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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I change my moga team?
Well you have to open up the dex in the top left hand corner of your home screen where your moga are jumping around. Then you have to drag your preferred moga from the list into the team slots at the bottom of the dex.

Hints, Tricks and Playing Tips

Monster Galaxy Moga Master Tip: Tame more Mogas with the help of your friends! You can call in your friend’s Mogas for a Bonus Attack with WHISTLE FRUIT.

Monster Galaxy Moga Master Tip 2: Visit your friends’ ranches to harvest their whistles and don’t forget, everyone’s TREES NEED TO BE WATERED for whistles to grow back!

Monster Galaxy Moga Master Tip 3: CLICK ON YOUR MOGA DEX to change the different Mogas on your team! While some of your monsters are at home taking a nap, you can head out with another team of fully rested monsters to continue battling.

Monster Galaxy Moga Master Tip 4: When you capture a new Moga, you can share your moment of glory to your profile… and the first five friends to click will get a free WHISTLE to call your new Moga into battle. Your friends get a BONUS ATTACK, and you earn FREE XP!

How to get Grryph

This may help you1:Goto Monster Galaxy Fan Page
2:Go down you will see
Report this App
Contact Developers
Remove App
Block this App
3:Click Contact Developers
4:Click Type of Issue
5:Then type your message
6:Click Send
(Note:if you have not delivered the package to gertrude no email wa sent to you)

How to Catch the Rare and Super Rare Mogas Easily

you need to do 2 things if u dont want to waste your Star seeds on catching these mogas.
1) Make sure you are playing 2X less or even 3Xless mogas against them.

2)Use Your Bonus Mogas to attack them till they are 15 to 30 of their strength
While using the bonus help if u get critical hit and if their health drops to below ten then your chances are greatly increased

3)If there was no critical hits from the bonus help use your moga once to land a critical hit or atleast get the strength of the rare mogas around 5 or lesser.

4)Your moga should be 2 level down or 2 level up than the moga your fighting

5)Now use the star seeds. You will be able to nail them.

6) Add loads of moga trainers. This helps you get more of Bonus attacks by increasing your collection


Life tap-
Moga that learn this ability: Twister
Description: Chance of getting HP when successfully hitting a target.

Moga that learn this ability: Chuchilla
Description: Higher chance of getting critical hits.

Zodiac Weakness-
Moga that learn this ability: Lambo/Heart
Description: Lowers the strength of you’re enemies Zodiac Attack.

Moga that learn this ability: Tenpac, Crabao
Description: Slows down enemies so you can run away easier.

Stone Armor-
Moga that learn this ability: Yara
Description: Adds more to maximum HP.

Poison/Vampire Embrace: Trolo, Huey, Anee
Healing/Regrowth: Dinho, Twister, Baretta


Description: Common is, well, just that. Common. If a Moga is common around here, chances are you’ll run into it a lot.

Description: Well, uncommon seems to only be a little less common than common. Its not much, really.

Description: Rare is rare. You might wanna try to capture if you run into a rare Moga.

-Super Rare
Description: If you run into a super rare Moga, catch it. It’ll be hard to find later, so you better get it while you see it.

Description: Well, BEs are usually common in the area there in, but they have a low, low capture rate. 11% at a maximum. If you’re going to try to catch one of these, you best have a lot of Star seeds on hand, just in case.


-Blue Coffee
Description: Fully restores the Health of you’re Moga, and PP of all you’re Moga’s moves. Only one use per Coffee, and can only be used on one Moga at a time.
Obtainable by: Being bought in the Sky Shop, completing quests or dropped by a Wild Moga after being defeated.

-Star Seeds
Description: Used to capture Moga. Has a better chance of working when a wild Moga is weak.
Obtainable by: Being bought in the Sky Shop, completing quests or dropped by a Wild Moga after being defeated.

Description: They allow you to call on one of you’re friends Moga to attack a wild Moga.
Obtainable by: Can be harvested off you’re own tree, as well as other friend’s trees, or given by NPCs when a quest is completed.


Gertrude’s Chocolate-
Found: In the Summerwind Fields, after defeating Wasabees.

Compromising Photos-
Found: By defeating Woolves in Spiral Cave.

Purple Pincers-
Found: By defeating Crabaos at Sandy Dock.

Starlight Lights-
Found: By defeating Twisters at Sandswirl Beach.


Gertrude’s Chocolate-
Description: Gertrude’s chocolate has been stolen! Find the chocolate by defeating 5 Wasabees.

Compromising Photos-
Description: The Woolves have gotten some…compromising photos of Sheepguy. Defeat a Woolf, and bring the photos back to Sheepguy.

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