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Ninja Saga The Complete List of Status and Talent Effects by Runehawk

This guide was created to give information on all the status effects
in the world of Ninja Saga, also covering the lesser known effects
such as Fear and Conduction, as well as Secret Jutsu effects like Internal Injury and Serene Mind.

For a complete list of all the skills in Ninja Saga, visit here:

Ninja Saga List of Skills


How to Read This Guide

Let’s say you encounter an effect in Ninja Saga, and you have no idea what it does.

1. Find the effect name. All of the effects are categorized in alphabetical

2. Determine whether the effect is a “Buff” or a “Debuff” effect. The effects are also categorized into “Buff” and “Debuff” effects. If there is no categorization, it means that the particular heading is a Jutsu itself. The effect of that Jutsu, if you look at the “See ____” note, will be categorized appropriately.

3. Read the description to find out the meaning of the effect. Pretty self-explanatory.


1. Buff ~ Any effect or event that increases a target’s stats, or somehow boosts the target in a positive manner, either way making the character stronger in some shape or form. Eg: Evasion, Hidden Among Rocks, and Water Renewal all buff the target.

2. Debuff ~ Any effect or event that decreases a target’s stats, or somehow puts down the target in negative manner, either way making the character weaker in some shape or form. Eg: Fat Woman Transformation, Spirit Touch, and Feather Illusion all debuff the target.

3. AoE ~ Stands for “Area of Effect”. Any effect or event that either positively or negatively affects more than one target. An negative AoE could be a Jutsu that hits all the members of the opposing team. A positive AoE could be a skill that boosts the attack power of your whole team.

4. A :idea: symbol next to an effect name means that particular effect can only be caused by a Talent.



__% of the opponent’s total CP is drained and is then
given to the caster.

*Earth Absorption drains 15% CP.

:idea: Absorb HP

The user will automatically convert __% of the damage received and change it into HP for __ turns. The user will still take the full force of the attack, but will snatch some HP out of it in the process.

**Caused by Onmyyouji: Wondrous Doors.

Armor of Narukami

See Lightning Armor

Attack Mode (Buff)

All damage dealt by the user is increased by __ % for __ turns. However, the user will take __ % more damage from attacks for __ turns.

:idea: Barrier (Debuff)

The afflicted target will be unable to cast any offensive Jutsu, nor will he/she be able to use their normal attack.

**Caused by Burial of Dead Bone, which is an AoE skill.

:idea: Blaze (Debuff)

Acts exactly like Burn and Poison. The target under Blaze will take a set amount of damage based on percentage of the target’s total HP.

**This damage is not affected by the victim’s defenses. Here’s an

An opponent takes 200 damage from a 2% Blaze. Even if the opponent
were to cast a defensive buff, such as Golem Protection, the Blaze
would still do 200 damage.


A target under Bleeding will take a certain percentage of more damage
from oncoming attacks.

Eg: A Jutsu normally does 100dmg on an enemy. That enemy falls under a
Bleeding of 10%, and is attacked by that Jutsu again. That Jutsu will
now do about 110dmg.

Blind (Debuff)

A target under Blind may take actions as it normally could. However,
so long as the target remains under Blind, it’s attacks have a greater
chance than normal of missing.

Bloodfeed (Buff)

I know I don’t post weapon effects here, but Bloodfeed is one-of-a-kind (for now), and players might not know what the effect does when it *** on the field of battle. So here it is:

Caused by the weapon “Ginkotsu Military Saw“. When the wielder of the weapon attacks (Be it regular attack or Jutsu), there is a 20% chance that health will be restored to the wielder. The amount of health is 50% of the attack’s damage.

Bloodtrap (Debuff)

15% of the damage dealt to the victim in a single attack will be converted into HP, which will then be given to the attacker. Lasts for two turns.

**Caused by Secret: Pishamen-ryu, the CWS6 Jutsu.

Burn (Debuff)

Basically the exact same idea as Poison and Blaze.

When affected with Burn, the target will take __% damage based on the target’s total HP.

*Hellfire has a 3% Burn lasting 3 turns.

