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WarFlow How to gain Silver and Gold by robpro


Quests – The easiest of which when you start of is by completing the quests. They give a varied amount of silver upon completion and the more advanced quests give you more silver.

Levy – Another way is by doing a ‘levy’ which you can do at your Town Centre. You get an amount of levy based on the total number of your houses/tax office. The higher the number and levels of your houses, the more levy you get! And in ‘Summer’ you can levy 3 more times that on other days. You may sometimes also get asked a question when you levy. For answering, you get rewards which may be more silver!

Battles – In every power, there are certain troops, or heroes that you may fight which give equips as rewards. (The odds vary so you might not get one every time). If you repeatedly battle these people and win, it increases the chance you may win these items and then you can sell them for silver in the shop!

Mines – You can also open mines which are found when you click the ‘Mine’ button on the bottom right. You can attack the bandits that are controlling it (very weak) and then occupy it for up to 4 hours. However, other players are allowed to occupy it so could take it off your hands if they chose to attack your mine and win. The mines with the highest productivity are found in the first area and are most sought after, but give more silver product.

Forage – When you create a farm, you can collect forage every 4 hours. Or you can buy forage in the Market (this costs silver :p but wait). You need to watch the market price for forage, and when it is at around 0.6 or lower, you should buy lots of forage and then wait until the price is high (around 1.8 to 2.0) and then sell it. This way you can make a lot of profit. If you upgrade your market and barn more, it means you can buy and sell in greater volumes and therefore make more silver.

Dealers – You can also see dealers in shop which give you chances to buy a Horse or Cloak for a certain amount of silver, and have the chance to win horses or cloaks that are worth more than what you paid, and so you could sell the item off for more silver.

Dependencies – When you are advanced enough, you can have the option to conquer other players that are in your nation and area. You can see them by clicking the area button to the bottom right hand corner. If you conquer them, you are their Lord and they are your dependency and every time they levy you can collect a percentage. (You can get multiple dependencies when you get more RP).

Salary – When you have reached 100 RP, you can start collecting salary at your Town Centre which gives you a nice amount of silver that you can collect daily. The more RP you have, the higher the rank you can get and the more silver you can get daily.

Events – On the right hand side there are events, that you can rank in by getting the required points needed. The higher the rank, the more silver!

Rare Items – A little sneaky way to make a bit of silver is by reselling the Emerald animals in the shop. Every so often, the ‘Rare’ section in the shop refills with emerald animals you can sell for silver. If you can’t see any, then increase the level of your Town Centre as that means you will be able to unlock more items in the shop. They do cost gold though so if you need silver badly then it is a good opportunity. Also there is 1 minute cool down after you buy one (as there is a limited number for sale everyday)


Playing the game – When you start the game, you get 300 gold straight away. You can automatically get 200 more spread over the next 10 hours of gameplay, at these times: 5th Minute (10 gold). 30th Minute (20 gold). 60th Minute (30 gold). 2nd Hour (40 gold). 5th Hour (50 gold). 10th Hour (50 gold).

Forum Activities – By participating and involving yourself in forum activities. Check the news section to find out what opportunities there are to get gold. At the moment there are (click):
1,888 replies (Worth a possible 100 gold)
Facebook (Worth a possible 100 gold)

WarFlow Exchange – By posting on the forum and helping others, you can earn credits and prestige (on the forum). With the credits, prestige and WarFlow points, you can trade them in for in-game gold! Click here to view the exchange rates.

Giftcard – There is a gift card you can use once to get 100 free gold! In game, just press the ‘Gifts’ Button at the top and enter ‘h8b9

Levy – You have a random chance to gain 10 gold when you collect your levy from the Town Centre. The odds are pretty low but can be increased if you have a Gold Plant (Unlocks at level 35 Town Centre)

Paying with cash – You can buy gold with real money by clicking the ‘+Buy’ in game (found next to the amount of gold you have). Current Packages:

$1200 Gold
$1020010 Gold
$3060035 Gold
$501,00070 Gold
$991,980150 Gold
$2995,980480 Gold
$4999,980850 Gold
$99919,9801,800 Gold
$1,99939,9804,000 Gold
$2,99959,9806,600 Gold
$4,99999,98013,000 Gold
$9,999199,98030,000 Gold

Savvy Silver and Gold use for noobs

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Edit: this guide has been revised per mod instructs, so noobs can scan down the page, find the main concepts, and use them easily.  The purple text is the main idea of that section; green
text is additional corrected data; red text is extra “goodie” that will help you build your game faster/cheaper that normal.

For new players it would be wise not to go headstrong in your use of gold.

Wise use first is to WAIT and NOT use it to speed up mundane things that it will only take a few more minutes to complete.  In the beginning stages there is an impulse to hurry up and try to get your game built up fast, but a steady pace is better in the long run…

1. First, the best thing you can do is buy an extra builder.  This will allow you to upgrade at a much faster pace then spending your gold on running down the clock ticker to get to the next action.

2. Second, build your houses up as fast as possible.  Yes, there are other things you also need to do, but make this your first priority: they will give you much more silver from levy if you do.

3. Third, there is a weighted system to upgrades: the more you do, the longer the recharge time.  So set your clock to 5 am PST when the clock moves really fast, and you will be able to get in several builder upgrades before it starts to get tedious (longer wait than 5 minutes!).

