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1) Warrior Guide – Alpha Edition
2) Guide to an amazing warrior (with stats)

Warrior Guide – Alpha Edition by MeteorShower


Warrior: With a shield in hand, the Warriors’ main job is Close Fighting and they are entrusted with the protection of their teammates. “You cannot hurt my teammates until you’ve killed me! I will fight to my last breath!” Warriors play an important role in a team, and their worth cannot be underestimated.

As such, it is in my opinion that players that choose to play a warrior character must understand the roles of a warrior first. Every class has their own roles to play, and one of the most important roles a warrior plays in a team is to be the tanker and the damage absorber. People usually complain that warrior takes too long to kill a mob as compared to a champion, but note that warriors are not meant to be the played as the major damage dealer. If you prefer massive damage over defense, go for a champion instead.

I would say that warrior is among the most rounded character in game, and there are potentially a few builds that a player can choose. However, this guide will focus primarily on the hybrid type, and one can expect this kind of warrior to be able to perform well in both soloing and as a team player.

Warrior’s Talent Chart

The talent chart of the warrior can be seen below, along with the respective names:

Here are the desciptions and the additional bonus to the respective skill as shown in the brackets:

Source: Warrior — Passive Skills at the Main Website

*Note that the figure in the bracket are just estimated as your talent level increases. These are the figures that I have in game at the time this guide was made, so you might have different increase for different level.
*Note also that the symbols at the main website for the passive skills are mostly wrong, so the above is the heavily edited version, but they are correct.

Talent Distribution
Attack Build

-Basic Physique
-Basic Wrist Strength
-Ancient Swordplay
-Thrace Swordplay

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +60
-Physical attack +22
-Physical attack +0.4%

These are the skills that I would recommend players putting talent points into constantly. They are your only skills that improves your attack power, especially important in the early stages of the game when you will need to kill mobs fast and earn TPs (Talent points).

No matter whether your build is attack based, tanker based or hybrid, these skills are necessary for a warrior. It is just a matter of how much talent points you would like to add into them. For me, I play a hybrid warrior, and these skills’ level are the highest among all my other skills (Yes, even higher than defense).

Note that warriors unfortunately do not have critical skills, so their attack power primarily comes from the skills highlighted above or from their equipments.

Defense build/ Tanker based

-Basic Physique
-Basic Defense
-Phalanx Duty
-Gorgon’s Blood
-Basic Will
-Improved Armor
-Reinforced Armor
-Lion’s Blood
-Bear’s Steadiness

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +160
-Physical defense +18
-Maximum mana +8
-Damage absorbtion +11
-Health Res Speed +20
-Magical Defense +10

The skills mentioned above are the skills that will help a warrior defend better and tank. Warriors have a great variety of skills to help defend against melee attacks, and they are Basic defense, Phalanx duty, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

The skills involved to defend against magical attacks are Bear’s steadiness, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

Gorgon’s blood and Lion’s blood can be useful as well. They help increase the maximum HP and HP regeneration respectively, and these can be useful when you are tanking. As for me, I would say that they are optional, and I would only spend TPs on them when I have extras.

Note that Improved armor and Reinforced armor both raises one’s damage absorbtion, which can absorb both physical and magical attacks

PvP build

-Basic Physique
-Basic Accuracy
-Casting Net
-Aquarian Order

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +60
-Hit rating +4
-Dodge rate +4
-Crit resistance +1/2

Before you read on, please note that the above skills are addition to the previous skills I mentioned in the Attack and Defense Build. I do not mean to say that those who wants a PvP build to go for only Basic accuracy, Casting net and Aquarian order. It is just that this three skills can be an important addition if you like to PvP.

Basic accuracy improves one’s hit rate, and you would like to pump it up so that you wouldn’t miss on your attacks. What is the point of haveng good attack power of you keep missing? This skill should be increased also for non-PvP reasons, but it will be especially important in PvP when you can expect your opponents to have high dodge rate.

Casting net improves one’s dodge rate, and if you pump this skill well, it would be a double defense for you (quoted by LongBuWang aka Glacier in game). You can expect your opponent (and mobs) to keep missing you, and this is very helpful when PvPing.