**This damage is not affected by the victim’s defenses. Here’s an

An opponent takes 200 damage from a 5% Burn. Even if the opponent
were to cast a defensive buff, such as Golem Protection, the Burn
would still do 200 damage.

Calm (Debuff)

The afflicted target will have all positive effects (i.e: Fire Power, Evasion) removed.

**Currently, the only way to cast Calm on an opponent is to cast the Genjutsu: Falling Leaf Illusion.

:idea: Capture (Debuff)

Acts exactly like Numb.

The target under Capture will have their dodge chance reduce by __% for __ turns.

**Has a chance to occur on the enemy when one has the Passive Skill: Silhouette Capture.

:idea: Chaos (Debuff)

The target will use skills at random, without the player’s control.

**Currently, this effect is only cause by Mirror of Grace, and goes hand in hand with Restriction and Weaken. Therefore the victim will randomly either Charge or Attack; and if the latter, the attack will deal no damage (Weaken).

**Thanks to Yu-Za Satetsu for clearing this up. (Don’t argue, you deserve it XD)

:idea: Charge Disable (Debuff)

The target will not be able to Charge for __ turns.

**Side effect caused by Acupuncture: Meridians Anesthesia

Combustion (Buff)

For one turn, the target’s attack will be increased by 30%.

**Note that this boost will effect all attacks, not just Fire Style Jutsu, as it was previously believed.

**The only way to have this happen to you is to spend at least one
attribute point into Fire.

Concentration (Buff)

The target’s chance to critical an attack is raised for __ turns.

**Lightning Charge has a 40% increase for three turns.

Conduction (Debuff)

The target under Conduction will have their dodge rate reduced, and any time the victim of Conduction attacks another target, he/she will have a set percentage of their total CP taken away.

**Flash Lightning Bundle reduces 40% dodge rate, and lowers the victim’s CP by 8% every time he/she attacks. Lasts for 3 turns.

:idea: Cooldown + “___” (Debuff)

The target afflicted by this effect will immediately have one of his/her moves put into Cooldown. The number of turns depends on the level of the skill.

**Caused by Demon Song: Fantasia.

:idea: CP Cost (+)

All of the target’s moves will cost double the regular amount of CP for __ turns.

**Caused by Ultimate Dance.

CP Shield (Buff)

The target will take damage to his CP instead of his HP for __ turns. (Ratio: 1CP = 2HP)

**The only way to hold this effect upon yourself is to cast Shield of Suiten.

Dance of Fujin

See Rapid Cooldown

Dark Curse (Debuff)

This effect is caused by casting the Secret Genjutsu, Dark Curse Ceremony. The afflicted target will have their damage, critical rate, and dodge rate all reduced by 10%. This effect lasts for three turns.

**This Secret Genjutsu was only obtainable as a chance item if one defeated the 1st Anniversary World Boss, the Lvl 5 Giant Dummy.

Defense Mode (Buff)

All damage dealt to the user is decreased by __ % for __ turns. However, the user’s attacks will deal __ % less damage for __ turns.

:idea: Disperse (Debuff)

Acts exactly the same as Calm.

**Caused by Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction.

:idea: Distract (Debuff)

The target will have his critical chance lowered by __% for __ turns.

**Caused by Demon Song: Phantom Wave.

:idea: Earth Feint (Debuff)

The target under Earth Feint will take __% more damage from oncoming Earth Style Jutsu for __ turns.

**Caused by attacking one under the Jutsu: Secret Lava: Lava Shield.

Ecstasy (Debuff)

Basically the same idea as Restrict, but with a twist.

The target under Ecstasy will have a 100% damage reduction, meaning one can still Attack, but it will do no damage. You may not use a Jutsu. You may still Charge or use an Item. Lasts for two turns.

**Caused by Ecstasy of Sound, the CWS3 Jutsu.

Embrace of Golem

See Regeneration .


See Flexibility

Excitation (Buff)

The target can use any skills without consuming any CP for a __ turns. However, the target cannot Charge for __turns.

**Fire Energy Excitation lets the user use skills without consuming any CP for three turns. The user cannot Charge for six turns.

