Facebook GodsWar Online Pet System Guide

Guide for pet system

In order to help players know the system faster and more conveniently, we are glad to offer the guide for reference (from an experience player, thank you for his guide).

Are you in hurry? OK, just a few words below:
1 Level doesn’t affect rank, it increases the savvy according to pet’s concealed grow rate. Even you the level of your pet is 120, the rank is still the same.
2 Rank affects skills, the higher the rank is, the more bonus from skills
3 Savvy affects the effectiveness when combining (merge)
4 The rank and the basic (initial) savvy value can be increased through merge and soul contract
5 Rebirth can increase the concealed growth rate, but it doesn’t increase the basic (initial) savvy value (the instruction from website needs to be modified)
6 The talent can’t be learnt, generally, pets with good nature have nice talents, for example, smart panda has 3 talents, including merge and healing
7 Skills: Most skill books are available for purchase from pet merchants. To learn a new skill can be a two-step process. First, a skill slot must be activated by using a pet enhance spring. Then, the skill can be unsealed using a bottle of Golden Apple Juice. Some skills are pet-specific or savvy value required. Note: pets can not learn two skills of same style

Do you want to know more step by step? Fine!

How can I feed a perfect? First of all, you need to find a pet with nice talents. Those pets which don’t have the merge talent are not so good, because you can’t get any benefit from their savvy value, maybe you can use it as a deputy pet when pet merging. Pets of same style may have different talents because of the different nature. You can see godly flower pixie and weak flower pixie are much different. And some pets have very interesting and unique talents, like weak Easter Bunny, it can do daily quests and work for you even you are offline.

After choosing a pet with nice talents, you need to check the concealed growth rate using a pixie tear. Pets with higher concealed growth rate will gain savvy value faster, and the concealed growth rate can be increased only through rebirth.
Note: During the growth, the rank of pet keeps the same for Level doesn’t affect rank

Maybe you find it hard to increase the savvy of pets, don’t worry, you can sign a soul contract, which increases both the rank and basic savvy a lot, adding 5 contract spirit when signing soul contract is strongly recommended for Each pet has only one chance to sign a Soul Contract with its owner. Note: even though signing a soul contract increase the rank and basic savvy a lot, it won’t increase the concealed growth rate.

Now, let’s talk about skills, skill books are available for purchase from pet merchants. To learn a new skill can be a two-step process. First, a skill slot must be activated by using a pet enhance spring. Then, the skill can be unsealed using a bottle of Golden Apple Juice. For some pets like smart panda, you can get two skills without pet enhance spring, you can simply use a bottle of Golden Apple Juice to unseal the 2nd skill, and if you want to get more skills, you can choose suitable books from pet merchant. Note: pets can not learn two skills of same style, for example, panda can’t learn devoured life and blood-sucker at the same time, what’s more, some skills are exclusive for special pets, and some skills are savvy value required, so you need to check pet’s savvy before learning a skill.

At last, feed you pet with right food, wrong food won’t add amity, and only half of satiety as right food.

Do u know how many EXP for a pet to reach lv30 and ready for pet merge?

Bringing up a pet to lv30, you need around 10,000,000 EXP.
Now you know how long you need for next pet merge.

Pet Lv      |   Pet EXP      |    Accumulated  |   Progress %
Advaning |  requirement |   EXP                 |

lv1 to 2        1500        1500        0.02%
lv2 to 3        4500        6000        0.06%
lv3 to 4        7500        13500        0.14%
lv4 to 5        10500        24000        0.24%
lv5 to 6        13500        37500        0.38%
lv6 to 7        16500        54000        0.54%
lv7 to 8        19500        73500        0.74%
lv8 to 9        27540        101040        1.01%
lv9 to 10        37305        138345        1.39%
lv10 to 11    49500        187845        1.88%
lv11 to 12    78450        266295        2.67%
lv12 to 13    133725        400020        4.01%
lv13 to 14    187650        587670        5.90%
lv14 to 15    240300        827970        8.31%
lv15 to 16    291600        1119570        11.23%
lv16 to 17    341775        1461345        14.66%
lv17 to 18    390675        1852020        18.58%
lv18 to 19    438375        2290395        22.98%
lv19 to 20    485025        2775420        27.85%
lv20 to 21    530550        3305970        33.17%
lv21 to 22    575025        3880995        38.94%
lv22 to 23    618450        4499445        45.14%
lv23 to 24    660900        5160345       51.77%
lv24 to 25    702450        5862795        58.82%
lv25 to 26    743025        6605820        66.28%
lv26 to 27    782775        7388595        74.13%
lv27 to 28    821625        8210220        82.37%
lv28 to 29    859725        9069945        91.00%
lv29 to 30    897075        9967020        100.00%

Dodge’s Guide to Pet (Advanced)

Index·Is my pet a perfect one?
·How deep do you know about the savvy?
·Pet merge and pet rebirth
·Important items for pet.
·What is dodge’s pet like?
Is my pet a perfect one?

