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GodsWar Online Mages Guide

1) Guide for Mages by Tina
2) novanaga’s guide to mage

Guide for Mages by Tina

Hi I’m Tina and this is my guide how to make good mage gear for decidet style(instances+PVE)

-Gear Build of mage
-Suggestions about gear
-Style of fight
-Suggestions about fight post
-Pet that every mage shud have(Post #4)
-Mage lvling,building,1-125

First off all this isnt guide to do exactly as i said,it is suggestion for build that i like.And i will skip holy suit,class system and TP farming.Everyone already said about that so no need copy.For all mages that is same.


In every fight must enter prepared with Five-Star form on.That is Mages additional MDEF and DEF.Like champs add hit crit,warriors shield like mages,priests mana shield.

Mages use a lot zoadiac in fight and it is great system for power up your DEF and ATK.So ill put my zodiac suggestion.When you are new player and starting mage,all your energy use on lvling zodiac lvl.So when you get higher lvls your zodiac has more power on skills.That gets exp little down but gives a lot more safety.My zodiac isnt yet done by lvl but isnt bad.Atm i have set it for decrease champs demage taken/decrease mage demage taken and AFK.As time passing players are geting stronger skills.As i like to be ready to def myself when i am afk i put Fire Lotus in atk slot left and Flame Blast in atk slot right cos of afk.Champs are bigest problems on my server.There is not many people in sparta side but some champs hit harder.Everyone has own style of fight.But here i will talk about when and how use some spells and how to trick oponent.Its just info and suggestion.

How to use zodiac system,isnt complicated i hope it helps



1.)When champ is far and you ready for fight him,never use Silence as first skill.Your first skill shud be Thundercloud,then Fire Lotus.
After that always use lightblade/lightball.

2.)When champ is close to you and he will atk you first do Silence,after that do Fire Lotus,Thundercloud,wait him back(while waiting get zodiac ready) and when he comes do 1.)Star Shower and Lightblade/Lightball,and on end repeat Fire Lotus,Thudner,Lightblade/Lightball.
2.)Fire Blast,Fire Lotus(no zodiac system use and only if have MP pots or MP)

Switch in zodiac to se what does more demage to oponent to se what he not has in zodiac.Use silence when freazed.Never be to close to champ always run around on rage.They have deadly serial of spells.Every time champ is silenced he will run so it is best silence after freaze is done in same time when he start run to you.So when he comes silenced and need run back run with him and use Thundercloud and Star Shower.When comes back Fire Lotus,Thunder fast.For champ that should be enough to kill him.

Red words means:When you fight someone more times,you see what lb4 does more.It isnt same if Lightblade 4 is in zodiac or Lightball 4.By my experience if Lightblade 4 is in zodiac best is use Lightball 4,especially when opponent’s zodiac is 20.

Blue words explained:This combo we use for fight where champ is far from us and we are ready for fight him,so we use first rage AOE skills then close fight skills.

Orange words explained:This is combo for rush close fight when you are attacked by champ and you not prepared,for example afk mode and champ comes and atk.If your silence fail you die.That is in first option and second.Skills combination and all time runing gives you good chance for win.Fire blast in this option i suggest if you have enought good Fire Blast skill


1.)When we are ready and he is far from us,we have warrior skils in zodiac,we tested already what lb does more on him and we start fight.We do same what we do with champion on option 1(blue words/mage vs champ),in continue of fight all time Lightball or Lightblade(depends what we chose in zodiac),Fire Lotus,thunder spells.Silence when he close and he is done with def lower Expose armor.All should work fine till you’re far from him.Watch on stun and 2 deadly main attacks.Claw and chop.Dont let him do combination Expose Armor + Claw + Chop.

2.)when we are not redy and he is close to us,we silence him,then Fire Lotus,Thunder,Thunderclaud and run away(set zodiac in atk whill you runing) and do Lightblade/Lightball(depens what you have in zodiac).When he does Expose Armor run away dont use any skill,wait your silence ready.When Expose pass attack him with Fire Lotus,Thunder and Silence,after that do Thundercloud and Star Shower,dont be close to him,if he not run you move if he run you run to him to hit skills and hold rage.After you done if need mp use pot and start Fire Blast.I think after Fire Blast warrior should die.


In here it is hard.Need pots for stronger mages.Putting mdef.For Priest best is Fire Lotus,Silence,Thunder,Thundercloud combination in middle lbs.Needs high crit on mage to win good priests.It is hardest class to kill by my opinion.Also hardest to build and play.Use MP,HP pots.All time hit priest with lb and then combo(red letters is combo).You can easly switch zodiac while fight priests,wait his shickle or do silence and switch zodaic.