:idea: Expose Defense (Debuff)

Acts exactly like Bleeding.

**Caused by Samurai: One Sword.

:idea: Extreme Mode (Buff)

The attack strength of Taijutsu used by the target under Extreme Mode will be increased by __% for __ turns. However, the user will enter a state of IInternal Injury.

**Caused by Extreme Mode.

Falling Leaf Illusion

See Calm.

Fear (Debuff)

This is the stronger version of Fear (Weaken), for the target will act as if he was stunned and will not be able to take any action.

**It is currently impossible for players to cast this effect, only certain Boss-type enemies can use it.

Fear (Weaken) (Debuff)

The target’s attack power will be reduced by __%, causing them to do less than normal damage.

**This is the kind of Fear that us players can use, either by using
the secret Spirt Touch Genjutsu, or have Tomaru use it’s Lvl 10 skill.

:idea: Fire Feint (Debuff)

The target under Fire Feint will take __% more damage from oncoming Fire Style Jutsu for __ turns.

**Caused by attacking one under the Jutsu: Secret Lava: Lava Shield.

Fire Power

See Strengthen

Flexibility (Buff)

The target’s chance of dodging an attack is significantly increased
for __ turns.

**Evasion has a 40% increase for three turns.

Golem Protection (Buff)

See Rigid

Frozen (Debuff)

The target is stunned for __ turns, but all damage done to them is reduced by __%.

Guard (Buff)

See Rigid

An effect that acts exactly like Rigid, except with a 50% success rate. Currently, the only way to have this effect cast on yourself is to have the special pet, Zoshi the Dummy, cast its Level 30 skill, Dummy Block, on you.

**Zoshi the Dummy’s Guard lasts for 2 turns.

Hamstring (Debuff)

All critical attacks done by the victim will have the damage reduced by __ % for __turns.

Hidden Among Rocks

See Stealth

Inertia (Debuff)

The target under Inertia will have a lower chance of dodging attacks than normal. for __ turns.

**Chiko’s Level 20 skill, Flash Combat, decreases 15% dodge rate for two turns.

Internal Injury (Debuff)

The target under Internal Injury will be unable to heal their HP in
any way whatsoever for __ turns. The target will not be able to use
Healing Scrolls, and casting Refresh will prove fruitless.

**If the effect, Purify, is lucky enough to come by while you are under
Internal Injury, the effect will be removed and you will be able to
heal again.

Lightning Armor (Buff)

The target’s damage, critical chance and accuracy all increase by __% for __ turns.

**Armor of Narukami increases 15% for 3 turns.

Lightning Charge (Buff)

See Concentration

:idea: Meridians Cut Off (Debuff)

The target will only be able to refill __% of his/her maximum CP for __ turns.

**Caused by Acupuncture: Needle Barrage.

Lock (Debuff)

Exact same thing as Stun.

**Caused by Silver Chain Bundle, the CWS7 Jutsu.

Meridians Seal (Debuff)

The victim is prevented from doing anything for 2 turns.

**Caused by Death Touch Palm, the CWS1 Jutsu.

Numb (Debuff)

Acts exactly like Capture.

The target under Numb will have their dodge rate reduced by __% for __ turns,

**Caused by attacking one under the Jutsu: Secret Lava: Lava Shield.

**Caused by Samurai: One Sword.

Oblivion (Debuff)

This effect immediately reduces the target’s CP by 40% of its total CP.

**Caused by Profusion of Ghost, the CWS2 Jutsu.

Parasite (Debuff)

Parasite acts exactly like Absorb, only draining your chakra over time instead of draining it in 1 turn.

**Currently, it is impossible for players to use this effect. Only one opponent in the game can cast this effect, which is Shira of the Chunin Exams.

Peace (Buff)

This is an AoE skill.

Caused by casting Wind Peace, this skill increases dodge rate by 20%, and the target recovers 8% of his total CP every turn. Lasts for 3 turns, and is an AoE skill affecting your whole team.

Poison (Debuff)

Basically the exact same idea as Burn and Blaze.

When affected withPoison, the target will take __% damage based on the target’s total HP.

