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Infinite Realms Beginner’s Guide by Rommah

Playing little over 3 days I have been raided, killed and have raided and killed. After trial and error, encounters with friend or foe I made into ranked top 50. Yet there are alot of players that are struggling and are being farmed to the tears to the point of quitting. I hope to share my opinion and experience to help out starting members that they will remain and keep playing..

My initial advise to you is to pick an officer with the strongest attack stat you can find. (there are rare varieties that you can tell by looking at the color of their name.) Green for rare and are stronger than average normal officer. Blue for ultra rare and godlike officers. If you find a blue, GET HIM! Upgrade your factory to lvl 3 and keep training Gaia tanks and put them on your Raiding officer I mentioned. Then go off attacking lvl 1 camps. (“farming”) Eventually stepping up to 2, 3 and so on as you gather forces. The idea is to keep losses to, or close to a zero..

Do not send this raider to your home base. Always keep him out that way your raiding officer does not loose his much needed troops in vain. Your base WILL get attacked. Best thing to do is to make sure to you use up all resources you can and sell the rest. Upgrading your Mothership cargo hangars can help to keep your credits from being maxed out. (your MS build cool down is separate from your colony one, so make use of it)

Give all your combat units to your raider and keep farming npc camps. (Gaia Tanks and Reapers is a nice combo) Anything extra, you can create a defensive officer. But keep in mind that he and his units will likely be killed off very easily so place your raiding officer on top priority!

Keep farming and pretty soon you will have enough forces to fight back! Also, look into acquiring resource fields. Most lvl 2 ones are taken by ranked players, so if you want to avoid fighting, go for lvl 1s. I recommend going for gas as it is most valued resource and will help you much with your tank production…

Keep in mind, alot of players are just like you. We all need our friends and allies, rivals and enemies… Play nice (or relatively nice: ) And try to communicate with others. Diplomacy is a good trait to have by your side. (if all fails, use guerrilla tactics on their colonies and resource fields haha)

Hope this helps, and good hunting!

Handling NPC enemies by Thanatos

I’ve had this question posed to me for a long time now, in regards to handling NPC enemies. Some general rules in regards to farming NPCs for those who have the time and…drive?

a) The key of fighting NPC enemies is perfect (no loss) kills. No loss kills means the only actual cost of the fight is in the transit cost (rations). This maximizes your gain, and allows you to keep your fleet out for an extended period of time.

b) Always start off with the L1s. Scout often, radar scout then 1 shocktrooper scout when you run out on radar scout. Find a single unit type L1 and go with that, farm until you have enough to afford a larger army (CHA and actual army)

c) Slowly upgrade and figure out what it takes to do increasing levels of NPCs. Keep scouting, and stick to 1 unit type enemies. When you eventually feel confident, try out different configurations.

Some notes: Preferred units types right now are the reaper/tank build, or mass interceptor, mass titan/desolator (only for the extremely rich)

Some notes: Never fight desolators until you have excessive amounts of firepower.

TANKS ARE A DEFINITE NO NO. NEVER DO IT. IF YOU SCOUT AND SEE ONE RUN AWAY RUNNNN FOR THE HILLS. (Naw, you need a high attack hero and about a 5:1 ratio)

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