4. Fourth, keep your neighborhood of houses as close in levels as possible.  The reason is the highest level house will drag down the recharge time (add to it) for the lower level houses.  You also get a better return on your Town Center levies.

5. By the time you read this you might not have chosen Waxon as your hero.  he is tough for everyone to fight in the group attack game, so that should tell you something…

6. If you have set up building your game right, then you will have a pretty good flow of silver coming in.  A “backdoor” is to use your market when you get one to use in this manner…look at the top left to see what the current price of forage is.  There is a number, but right next to it will tell you whether this price is going UP or DOWN.  The key for this is one thing: BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH.  The range will be from .05 to 2.00.  It is updated hourly, so you can go in and spend silver to buy forage when it is very low, and then go back several hours later and sell the forage for silver and double or even triple your return!  You have to keep track of this, but it is like the stock market and provides you with an excellent source of additional silver income.  It takes silver to make silver!

Use the slider to determine how much silver you will use or be buying.  Keep in mind that as one resource goes up (ex: silver), the other resource (in this case forage) will go down.  Watch these numbers: you do not want to put yourself in position where you run out of anything!  Also, you do not have to wait until the numbers reach rock bottom or sky high; I never do.  Just keep an eye on things and when it feels good do it.  Trust me, there will be plenty to do managing your game as things progress, so you’ll find this a savvy skill to master as second nature, while you progress up through the first few towns.

Note: I do not suggest using the black market to do business, as the price is high.  Every now and then it is useful, but don’t be foolhardy and rush to judgement by zapping the max meter without looking – and knowing – what the consequences will be: your resources WILL determine what your strategy for the game will be at any given time.  If you have lots, then you have lots of actions as to what you can do.  If you run out of something, you will find yourself either waiting or doing some sort of “work around” to get yourself what you need and get where you think you need to be.

7. There are support buildings that you need to upgrade such as treasury and barn, etc. but the game will prompt you to hit these targets and reward you with silver for doing so.  Focus more on the things that will help you fight…

8. Since this is a fighting game, it is vital to build up a strong fighting force.  There are some little known “tricks” to boost performance on the battlefield which I will only go into the basics, since this is for new gamers…

A. In the Shop you need to buy only the things that your Hero can use at their current level.  You can always sell these items later as you upgrade your hero and their attire.

I. Once you do buy an item you can place the item on your Hero in the Training Ground, under the Equip tab (different from the Equip tab in the Shop).

II. Going back to the Shop, you can use THIS Equip tab to upgrade your Hero’s attire attributes.  This cost silver, but that is better than spending gold!  Try to keep your attire attributes as even as possible: you will need both good offense and defense in the game.

III. I don’t know why, but once you get a War Academy you will find it has the same basic tabs as the Training Ground.  Don’t worry about this.

Training your Heroes will cost you silver.  There is a also a cheap, free way to do this: by watching your hero every 20 minutes! If you don’t want to do that, hit the 2 hour tab (low silver cost) or the 8 hour tab (much higher cost).  I go 2 hours when I am playing and then the 8 hour runs when I go to sleep…I keep my computer on all the time so I don’t know if training is cut off if you turn your computer off.  Also, the game has a nasty habit of the flash freezing, or the game server locking up, so you have to watch this – you may need to restart your training.  (I’ve never had a problem with lost training silver…)

You can also “Enhance” your Hero, which is really just a time/upgrade boost in Exp points the training will provide anyway.  This cost honor, so it is okay when you first start out as the cost will be low, but later you may find the decision to pull the trigger on this a little harder to make.  FYI, it is there is you are greedy and want to boost the levels of your Heroes faster.  You can always go out and fight to get more honor!

If you need more Honor you can go back and re-fight legions that you have beat before.  The Honor return rate goes down over time when you do this, but it is a great way to “farm” for Honor.  Be mindful of the total count of wins as you NEVER want to have this go down to zero: if you do, you will have to wait on others to start a team legion battle, which nets you a lot more Honor AND occasional items (that you can sell for good silver amounts).

If you run out of MCU’s you get one every hour – but then you KNEW that, right?

IV. You can also “Improve” your Heroes by going to the Training Ground and using the tab to the right of “Training.”  This feature costs Honor, but if you have it to spare, go for it.  You have to watch the numbers though…and be warned: once you hit the lit button, you HAVE spent your Honor, so you MUST make a choice!  This can be frustrating because you won’t know what the improvement is until AFTER you hit that button – and there might not be that great an improvement to justify the “risk.”  So this is dicey.  For noobs however, you’ll get a good return at first, but later, the improvement rate seems to slow way down.

V. Your Heroes can have the attire you bought (and upgraded) place on them in the “Equip” tab in the Training Ground.  Look closely and you will see the darkened image of the items available for you to place on your Hero.  click on these and a screen will slide out to the right that let’s you chose what you think is best.  Look at the numbers of the attributes to see what is strongest and fits your strategy.

VI.  Tech. Once you get a War Academy you will be able to enhance the strategic capabilities of your entire legion(s).  This is where you want to spend your Honor.  Get the initial Tech choices up as a priority – just as you did with your houses to boost levy to the max possible.  Try to keep both your houses and your tech as close as possible to your Town Center level, and you will have a strong start to the game!

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