Translation: Tomofumi Tanizawa – Soufuu

タニザワトモフミ – 爽風
Tomofumi Tanizawa – Soufuu

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Opening Theme (OP)

03 Jan 2011
Found a short portion of the song on niconico and youtube

and then transcribed the portion by ear

05 Jan 2011, ok i found a better version of the kanji lyrics (anything is better than my own guesswork lol)
and i did a translation for the parts of the lyrics i have =] oh and there seems to be a short part i missed out in the tv version of the opening. goes something like this 真っ白ページ捲る,旅出す, i will update more when i can figure it out.


I realised, the story wasn’t over yet
it was just getting started, albeit awkwardly, I took another deep breath
as the travelling wind seemed to wrap around me and pushed me forward

ah, I tightly held your soft and warm hand
hoping to reach to into your heart
if you could give me your smile, if you could hold my hand in return
I can only look forward to that


kitsukeba SUTOORII wa mada
gikochi naku hajimatta bakari shinkoukyuu wo mou ikkai
tabisuru kaze tsutsumu komu you ni senaka wo osu

aa yawara kakute atatakai kimi no te
nigirishimete sono kokoro no okumade todoku you ni
hohoen de kureta nara nigiri kaeshite kure tara
boku wa tada mae wo miteru

11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:
    a dl link to the full version :D
    it's a bit different from the TV version, though. it's a bit more…upbeat, i guess?
    but it's still good!! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh feb 23rd…NO WONDER I COULDN'T FIND FULL VERSION ANYWHERE xD <- (feel so stupid now)

  3. thanks cheerfulgirl =]

  4. cheerfulgirl6 says:

    heya! keep up the super good work! like it a lot !=)))))

  5. that's great news! although feb 23rd is pretty far away lol. thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The full song is set to be released on his new album february 23rd, 2011. I can't wait!!! :D

    Also, link to the HD version of the TV size song (video mp4):

    enjoy!! :D

  7. sure thing, please do link back here if you can so that people can contribute the full lyrics if they find it! thank you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    ah thanks for the translation add:)
    using your lyrics here
    (Kimi ni Todoke(君に届け) SEASON2 Opening HQ + LYRICS)

    Thank you !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, thank you!! keep me updated for the full lyrics!

  10. lol it is indeed hard to find at the moment because it is so new, thanks for the link i hope they release the whole song soon!

  11. Anonymous says:

    DFDSJFKSFDS I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE LYRICS FOR LIKE )"(#/"89278437832943 HOURS, hope you can get the rest of it….. :)

    heres the full vers

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