong zhuo


If your start hero is not Zen. You must
recruit Hua Xiong. If you don’t have a shield hero, is will be very hard to beat Dong Zhuo.

Diao chan is a hard one. high
defence and troops.You should get lvl 2 fomation to use 3 heros beat her.

You can pass this map before lvl 15. Better keep your city hall lvl under lvl 12, that will give you more battle points in Dongzhuo’s legion.

Diao chan have high chance (much higher than system said) to drop
blue weapon.
Zhang ji have high chance to drop blue weapon.
You can hunt them some times.

Dongzhuo’s legion have very high rate to drop
blue weapon.
Pass map will give youblue weapon too.
You just need 1 to use. Sell all others. 

Now you have to opinions. their difficulty is similar, u can push both side together.

Gongsun Zan


This one is not hard.
You just need to keep upgrading your gears.
Low items drop rate. No reason to stay here after you pass.

Complete map can get a Blue Cloak, that’s useful.
DON’T do too many times Gongsun’s legion.  Renegade’s legion is much better!!!

Renegade ForceStage
rene.jpgRenegade is the first MF map.

You will spend some time here.
Jia xu is the first good spell-caster.
Cai Yan is a must have for gambit build player. If you choose WU, you can use Sunshang xiang instead.
Guan lu dropsblue weapon.
Legion drops blue armor. Very good gears.
You should try to get them.
Complete map get a blue horse. Upgrade it if u want use gambit hero.

Yuan Shu stage



Many gambit enemies in this stage. You should start increase your gambit defense.

Yuan shuo drop green weapon, low rate. But is very good item, u should try your luck.

Yuanshu’s legion drop green armor. Very good! Try to get it.

Complete map get  a green book.

Zhang Lu stage


Very shot one, nothing special. Not hard

Complet map get a green armor.

Zhanglu’s legion drop green armor this is super good one!

After pass Liu biao. You can move your city to next lvl 40-60 places.   
But if you are not top guys, better not move too ealry.
Your current palce still have many weak players, you can keep faming them for a while.
And if you keep your city hall at lvl 35, you won’t lose rally if you lose. Also you have many extra points in legion battle.

After lvl 36. This world will have more challenges!

Liu Biao Stage



At this map you can get Yi ji and Liu biao. The only 2 Drums generals you can recruit in the map. Very useful for gambit team.
If u only need 1, Liu biao is better for sure.

Wen pin is the first hard enemy in this map.
If you can not beat him. Don’t waste time and food to try your luck.
Training your heros, upgrade your items, come back second day.

Wang wei is the hardest one the map.Many ppl stopped here for long time.
If you beat him, liu biao is much easier.

Zhang yun drop green armor. Try farm him, you have many time now.

Liu Biao’s legion will drop RED WEAPON !!!
Most of time it only drop fragments. But remember! IT HAVE CHANCE TO DROP A WHOLE RED WEAPON!

Complete map will get ayellow weapon.

Yan Baihu stage


If you already passed liu biao. Here is not too hard for you.

Sha Moke is a good general.

Complete map will get a yellow horse.

Liu Zhang stage


Wu lan and Yan yan is hard.
At this map enemies all high atk but low defense.
If you use gambit hero, upgrade your hose to 1800+ atk.
If you use siege hero, upgrade your weapons to 600+ atk.
Then pass here will be very easy.

Zhang ren is harder than every one else. Pass him need luck.

Get Crimson Cuirass (Yellow Armour) when you complete this stage.

Start from Liu biao stage. You can do scenario now.

In every stage, the scenario icon will show when you complete 80% of that stage.

Now you can stop use all your extra rallies on legion. Use some of the to do scenario.
Is very good.
If you complete it fast, you can get 12k silver and 10 tokens. Very good reward.



Liu biao scenario just have 1 line. is easy.

I just share some of my experience at liu zhang scenario.

The fastest way is RED line. Use quick match after beat leng bao. This way will use 3:11. This is the fastest i know.

At beginning you not that strong, then Blue line is a good choice.
Use quick match after beat leng bao.
Then atk Liu gui at his left side. that will give you 10% extra atk bonus. Because we have quick math, it only waste 2 sec more.
Then get Battle boost, use it before atk Zhang ren, forest also gives 10% atk bonus.
Last step Lei Tong at his left side get 10% atk.
This will take about 3:40. You still can get the highest reward.