**This damage is not affected by the victim’s defenses. Here’s an

An opponent takes 200 damage from a 5% Poison. Even if the opponent
were to cast a defensive buff, such as Golem Protection, the Poison
would still do 200 damage.

**Currently, there is no Jutsu that causes Poison.

Prison (Debuff)

Caused by casting Prison Colliding Wave, this attack reduces the victim’s HP and CP by 2%, and stuns him for 2 turns.

Profusion of Ghosts (Debuff)

See Oblivion


See Rigid

**Caused by Acupuncture: Meridians Anesthesia

Purify (Buff)

The target is relieved of all negative status effects, such as Burn or

**The only way to have this happen to you is to spend at least one
attribute point into Water.

Rage (Buff)

Caused by Rage of Yama, the target’s damage dealt and damage taken increases by 20% for 3 turns. Also,
any damage done to the target will be reflected back to the attacker.

Rapid Cooldown (Buff)

Caused by casting Dance of Fujin on oneself, all of the target’s Jutsu (excluding Dance of Fujin itself), will have their cooldown reduced by four turns. Not defective on Talent Skills.

Reactive Force (Buff)

When the player is attacked, the attacker may take recoil damage equal
to 30% of the attack’s strength.

**The only way to have this happen to you is to spend at least one attribute
point into Earth.

Recovery (Buff)

At the start of the target’s turn, the target will automatically
recover a certain percentage of it’s total CP for __ turns.

Refresh (Buff)

The target’s HP will be healed.

**The only way to cast this upon yourself is to use one of the five Refresh skills or to have Kame the Turtle cast its Level 5 skill on you, which heals an impressive 10-15 HP. (Note the sarcasm :))

Regeneration (Buff)

The target will have their HP restored by __ % of the user’s total HP for __ turns. Also, the target will become invincible to all negative status effects (i.e: Burn, Sleep), and act as if he/she was under Purify.

**Embrace of Golem restores the user’s HP by 5% for 3 turns.

Rewind (Buff)

Acts exactly like Rapid Cooldown, only restoring moves cooldown by one turn instead of four. Not effective on Talent Skills.


Not so much an effect as a it is a passive ability, upon attacking a World Boss with a Jutsu that has a Stun or Restrict effect, the Boss may resist the immobility component of the attack, and only take the damage, while shrugging off the Stun and still being able to take action.

**Currently, only World Bosses may have the Resisted effect occur to them, regular players and NPC’s cannot.

Restricted (Debuff)

The less effective version of Stun, a restricted player cannot take
any action, only Attack, Charge, or use an Item.

If an enemy is restricted, he is unable to take any action whatsoever,
and act as if he was stunned.

Rigid (Buff)

The target will take significantly less damage from all attacks for __ turns.

**Golem Protection has a 40% increase for three turns.


See Internal Injury

**This Taijutsu was only obtainable if you were part of the Clan who
won the Season IV Tournament.

Serene Mind (Buff)

When Serene Mind is cast, the target will reflect any damage from
attacks back to the attacker for 2 turns. Also, if the target under Serene Mind is damaged by an effect such as Burn or Poison, he or she will take the effect damage without the attacking player taking recoil damage.

Ex: Player A casts Serene Mind. Player B attacks him with Hellfire and does 300 damage. Player A will take no immediate damage, and Player B will take 300dmg recoil. Player A is now under Burn, and takes 50dmg from it. Player A will continue to receive 50dmg for as long as the Burn lasts, and Player B will not take any recoil damage.

Thanks to intel.nehalem for clearing this up. o/o

**The only way to cast Serene Mind is to use the secret Jutsu, Serene
itself, which was obtainable for exchanging at least 3 out of 5
Tensai Jounin badges.

Shield of Suiten

See CP Shield

:idea: Silhouette (Debuff)

The target under Silhouette will take 3 times more damage from Hidden Silhouette attacks. Lasts for 3 turns.

**Has a chance to occur upon self when facing a Hidden Silhouette user.

Sleep (Debuff)

When a target is under Sleep, it cannot take any action whatsoever
until it recovers.

**If a target under Sleep is attacked in ANY way, even if the attack
does not deal any damage, the target immediately “wakes up”, and is
able to take action once again.