1.)If you are ready for fight mage.Start with Fire Lotus and just after Fire Lotus do Silence.Use lb and Thunder as spells for 1 hit attack with Fire Lotus.Here wins fastest caster and who is stronger.When mage run do Thundercloud and Star Shower for him.If that not kill him repeat.Every time silenced run away.
2.)When you are not ready you will get Fire Lotus and Silence by opponent mage,run away while running set zodiac and wait silence pass.Then do Thunderclaud,Silence,Fire Lotus,and when he runs pot up your hp.when he does next silence run away again.And do same.


For Mage it is good to be behind champ or warrior.Doing all of enemy spells and useing rage in pve is best of mage.Also there is bomb attack Fire Blast.A lot of mp but nothing does that much damage as that skill.And noone has in zodiac system.Pot up hp and always have some pots for fast heal,Blood Potion or Anima potion.If you alone 1 vs all.There is only 1 solution.Merge put fb in zodiac atk spot,pray that it is fb5 and go in group of enemies,start casting it before silenced or stunned.On strong magic attack that skill can kill everyone around in only 1 critical.And cant be stopped by freaze,silence,stun,shackle.Once started does cast.


-I got many sugestions about add Max HP+ on helmet and wepon.Can be usefull i think,and now as i am becomeing harder criter i will do it meybe.
-I got some sugestions about armor to add mdeff.I think taht isnt usefull,cos i have mdeff armor to.
-There were sugestions about make my rings to capricorns,after i add hp on wepon and helmet meybe i do that.More power,more dedlyer.
-And last was sugestion about holy suit to make wepon gold,i wont do it before i get all gears lvl 3.Keap with sugestions.
-Some people sugested to make helmet hp insted of matk,i dont think that helps to me.But to someone yes
-Puting all dodge rating buff+ isnt helpfull to me,cos i need more healing done and hp res.Harder drop of hp easyer on monsters and instances.
-My drills on atk gears will change,i will add crit % as first, and mdemage % as secnd.This drills are for now cos i havent jet finished my lvling and instances.After all this is PvE/instances.
-One player said remove all dodges and add something else,i agree with that,but i will do it letter,still i need have some dodge.Because of instances



Sugestion : tiangtlho :  If u are fighting champ,dont let them lay any of their skills on you,mage biggest weakness is champ continuous attack,try to silence them first,or fl first,silence if they you also run,try to cooldown the fl then attack again,kill the champ faster before he kills you.

-I agree with this

Sugestion : Blank : If the champ is at a distance tc+fl works well, but in a countdown against a STRONG champ that can 3-4 hit you, its better to use lightblade+silence then fire lotus. a strong champ would murder u if u didnt silence first.

-I agree but i wuld like to add that if champ dont die by you in 5-6 hits you lose

Sugestion : : =DOOM= However, there is way to counter mage silence. If champ get silence, they will just have to run to avoid all of ur attacks.
There is a way to counter it if champ run away due to silenced.
Fire lotus first. Silence. Champ will run away. Run as far away in the opposite direction where the champ runs. Make sure ur fire lotus cool down is over. Run back to the champ. Spam thundercloud when the champ is near u. Then spam fire lotus. To be even worse if u have enuf mp, when u see the champ run to u, spam fire blast then fire lotus

-I agree with this,i am useing sometimes that kind of combo

Deff and Mdeff

Ill start with Amulet then other gears,to bad i am not jet finished my gears but ill tell what will be

-This build is best for instances and PVE in Pindus,i never buildet my gear for pvp.It is more like Instances 2vs2+ PVE styl.
Amulet as everyone know has attribute absorbation.A lot palyers saying that absorbation not useful so they remove.Well from amulet you shuldnt remove it.Crit resist i take cos i dont like beeing crited a lot.Dodge is here just for now till i dont get higher grades and bether boots.healing done is one of best thinks on PVE and instances.On PVE helps on pet healing and on Instances helps healing of priest.For amulet i think this is good choice.

Crit Resistance
Damage Absorption
Healing Done
Dodge Rating+(if dont like dodge then MAX Mp+)

-It is gear taht adds a lot HP.On girdle for now cos i like doing instances i have deff,mdeff,absorb and hp.Deffense must be on this gear.This gear never changes in fights,or in instances.Same gos to magicial deffense.HP i addet cos i want have biger cap,so when i get stronger hits i dont die 1-2 hits by same armor rank points players.And now ouer absorbation.I am holding absorbation on girdle still cos i want make 2500 absorbation before i start putting crit resists insted it.So my sugestion is  Deff,Mdeff,HP,Critical res.

Magical Defense+
Crit Resistance(if dont like resist to crit put HP Res Spd+)

-This boots are part of my styl to.Same as Girdle wayting to finish them.On Boots players get a lot dodge.Many players say taht dodge is usles.I agree taht it is usles if you are PVP build,but if you like doing instances and like being harder to kill on PVE you will need dodge.As everyone see i addet a lot dodge and still i dont have inuf to start editing some items with dodge.For instances like Meduza and Atlantis needs a lot dodge.635-700 is needet.Dodge helps evade frezzes,and lower lvl mobs of atlantis geting hits on you.In PVE it helps you evade lower hit players to do demage,that works with crit resistenc so they not do crit.Warriors for example and priests.For attributes i took crit resistence as i want have everything crit res,max HP cos of cap,same as girdle.Dodge is on boots as absorbation is on Amulet for now.When amulet and boots get stronger will start remove and add other usefull attributes.My boots ahve dodge absorbation hp and hp res speed.For my boots i will remove dodge and add crit resistence in future.Hp res is a lot needet in PVE and Instances.