Ma Teng Stage


Not hard this stage.

After you pass liu zhang. This stage no big Chantalle for you.

Ma teng’s legion drop red weapon.

Ma teng is a very good general just need to time to build him.

By the way. Liu zhang is weird. Look at his stats, he must be the worst gambit general ever……

Meng huo Stage

This Stage is much harder than Ma Teng.
All those barbarian have high def, that means you need longer time to kill them.
And most of them are gambit and spell generals.
So increase your def to live longer, fight longer is key to pass this stage.

2 good generals here.

Wutu Gu is the best iron wall general.  Great stats, highest troops increase rate. With his unit type and skill he can do perfect def and awesome atk. Maybe many ppl don’t need a tank for now, but it worth to train him for the future.

Zhu Rong is another good one. AOE with stun affect, that’s nice. But the chance of stun mostly depends on the unit lvl deference between she and her enemies. So if you want use Zhu Rong you should ready to increase her lvl fast and reincarnate fast to make sure she have unit lvl advantage.

Golden ring and legion will drop red weapon.
This is a very good stage.
You have enough reason to farm here for a long time.

Battle of Xiliang


Simple ways.
Red ppl go forward, use Big Guns, kill Ma teng and Ma wan
Blue ppl kill cheng yi, use quick match, kill Ma tie, Ma dai
Purple ppl kill liang xing, hou xuan
Brown ppl kill cheng yin, zhang heng

Notice 1: Brown ppl don’t do hou xuan. If you do that you will block the way.
Notice 2: If blue ppl can not kill 3 ppl. just go forward. Let purple ppl do that.

Scenario Seven Times Captured

Scenario Barbarian Battles


Battle of Guandu

Lu Bu Stage

pass this map need around 3200 atk horse if u use gambit general.
have 1 or 2  800+def armor for ur gambit and dancer will be much easier, but if u can get that, 600 def is good enough
no matter what kind of gambit u use, 1 gambit +1 dancer + 3 drum is the best way here
some ppl use siege help gambit, but in this map better use a drum replace ur siege, because all enemies have high normal def on this map

lu bu is much harder. most of ppl will stay here for a while.
not hurry, do some legion before that, legion have good battle points, higher rate drop purple wep.

when u have enough silver, lvl ur horse wep and armor up, u will beat lu bu soon or later.

ya…if u really want beat lu bu earlier…. u have to way:
1. if u use hua xin, liao hua, pan zhang……..keep try….hope dancer success every times and ur gambit will critical at least 2 times…..
2. change one def general back. some ppl still keep yuan shao, that’s good. But better use hua xiong or wutu gu…or zen….those shied skill generals.. let him face lubu.

diao chan is a good dancer, can replace cai yan. but no big difference, if ur cai yan already reinc many times, no need to do that.

gao shun drop red armor.

OLD Battle of Puyang (as of the latest update the enemy armies no longer spawn at a fixed place, see below)

NEW Battle of Puyang Type 1 (Bullet Blitz)

NEW Battle of Puyang Type 2 (No Bullet Blitz)

NEW Battle of Puyang (more to come)

NEW Battle of Hulao Pass (English)

Old Battle of Hulao Pass

Battle of Hukou

There are 3 possible locations for the treasure chests, but only a maximum of 2 chests will appear. These bonus chests will be added to the treasure total for each players so if you collect one bonus treasure both players will get +1 for their ending treasure amount. You have to decide whether you have enough time to collect bonus treasures.
You gain a standard 12 treasures for Speed Demon, 10 for Road Runner and 8 for Hare.

Every 2 minutes, Hong Xiuquan and Wei Changhui will use special moves on random targets. Hong Xiuquan will stun you and damage you, causing you to be unable to move for 25 seconds. Wei Changhui will just damage you.

For speed demon, use reinforcements after getting stunned for the first time as you can’t move anyway and by the time the reinforcement cooldown is over the stun will be over too. Both players should only use Quick March after defeating their second enemy to maximise the speed gain.

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