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Player’s Guide by crackbubba

If your new to the game, stay here, if your experienced, skip to the expert section. New players, when you start you should follow the quests. The original quest is impossible to lose. It’s basically to familiarize yourself with the game and give you a few test cards. Starting with the first “real” quest, you may face some issues. I recommend trying to get as far you can. If you lose once or twice on a stage, don’t fret, you will lose in this game. Sometimes it’s a random bad draw, and it can’t be avoided. Now if you lose 3 or more times on a level, it’s time to upgrade. You should have at least 5000 silver at this point. Click on Shop, then Click on the faction pack tab. Buy an elf pack. Or more if you can afford them. Now if you have enough, build an elf deck. If not, play some quick draw battles until you can afford another elf pack. Keep buying elf packs until you can form a squad. Now try that squad. If that doesn’t work, keep buying elf packs. DO NOT BUY NOVICE PACKS Yes they are cheap, but you get what you pay for, almost nothing. Faction packs have a better selection of cards, and you are guarenteed at least a Tier 4 (blue) card.

EXPERTSContinue buying elf packs and playing the campaign quests. When you think you are ready, either by doing well enough with the elves you can experiment with other races or your just sick of elves, choose another race. By this point you should have faced them all, and saw 1 that sticks out. But if not, here is a quick run down of the main points of the decks:

Humans are a pretty balanced race, with lots of magic and strong melee units. Balanced isn’t always a winner, but it can shore up it’s weaknesses usually.

Elves are based on life regain, poison, and archery. Lots of healing/regeneration and archers. Weakness is low health and not a lot of power outside of poison. Not a single flying unit either (Matimilopeotryx is the only hero).

Orcs are powerhouse team. They are very slow, but they can take and deliver the big hits. Like elves, they don’t have a flying unit (Matimilopeotryx is the only hero), but they have enough anti-air.

Undead are based on life stealing and reanimation mostly. Reanimation can keep units coming back repeatedly (or 50% of the time to be more exact) meaning you have a near endless army. Drain keeps units alive much longer than normal, unless they take a big hit to kill them early.

Demons are based on 2 principles, fire or mass armies. Fire slowly kills the opponents monsters. Within Demon there are actually 2 smaller factions, Imps and Summoners. You can create devastating “mini armies” out of these. Singularly, they aren’t so bad, as most of them have low health or damage or both.

Also, look at your achievements. Some rewards are “better” for some races than others.

Now back to the guide, choose one race, and buy their faction packs. It will take awhile until you can build a decent deck, but you will get there eventually. Keep buying new faction packs, and keep increasing your deck’s power. You can choose to branch out later, but the longer you hold off the better, it takes a LONG time to build a good deck if you don’t pay cash. If you spread out buying different decks, it will take you MUCH longer. Eventually you will buy other races to finish the achievements and increase your deck, but to start just stick with one.

How to spend your free Warstorm cash. First of all, be thankful, when I started playing there was no such thing as free warstorm cash. Now your first instinct will be to buy a single card, Mercenary pack or monster pack right? Well hold off those instincts! The best thing to spend your warstorm cash on is the premium campaigns. Each one is worth 60k silver (or 4 faction packs and almost a 5th) you win a rare card for completing them, and you have a chance to win some of the best cards in the game. Not to mention once you complete them, you will earn more daily silver. So hold off on buying those monster packs, when you can win so much more! 

Beginner’s Guide to Warstorm by caitlyn0

My cousins and I basically came up with this and decided to post it for everyone.

There are 7 tiers of cards. Each tier is assigned a color. When we say T7, that is a tier 7 card. The color of the card title will let you know which tier it is. I’ll give you a list.