**If there are at least two opponents, and only one is asleep, your
party (including your pet) will only take offensive action on the non-
sleeping enemy.

Soul Chains (Debuff)

The target will take a certain percentage of damage to their HP every turn for a set amount of turns. Currently, it is impossible for us players to cast this effect, and only one opponent in the world of NS can cast it. (See spoiler)

**If I recall, this effect also reduces the victim’s agility, causing them to move slower on the action bar. If anyone has any conformation of this, please let me know.

Stealth (Buff)

Caused bu casting Hidden Among Rocks, the target will take no damage from any attack (100% Damage reduction) for one turn and the target’s attack damage will increase by 75% in the next turn.

Strengthen (Buff)

All of the target’s moves will have a significant power increase for __ turns.

*Fire Power has a 40% increase for 3 turns.

Stubborn (Buff)

*Can only be activated by the Easter Bunny pet’s 4th skill.

Recover the master’s CP after HP reduction for 2 turns
Amount: 10% of HP reduction.

Stun (Debuff)

The most commonly displayed status aliment in the game, a stunned
target cannot take any action whatsoever.

**Unlike Sleep, a stunned target can be attacked without causing the
target to recover from Stun.

**Just because a Jutsu such as Fat Woman Transformation (lol) says it
stuns for two turns; it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t stun for
one turn. Be prepared and ready to adapt if this happens.

:idea: Taijutsu Strengthen (Buff)

See Extreme Mode

:idea: Titan Mode (Buff)

Immediately after a player with Titan Mode attacks another in any way (The attack does not have to deal damage), a Titan from the user’s chakra will attack the target, possibly stunning the target. If the Titan Mode player does not attack, the Titan will not as well.

**Caused by Mirror of Strength. The Titan will deal damage based on the user’s level. Has a very low chance of stunning he target; 10% at max level.

Vampire Bite (Debuff)

Contrary to popular belief (I’ve always wanted to use that expression XD), this attack does not drain the victim’s HP and given to the attacker. The damage you take will be a double of the damage that appears on the screen, which means instead of draining the HP to itself, the attacker will inflict that damage upon you again.

Eg: The damage on the screen you took from Vampire Bite appears as 200. Your character will actually take 400.

Currently, it is impossible for us players to cast this effect, and only Ginkotsu, the C-Rank World Boss, has Vampire Bite, and is the only NPC/Boss in the game who does have it.

Thanks to Mei for clearing this up. o/o

Wake Up

As its name suggests, this effect is displayed when Sleep is lifted from a character. (Used to be known as “Sleep Faded”) Not really an effect per se, but worth mentioning.

Water Renewal (Buff)

See Recovery

Weaken (Debuff)

There are two types of Weaken. One of them is explained here:

The target under Weaken will still be able to take action, but any attack dealt by the target will deal zero (0) damage until the effect wears off.

*The other kind of Weaken simply reduces a target’s attack strength. See Fear (Weaken)



Credits go to…

:idea: All those who added missed effects or corrected the ones here~

:idea: Mei, for contributing a great deal of information to this guide–too many to list here–and for pointing out a number of my mistakes. ^_^”

:idea: cobaltblue, who took the time to go through this whole guide correcting mistakes, as well as making an excellent counter-part to this guide, which can be found via the link at the top of this guide.

:idea: The Moderators of this forum, who made this guide a sticky. o/o

zephyr02for the idea of the “Buff & Debuff Glossary”
boez_ars for clearing up a few errors

ChidoriImba for the effect “Ecstasy”
_hermit for the effect “Frenzy”
IwaNinja for the effect “Guard”
Ryoku for the effect “Bloodfeed”
eugene_2520 for the effects “Oblivion”, “Damage Absorption”, “Expose Defense”, and “Numb”
intel.nehalem for the effect “Bloodtrap”
Yu-Za Satetsu for the effect “Chaos”
mattu2 for the effect “Wake Up”
falzarLCH for the effects “Frozen”, “Attack Mode”, and “Defense Mode”

And thanks to everyone for reading/using my guide~ o/

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