Aquarian Order aka Tenacity is the skill that improves one’s critical resistance. The higher you pump up this skill, the less likely would you expect your oppenent to land a critical hit on you.


That is all for the Warrior guide from me. I will constantly update this guide as changes are made to this class, and I do hope that this guide gives some insights to those who haven’t played a warrior or unsure on certain matters regarding this class. Do correct me if I made any mistake above. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Credit to JaonITI on the way to highlight the skills on the talent chart

Guide to an amazing warrior! (With Stats) by MrPirate

January 22,2011 Small Update: Only thing updated are these 2 pictures which include my stats merged, stats not merged(Only attack, defense, hit altered)
Not Merged(Attack,Defense,Hit Altered)


1a) Why a warrior?
1b) Talent and Skills
1c) Zodiac

2a) Equipment
2b) Holy Suit
2c) Accessories and Pet

3a) PVE and PVP Information
3b) Interesting Theories
3c) Final Stats and Apperance
1a) Why a warrior?


So firstly, the big question! Why a warrior? Whats so good about a warrior? Aren’t champions the more dominant physical attack class? This Guide will answer all of your questions that you will ever have about the Warrior Class. Firstly, I have been playing this game for exactly a year, and through my time of playing, I have been paying close attention to game changes and how exactly this game works. As we all have noticed, the more you item mall in this game, the better you will obviously be, IGG seems to like to make theyre games like that. You will notice that I do contribute to IGG, but this guide isn’t just for item mallers, its for anyone who wants to see what building an almost perfect warrior is like. Don’t expect to get all Mystic Grade 10 overnight, but use this guide to get as close as you can to what you need with the limited amounts of Time/Money you have.

When it comes to classes, I personally think that at fully maxed stats, a priest would be the most dominant. I only think this because at maxed, a priest has high magic attack which people have less armor defense for, and also the Many Shield and 15k heal every 8 seconds makes it very hard to kill them. But in my opinion, a warrior is a close second best due to its all around high stats.

1b) Talents and Skills




This is the section that most people worry about, but in the end if you think about it, Talents are all going to be maxed regardless. My only opinion to start off is to waste talent points and talents and not zodiac, due to the fact that you aren’t really pvping at lower levels, and the talents are your base stats that never go away.

In the picture below, you will see the different talents you can learn in your talent tree. To start off, I would recommend Maxing the Attack Column and the Defense column only for AFK purposes. Other talents such as dodge and hit are needed for later levels when PVP becomes more of a worry. Perseus Swordplay and Perseus Defense aren’t exactly needed because they are only really useful when attacking other warriors, but eventually they will be needed. My suggestion is that when you max everything but Perseus Swordplay and Perseus Defense, you should start working on your zodiac which I will talk more about in the Zodiac Topic. Personally, my talents are fully maxed, but I don’t notice much of a difference with Perseus Swordplay and Perseus Defense.

(Photo credit from Meteor Shower)


Now it comes to skills, one of the most important aspects of the game in my opinion. Skills are very very important because when you’re PvPing, the player with better skills will have more damage dealt, the more you damage, the faster the opponent dies, simple knowledge. My first suggestion is grab a book from the Wishing Pool three times everyday, you will eventually get books you want, and if you miss it, its a wasted chance to get books.

You can refer to the individual skills here http://gw.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=34

If by some chance you contribute to IGG, and you can buy books from the Credit Mall, the books you want are in order of priority:

Flash Chop 3 and 4 ( Warriors best attack, fastest primary cooldown time out of all classes)
At level 3 this skill does 220%(of your attack) + 1650. 10 second cooldown
At level 4 this skill does 300%(of your attack) + 2100. 10 second cooldown
These are your number 1 needed books, best and fasted attack, with high attack this is a deadly blow.

Whirwind 3 and 4 (Warriors second best damage attack)
At level 3 this skill does 160%(of your attack) + 750. 10 second cooldown
At level 4 this skill does 200%(of your attack) + 1120. 10 second cooldown
This attack is also very useful due to the fact that right after your Flash Chop, you would most likely be using this. It is very convenient that both of a warriors best attack only have a 10 second cooldown.