Don’t take it for grand that all pets from smart eggs are the same, Even 2 pandas, they may be much different, of course, usually, the weaker one will still be better than rock elf. By using a pixie tear, you can check the sealed growth rate of pets. A good pet  at lv50 may have more savvy value than a noob pet at lv100(both no rebirth). Besides checking the sealed growth rate, you need to choose a pet in right type. Right type? Yes! Veterans can notice rock elf always got nice strength while panda always got nice luck. If you are a champion, then ghost is not right type for you. Panda, bunny, ghost, tiger, and rock elf, which one should I choose? To find the answer, you can: A, read the next paragraph; B, simply look at the following suggestion

Dodge’s suggestion on choosing a perfect pet:
First of all, check pet’s sealed growth rate, the growth rate of 6 savvy should be 3.5+
Traditional warrior and champion: bunny, rock elf, tiger
Traditional mage and priest: Ghost, tiger,panda
PVP build with 0 tenacity: panda, rock elf, tiger.

How deep do you know about the savvy?

Either because of the obscure expressions or misunderstand, few guys know exactly the effectiveness of the 6 savvy, I try listing them here clearer.

·Agility: increase Max MP, magic attack, reflect damage when combined
·Strength:increase Max HP, physical defense, life absorption when combined
·Accuracy: increase hit rate,physical attack, resistance magic attack when combined
·Technique: increase dodge, reduce physical damage and magic damage received when combined
·Wisdom:increase Max HP, physical damage, reduce critical damage received when combined
·Luck: increase damage absorption, magic damage, reflect damage when combined

Some of effectiveness are useless, such as damage absorption, dodge, hit rate, they wont help much when PVP, so we should focus on attack, defence, and critical damage,life absorption and reflect damage also help a lot in a durable battle.
For Traditional warrior and champion, choose a pet with nice accuracy growth rate; for traditional mage and priest, find a pet a nice agility growth rate; if your character is PVP build  with 0 tenacity(and holy stones reduce critical damage), find a pet with nice wisdom growth rate.

Pet merge and pet rebirth
Q: What does my main pet benefit after eating(This word describes better) other pets?
A: Increase your main pet’s BASIC SAVVY value and rank. However, if you main pet have eaten a lot of pets, it may not benefit much unless you feed it with some good pets, like pets from mall.

Q: What does my main pet benefit after rebirth?
A: Increase your pet’s growth rate, only this.In this way, your pet will gain more savvy when it re-level up, the basic savvy value and  rank will be kept the same.

Q: Where can I find good deputies to feed my main pet?
A: Generally speaking, grumpy rock elf is a good choice, train it to lv30, the higher lv of deputy, the more bonus savvy value your main pet will obtain, the higher rank of deputy, the more bonus rank your main pet will obtain. Usually, pets from mall the the best food for your main pet, then rock elf, those normal pets are considered as junk by your main pet, even they may have nicer savvy value or rank, even they are brave dogs, zealous flower pixies or ferocious minotaurs.

Q:Is there any items to improve my main pet?
A: Please read the following paragraph.

Important items for pet.·Merged spirit

: make sure you wont get the noob savvy value bonus when pet merge, same as goddess stone.

·Rebirth spirit
: make sure you wont get the noob growth rate bonus when rebirth, if you didn’t use 5 rebirth spirit when pet rebirth, then, 90% , you have ruined your pet.

·Pixie tear
: use it to check your pet’s growth. Gold or a fake one? Easy to find.

·Fairy’s feather
: use it to change(reset) the basic savvy value, if your luck or accuracy is not enough to learn a lv2 pet skill, it may help. Also, if you prefer some savvy to other ones, it may help, but randomly. Good luck!

·Energy holy water/ energy spring/energy blessing water
: Sooooooo good for PVP and atlantis, with them, you can keep merging, but soooooo expensive

What is dodge’s pet like?


Devoured life , Dark revenge, Enhanced magic damage, Rapt attention,Heart wand, Tiger’s raor
·growth rate: showed on the pic (rebirth :2)
·savvy value: showed on the pic
·merge effectiveness: showed on the pic


After using 8 fariy’s feather, finally, i got the basic savvy like this, good for me, persoanlly. The growth rate is still not so good, I bet many guys got a better one


NINJA.PNG (64.27 KB)
4-30-2010 02:00 NINJA.PNG
SAVVY.PNG (104.81 KB)
4-30-2010 02:00 SAVVY.PNG
4-30-2010 02:00 MERGE EFFECT.PNG

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