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Kungfu Online Beggar Guide

Hope you all find my guide useful. This guide will teach you how to beat strong gold user player.Personally i manage to be on par with a class 7 gem user with a class4/5 eqs.

*This guide focus more on how be a better beggar in clan arena. However it work for other clan too.

This guide will be divide into a few sections.

1) What skill to use?? (How to get extra hit)
Rat Trap, Field Dragon, Irresistible Force, Intoxication,Maniac Instinct, Ruthless Assault

Stunning the opponent on your first hit will ensure you get addition turn. This increase your chances to to win the fight. If your are faster than your opponent, you can get 2 extra hit. (This is true if your cast time is 3.33s which can easily be done by adding precision)

Scenario 1 (1 extra hit) *You are slower than opponent
Opponent-Rat Trap at 0.00s
You-Rat Trap at 0.00s
Opponent-Intoxication at 9.78s
You- Field Dragon at 10s (Opponent got Stunned for 5s)
You- Intoxication at 20s

Scenario 2(2 extra hit) *You are faster than opponent
You-Rat Trap at 0.00s

Opponent-Rat Trap at 0.00s
You- Field Dragon at 10s (Opponent got Stunned for 5s)
You- Intoxication at 20s
Opponent-Intoxication at 21s

2) How to know your attack speed and improve it?
As you can see from above if your faster you already get 1 extra hit, and if you manage to stun your opponent you get 2 extra hit.

Determine your attack Speed
You-Rat Trap at 0.00s
Opponent-Rat Trap at 0.00s
You- Field Dragon at 10s (Opponent got Stunned for 5s)

Ways to increase your attack speed:
Increase agility till 250, after 250 agility do not add attack speed

Get attack speed item, 200 attack speed item reduct 0.2s off your your first attack
Use attack speed set equip that have 10% increase in attack speed

3) Preparing your gear

3.1. Rebuild your defense gear so you can have stab, stam, str, prec, is best to have stam and stab so your beggar have better life. For attack gear, rebuilt to have attack speed(*The higher the better), elemental damage other than blaze. This two stats are the one i always aim for so that i can dish out more damage.

3.1 Geming, basically is the same as rebuilding, add stam,str,prec,stab gem to defense gear. Elemental Atk,Critical,Acc to your attack gear. Is better to balance your elemental attack evenly. For example 120 poison attack, 150 dark attack, 130 free attack. This will help you to deal will all clan more easily as each clan got high defence towards an elemental type.

4) Doubts about elemental attack? Let me show you the calculation
Intoxication(1.1power,886 ext) = (Ext Attack + 886 + all your elemental damage) X 1.1
Elemental damage only apply to your ext/int skill only. Since beggar do not have natural elemental def against poison,dark and freeze. The elemental portion will deal full damage.

5) Stats allocation ( With reference to a level 100 beggar)
250 to agility -> a must to increase your attack speed to max

The rest of stats will be to prec and stam. 1k Accuracy at level 100 is enough to hit all clan except TS.
Stam is a very important stats for beggar as it increase its ext def and life.
1k critical is more than sufficient too.

*This guide is more for a non gold to light gold user. Using fully gem level 4-6 gem.
To conclude, arm with a faster attack speed than a solid gold user you get extra 1hit or 2hit if you are lucky. Also the elemental damage will make your damage higher. Higher life increase your chance of winning.

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