T7 – Red – These are “fabled”

T6 – Orange – These are “legendary”

T5 – Purple – These are “epic”

T4 – Blue – These are “rare”

T3 – Green – These are “uncommon”

T2 – White – These are “common”

T1 – Gray – These are “basic”

Each card in the game comes in 2 versions (except T1) taking the lowest version of the card, you add 3 to the tier and that is the better version. So a T4 card has a T7 card version, a T3 has a T6 version and so on. The only difference between the 2 versions is the READY value. The higher tier card has a ready value of 2 less. That is the only difference BUT it’s a HUGE difference. Trust me on that if you have not noticed it yet.

Notice that T4 cards are called “rare” which means they are rare. You may have a 5-10% chance to get 1 or maybe 2 in each pack. T5,T6,T7 are much harder to get than that. The chance of getting a T5 is about the same as getting a T4. With the T6 and T7 cards,it is more like you might get 1 card out of 10 packs (or even worse).

Those gift cards you are posting on your wall (i will post a list later), come in 2 versions also, a T4 and a T7. As you can imagine, getting a T7 to post for your friends takes a long time. Maybe 1 out of 20-30 times you get one to post, its a T7… and the only way for you to know which one, is the in-game pop up you get to post it… it has a picture of the card on it and the name will be blue or red. Letting people know if its a T4 or T7 is just a nice thing to do.

Did you understand that? :P

Playing Advice:

SLOW DOWN. You will want to keep doing campaign battles and such but you will get to a point where you cannot defeat the current battle no matter how hard you try. You have to collect cards first. IGNORE novice packs. Buy just elf faction packs since they are the cheapest. You will get better cards faster this way and elves will always be useful, even at high levels. The best thing to do when first starting out is to do a little to get silver, then buy some cards. Just keep doing that. With the addition of the request a card feature, you can buy the elves and request the others and slowly build them up while using the elves.

—-Most Important Paragraph—

If you have not progressed the DAILY CHALLENGE to the point where you cant defeat it, that’s good, very good. Fight the first 2 battles and win and DO NOT FIGHT THE THIRD. Yes, you miss out on the 500 silver BUT you keep the daily challenge from getting harder which means you can collect 1000 silver per day and it doesnt advance. You fight the same two battles that you can defeat and not face battles you cant. Also, log on EVERYDAY, even for just a minute. This will get you the log on silver bonus everyday and to also the bonus expert pack for playing for 5 days straight. PLUS send out free gifts to your friends everyday and they will return the favor. The best things to send out are the new mystery card or 1wscash or 2000 silver. Everyone wants these, even high level friends

Sometimes the daily challenge is against friends. Ignore it then, its basically not worth it unless you can always beat the friends you are matched up against. You can still grind the silver from them in PvP (read next paragraph).

If you have plenty of time, fight every friend you have 3 times. It does not matter if you win or lose, fight them 3 times. You will get 425 silver total for those battles win or lose. It really adds up fast. Let me say it a 3rd time IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU WIN OR LOSE, you will still collect 425 total from those three battles from each friend.

If you ever spend any real money to get warstorm cash, ONLY buy the premium campaigns, Mercenary packs or the new monster packs.

There is also a “secret” in the premium campaigns. The elf emissary missions only costs 10 WScash, its the cheapest. For any premium campaign, you will end up with 60,000 silver total when you finish it and a bonus card that is T4. If you REPLAY a premium campaign by buying it again, you get the 60,000 silver plus 1 random T6 or T7 card. Since the elf campaign is the cheapest, its the best way to do this.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please ask.

List of wall loot cards:

1. Wandering Bard – human, infantry

2. Drums of Despair – neutral, artifact

3. Barbarian Warrior – human, infantry

4 . Unicorn – elf, beast

5. Corpsefire Mage – human, infantry

6. Stitch Troll – orc, beast

7. Hellcow – demon, beast

8. Estian Warcat – human, beast

9. Flamebow – elf, archer

10.Wall of Flesh – undead, barrier

Always notice if the card title is blue or red. If its blue its a T4 and if its red its a T7 please post which it is. It helps with the players that want to collect.

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