Holy Ward 4 and 5 (Warriors only self-buff)
At level 4 this buff gives you 20% reduced physical damage and 10% reduced magical damage.Lasts for 10 minutes
At level 5 this buff gives you 25% reduced physical damage and 15% reduced magical damage.Lasts for 10 minutes
These skills are needed, I use this buff constantly because it’s pretty much an extra 25%/15% defense. Very useful for pvp because a warrior has the highest self buff stats

Rage Claw 3 and 4(AFK and in-between pvp attack)
At level 3 this skill does 80%(of your attack) + 300.Damage every 2 seconds= 100. 1 second cooldown
At level 4 this skill does 100%(of your attack) +400.Damage every 2 seconds= 180. 1 second cooldown
Most people don’t really understand, but this is probably the most used attack by warriors. At high levels, this is the only attack you should be using in your AFK bar, and in during a pvp, it is used in between of other attacks due to its short cooldown and DPS(damage per second). This is important because this skill adds a bleed effect to the enemy and causes them to keep losing hp after its even used. The bleed effect adds up, so think about it, 4 x 180 = 720. Almost 1000 damage extra added just for hitting them with this attack.

Steel Rain 3 and 4( Best AoE attack)
At level 3 this skill does 50%(of your attack)+ 700. 16 second cooldown
At level 4 this skill does 80%(of your attack) + 1200. 16 second cooldown
This is a very good attack when it comes to PvPing with high attack, and AfKing at lower levels. Not as important as the other attacks.

Expose Armor 4 and 5 (Best debuff)
At level 4 this debuff reduces enemy physical defense by 250 and magical defense by 180. Lasts for about 10 seconds
At level 5 this debuff reduces enemy physical defense by 400 and magical defense by 300. Lasts for about 10 seconds
This is very important to use in PvP’s because it gives you that much more of an advantage, and at low levels its important to use because warriors attacks are usually low.

Other Skills-
Stun is important, but using stun 3 is just fine, stun 5 uses 140 more mp and has 5 seconds less cooldown. Not important to worry about
Light Chop is just a terrible attack, don’t use it past level 50
Blood Claw is a weaker version of rage claw, don’t use past level 50
Sword Storm is a weaker version of Steel Rain, don’t use past level 50.

1c) Zodiac

Zodiac is very important for PvPing, not as much for AFKing on monsters. It can make you a lot better or worse to other characters, so you have to really pay attention to it. I dont suggest to do anything in zodiac until you max out your talents, because it is usually a waste around higher zodiacs.

My Zodiac

My zodiac isn’t the best it could be, but for now its fine due to the defenses. As you can see, I kept the defense a lot higher then I keep the attacks, and thats because a warrior doesn’t have much mp to waste, and being able to defend against more is at times better then being able to attack back.

If you’ve noticed, I don’t use flash chop in Zodiac for a certain reason( that I’ve tested). Flash Chop 4 uses 380 mp, while zodiac at my level does 100% more, so 380 x 2 = 760mp. For a Warrior that’s a lot of mp that could be used elsewhere. I tested on a champion with Flash Chop on his defense zodiac at 16%, Flash Chop 4 on Zodiac only does about 2k more on a non-crit, and 4k more on a crit. You can ask yourself, is 2-4k that important when you could be using other attacks or another flash chop? Personally I keep it off for that reason, but you can do what you want and test out your own ways that work.

My advice for zodiac is to get the defenses up high first, then worry about the attacks later. The attack skills are the exact attacks skills you need for zodiac, but my defense skills were set up for a mage at that time.

2a) Equipment

This is everyones most enjoyable part of the post, the equipment. Ive gone through every single possibility to make a warriors equipment the best it can be, and I came up with this. It’s the most useful, and most frankly the best way to make a warrior’s equipment. Ill explain my reasoning behind each piece.

