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Mighty Pirates Versus Mode Guide

Pirateering is all about grabbing that which is rightfully yours (that is, anything you can get your hands on) and share it with your friends! If another pirate crew has something that you want – such as gold or even a piece of a treasure map – it is your pirate duty to liberate them from the burden. If they’re being stubborn about it though, cannons usually does the trick. In fact, that’s all which ever does the trick in Mighty Pirates!


You and your fellow swashbucklers are just returning to your ship after successfully plundered a nearby island of its silver, natural resources and bits and bobs. With the help of the least dirty part of your shirt and some spit, you’ve just managed to bring out the shine in a gold ring you took from the hand of a buried skeleton (with a good set of gold teeth, too!). There’s a warm, salty breeze and no woman within a thousand miles. Yes, life is goo..PIRATES!! PIRATES DUE SOUTH-WEST!!


You quickly wipe the peaceful grin off your face and regain a composure worthy of the self-proclaimed King of Pirates. Jim Two-Legs might only have one eye and although the sea has taken most of his sanity, his remaining eye is sharp and he’s never made a mistake yet. They’re clearly after your loot and that just can’t be tolerated… PIRATES… READY FOR BATTLE!!

Combat mechanics
Versus Mode in Mighty Pirates is simple yet strategic. Several factors weigh in, such as the number of crew you have and their individual strengths and weaknesses, your vessel’s overall health and equipment. As a rule of thumb, more is better but keep an eye on the amount of battle energy you have available (cannon icon in the top right corner of the screen) because each action will use energy.

Available actions
Designate crewmen into one of three tasks:

Gunner – arms one of the cannons.
Repairman – fights fires and repair the ship during combat.
Scout – approximates the distance, speed and direction of the enemy vessel and pass on the information to the gunners who’ll have a higher chance of hitting the target.

A practical example..

Before battle..
Enemy ship spotted! Mouse-over the vessel for more information. In this case, the enemy vessel is one level below me and has three less crew members. Furthermore, it has the seventh piece of a treasure map I’ve been looking for! Well that’s all I need to know, isn’t it..

During battle…

Inspect your crew. Some crewmen are good at aiming a cannon, others are more technically oriented and are better suited at repairing damages to the ship whereas others – such as Jim Two-Legs – are expert scouts capable of providing accurate position readings which will increase the accuracy of your cannons. Try to keep a balanced crew which complement one another!

Here’s my ship. I’ve highlighted Alma. As you can see, she’s a skilled Gunner but not really worth her weight in saltwater when it comes to repairing or scouting. Best to place her by one of the cannons and give strict orders to stay there!

My own character is versatile and capable of whichever task needed. I’ve got several capable gunners already so I choose to Scout and in so doing, help Alma do her job better.

When all crewmen have been given orders, they’re carried out. In this case, it resulted in Jim’s ship being blown to pieces!

With Jim’s ship in pieces, all that’s left to do is to liberate the remaining resources and any intact valuables!

Oooh! I found a piece of the map I’ve been looking for!

That’s the seventh piece of the map. Only a few more islands to plunder or competing pirates to defeat and its treasure will be mine..! MINE!!

That’s it! Stay on your guard, be generous to your comrades and know who when to pick a fight and when to make a strategic exit and you’ll be fine!

– Shane Little, Master Pirate

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