Facebook Mighty Pirates New Cannons Guide

Mighty Pirates New Cannons Guide

Ahoy, I am Captain T.P. Webb, and I am going to try my best to keep you afloat by breaking down the most likely device to give you problems, cannons. In the recent november 17th update, many cannons were introduced, and while you may be familiar with some of them, not understanding others can leave you with Davy Jones.

Something of quick note, metal is a lot more common now, so feel free to experiment, mix, and match to see what kind of cannons suit you best.

It is also important to understand what a “scout” in your crew is. If one of your friends (or you) is willing to focus most of your points into scouting, you can focus on aiming for your buddies each turn. Certain cannon types almost require this, and some often want 2 or 3 scouts on deck.

The basic cannon types are cannon, long, carronade, and grapeshot.

Cannons are well rounded, and don’t perticularly excel at any given task, but begginners will find the compromise of damage and accuracy friendly and welcoming. Most older cannons will most closely resemble these cannons. They are accuracy is good enough that you do not need your crew to have good shooting skills to garentee they hit, but a good scout is still appreciated.

Tip: Anyone from newcomers to veterans can appreciate the dependability that regular cannons provide. No matter your stratagy, or if you are unsure you have one, regular cannons are not a terrible way to go. A good scout alongside regular cannons can still achieve perfect accuract.

Long cannons (also refeared to as sniper cannons), are characterized by a super long and thin barrel. These cannons are super accurate, but often weaker than a cannon of their same level. These are good if your crew lacks a scout, or if you feel you want the safety net of allowing you scout to repair while still feeling confident that your cannons will hit. Crew members with high damage skills are often at home on these cannons, improving their power while comfortabally sitting on the cannons accuracy.

Tip: Long cannons usually go best paired with other cannons, or a dedicated crew. Use them if you don’t want to have a crew member scouting each turn.

Carronade are the reverse of long cannons. Often, short, stubby, and decorated with fancy barrels, Carronade aim to tear hulls completely in half with a well placed shot, often removing 20-40% of a hull per hit. Their accuracy however is terrible, so in addition to having crew on deck scouting (and often multiple), crew members below may also need good aiming skills to assure they hit. Be sure to bring a four leaf clover if you plan on packing a set of Carronade.

Tip: While it may be tempting to go full tilt with Carronade, you may want to consider a “less is more” approach. Having 2 Carronade as opposed to 4 gives you 2 extra crew members who can scout, making the shots more likely to do their board ripping damage. This also means you can use a hull with more hp, allowing the numbers game to swing in your favor.

Grapeshot is the most unique of the cannon types, while a crew may work together with other cannons to only fire 1 shot each, a grape shot delivers 3 when fired. While the damage combined may not be as high as other cannons, grape shots primarily rely on overwhelming a ship with fire to deal damage, as a crew cannot repair as fast as grapeshot leaves holes (and would not be firing even if it tried, allowing the cannons to build more damage). Grape shot cannons appreciate all kinds. They are not accuracy (though more so than Carronades), and do low damage, so either bonus is welcome by them.

Tip: Grape shot cannons can work well clustered on their own, but a cute trick is to try pairing them with Carronade. The grape shot will leave plenty of holes for the enemy to repair, and since the hole repaired is chosen at random, it may leave the Carronade impact to burn for quite a few turns, and that can be comparable to an impact from a regular cannon. Both cannon types appreciate a good scout, so you don’t have to modify your plans to mix them together.

Many cannon types also come in fierce and brutal. Feirce cannons are more powerful and accurate than regular, but always require a second metal and more cash. Brutal cannons are even more powerful, but require facebook credits, but no other forms of resources.

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