No explaining really, The best sword you could possibly make, stats are perfect. Update: Critical changed for Phys Percentage.
Also no explaining, Warriors need hit rating, end of story .
Replaced the HP with Hit on the helmet, I didn’t really need to extra hp and the hit works so much better in pvp.
Was thinking about making this an HP/MP Helm and having the extra 10k more HP + Whatever amount of MP.
Ill post a picture soon with it because ill get some spare amethysts, but for now, this is the best PvP helm. Update:Hp is back on the helmet, i love it becoming more of a defense class, screw critical and dodge.
Replaced dodge with hp res speed, such a good change due to the fact that champs are going to hit me regardless. Update:Replaced damage absorption with magic defense, big big difference, and much much better.
Unexplainable, I want to change the Damage Absorption for Critical Resistance just because Damage Absorption sucks.
For now im leaving it, it stays like this. Update:Critical Resistance is now on, amazing difference.
Still need to replace dodge with HP res speed (Lvl.5) Ill replace the picture soon enough Update:I came to a conclusion that you don’t even need to make your boots epic as a warrior…. such a big waste. Dodge is pointless, only use boots for the bottom stats Update:Last mystic piece to be upgraded, finally done.
A lot of people argue about healing done on an amulet. You try to get 14k heals from BooBies, thought so haha.
Mp is needed so much, warriors at my level need mp more then they need hp.
Obvious ring, I was dumb to make it legendary, put it up 8 points -_-
Also these rings can’t class suit, so i get screwed over, but regardless warriors need the attack.
They’re going to mystic eventually, but at the end of the list.
Damage absorption is super dumb, I think im going to replace with healing done just because of the potions.
I fixed this up, replaced dodge. They’re good now.
Now, people always say, ” Ryan, why mdef on bracers and leggings” And for this exact reason
Im getting 143 mdef on my physical bracers, the same that your getting on your magical bracers
I also have 20.9% reduced magical attack when I put my Magic Defense Armor on, it is VERY useful to have and works a lot better then mdef bracers and leggings.
All you need is the mdef armor with Magic % on a drilling and you’re set for magic attacks.
See Leggings explanation^
Magic Armor
Necessity, works better then Phys Def armor with Magic % obviously.
Making it level 5 mdef soon, and making it grade 10 Mystic

All the stats on the equipment are tested to be the best, the holy stones also tested to be the best. So this is a perfect equipment guide to follow for your own characters, if you have any questions about equipment stat choices, let me know what you think.

My armor rank is 8 at the moment, 3900/5250. People have been asking me about the glow and the effect look, it has yet to be released, but as soon as it is, ill inform you guys as soon as possible.

Class Suit

Class suit explanation is really small because there really isn’t much to it. Most people don’t usually ever have enough points (including me) even when beating Atlantis in perfect timing everyday. So make of what you have.

Class Suit I
1) Weapon: Always goes first
2) Belt: Good Hp difference
3) Amulet: Only costed one so I thought it would be cool
4) Shield: Looks cool and it’s very useful, nice defense
5) Armor: REALLY Important, once you get the level, get it right away
6) Helmet: Still haven’t gotten it, I’ll update a picture when I do
Everything else can be left until way, way later. You need to start saving for class suit II

Class Suit II
1) Weapon: Such a nice upgrade
2) Belt: I’ll update when it get’s upgraded
3) Amulet: I’ll update when it get’s upgraded
4) Armor: I’ll update when it get’s upgraded
5) Shield: Do armor first this time, I’ll update when it get’s upgraded
6) Helmet: I’ll upgrade when it gets upgraded
After these upgrades, Start doing the rest of your Class Suit I upgrades that you missed out on before.

2b) Holy Suit

Holy suit isn’t a very good idea to do unless you have your equipment to at least classic due to it’s very high cost. It’s more worth it to upgrade your equipment stats, rather then doing holy suit. Obviously how holy suit works is, for each level you put into it, and extra percent off of your base stat gets added.
I.E 1000 attack with 10% holy suit is 100+ attack.

You can see my holy suit stats percentages in the equipment section, but you can see that I did the most important things to Level 10 Silver first, and im still slowly getting my Holy Suit up. Ill keep this updated, but you can see my Holy Points for now in the picture below.

Updated: April 7th, 2010

2c) Accesories and Pet

So far in this game, there isn’t much for accesories, but I use the Red Lovers Set which gives me an extra 1200 hp. Which does help. Most people cant get ahold of this anymore, but its very worth the gold/ e-gold.

Update: Basketball Jersey gives better stats but is worth Credit Mall Points. 2000 hp, 100 absorb

As for pets, I always see people arguing saying,” What pet skills should I have” Simple Solution with an explanation.
The Best all time pet for a warrior is a “Brave Rock Elf” Because of the extra 500 hp, Unfortunately Im not using one right now, but Ill show you what I am using.

My pet is just a Ghost pet with all its skills replaced. Ghosts are good because they have the Heal, Merge and Random Event Talent.
The skills my pet is using are:
Holy Run II: 75+ defense
Hold Insistly II: 30+ Crit Resitance
Fog II: 75+ Magic Defense
Hard Skin II: 2400+ hp
Sharp Claw II 90+ increase attack
Deadly Kill II: 40+ Critical

Also because my pet is level 120, it’s merge stats are quite high. Merge is a very big part in pvp. A maller warrior in merge with a good pet is pretty much unstoppable.

3a) PVE and PVP Information
PvE= Player vs Enemy

At higher levels this is very simple, stay in mobs with about 4-8 monsters, and only use rage claw as a skill. Most people say to use AoE Skills such as Steel Rain, but it definitely does not go as fast when you do due to mp. Because you’re a warrior, most monsters don’t hurt you, so sit at something about 7-8 levels higher then you and let the experience accumulate .

PvP= Player vs Player

Most warriors don’t really know what skills to use in PvP with other characters. But I’ve found the most effective thing to do. First off, Priests about the same level as you are a knightmare, you cant kill them, they can’t kill you(unless they mall). All they do is heal and run, so watch out. But otherwise, here is my combo order.

In order of what I use:
Steel Rain
Expose Armor
Flash Chop
Rage Claw(repeatedly until Flash Chop is available)
Flash Chop
Rage Claw

The reason I use Steel Rain first is because it causes your Flash Chop to hit more. I dont exactly know why but it works. Expose Armor is always useful at the beginning of a PvP to get your opponent weaker then what they are. Then the only 3 attacks you need are Flash Chop, Whirlwind and Rage Claw. Most of the time if your Flash Chop and Whirlwind Crit, your off to a good start. But then again, depends on who you’re facing.

Also, always have your best pet on during a pvp and always have holy ward on for the extra resistances that can help you.

3b) Interesting Theories

Theory #1:

“Steel Rain in a PvP for a better chance to not miss”
This has been tested to be true. A champion with 860 dodge let me test this out on him, whenever I used steel rain first, my Flash Chop would never miss.

This theory was tested 20 times:
With Steel Rain my Flash Chop hit 10 times
Without Steel Rain my Flash Chop hit 4 times

Theory 2#:

“Warriors need Flash Chop in Zodiac”
This has been tested to be False. If your flash chop is level 4 and is above level 8 on the zodiac, you are doing about 1-2k with or without crits, and you are wasting double the mp.

Without Flash Chop on my Zodiac, I can do: Steel Rain, Expose Armor, Flash Chop, Whirlwind, Rage Claw x4, Flash Chop and Whirlwind without running out of mp.
With Flash Chop on my Zodiac, I can do: Steel Rain, Expose Armor, Flash Chop, Whirlwind, and Rage Claw x2.

You tell me whats more worth it

“More Theories to come”

3c) Final Stats and Appearance

So finally, I have my final stats with and without merging my pet.

Without Merge Updated: April 7th, 2010

With Merge Updated: April 7th, 2010

Without Merge/6900 attack Updated: June 23rd, 2010

Thanks to everyone on Zeus/Poseidon Server, Love ya all! Hope you all enjoyed that guide! Message me or ask in this topic if there are any questions!
Edit: There will be plenty of updates to come! Equipment will soon be full mystic. New pet skills are being put on!

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