Max HP+
HP Res Spd+
Crit Resistance(if dont like add Damage Absorption)
Healing Done(id dont like add MP Res Spd+)

-This gear has main attribute psihical deffense,i use taht as my gear cos in PVE there is a lot champs,they do high demages.Nothing special to tell about it.I switch to mdeff when fight mages or need more mdeff,so leter i show mdeff gear.Attributes i addet are Deffense,crit resistence and hit rating from normal pvp build.But as i am PVE,instances i removed mdeff here.I wanted more HP resistence.To fill up more hp on runnings and taht stuff.This is my final solution for sleevs.If can help use.So my final choice is Deff,crit res,hit,hp res.

Physical Defense+
Hit rating+
HP Restoration Speed+
Crit Resistance(if dont like add Healing Done)

-All is same as Cuffs.Pdef main attribute.Switching to mdeff when need.I decidet here to use PVP build leggings.Cos i still dont want to low mdeff on my pdeff gear.Thats cos of Atlantis.Attributes that i used here are Deffense,magicialDeffense,critical resist,and dodge as last attribute.As boots geting stronger i will remove dodge and add HP res speed.So my final choice is Deff,mdef,crit res,hp res.

Physical Defense+
Magical Defense+(if not like add Healing Done)
HP Restoration Speed+
Crit Resistance

-As last and moust important think.There are 2 tipes of armors.Pdeff and Mdeff armor.On mage i like to use Pdeff armor cos of mobs,champs,instances PVE fights.There is more patk class players then matk.Resson is Priests not usually atk.As attributes on armor i decidet to have deffense,HP,dodge,absorbation.That isnt finall build i want use.I wuld like to see suggestions about it but in my final i wuld like to put Deffense,HP,HP res and Healing Done.

Physical Defense+
Healing Done
HP Restoration Speed+
Max HP+

Red writen attributes are my finall decision on end,that are attributes i will use when i am stronger with some items.For now i use this gears that i puted ss


I decidet to talk a little about my drills,for my build i like my flames be strong for now,also that helps in instances and quests.
Deffensive drills i chosen decres critical %,and i will add few patk/matk decres %.
Leter on atk drills i put aditional crit % and aditional magic demage %.


Magicial deffense is werry usefull against mages,some war priests and mobs till high lvls and stronger grades,stronger holy suits.
I will show in here tipical magic defense taht a lot players use.I dont edit it or tuch just forge.Isnt nothing special.This is just for info.

I will soon writte attributes for mdeff,but mdeff isnt my main gear so i wont edit myself.I like pdeff more.

I think best will be to delet all dodge rating.Then to put all healing done on spot where was dodge rating.Rest are ok.Helps on mdeff

I will all time updata gears on my post,this isnt for competition.Anyways by updata you can se on waht i working and what i am doing.Ill do my best to help in repalys about teme.

If want know more about me,look my little biography on server Pisces.(all is update every day)
http://forum.gw.igg.com/viewthre … &extra;=page%3D1

ATK gears

Not much to say about ATK build of mage.Attack items wepon,glovs,helmet,rings.This is perfect for all mage tipes so use it(can add HP max+ on some your decision).Manny people will agree that this is perfect atk mage build but isnt completly,will be soon.It is still in editing part,so i am trying and looking,as i am non-maller replays on deff gear sugestions will be great.Also replay me for drills on deff and atk gears.


On lvl 70 new quest is profession skill book.Do quest to obtain it.After got book go to Profession Mentor at (90,-190) Athens/Sparta.Chose profession you like.I chose Blacksmith because i want stronger maunt,better maunt stronger char.For high players i suggest that,for lower lvls i suggest take Alcemy.

Here i explained how works.
Recips you can buy from Recipe Vaunder at (90,-190) Athens/Sparta,every lvl of profession you can learn new recipe.Be shure you always learned all recipe for your lvl.From lvl 1-4 do first recip that was in skill book.After 4 do gears recips on Blacksmith,on others pots,scrols,fashions.

New maunts and gears(Blacksmith)

Blacksmith can make all about maunts and gears for it.Can lvl up maunts on higher lvl of blacksmith.

Gears for now unlocked on maunts(others when get biger lvl)

Pet and guide for new players



Mage shud have Brave Rock Elf as pet.Then for people that will malle i sugest,Panda jade(hp steal) and Ghost jade(matk power) to add skills.Order of jades thepens what look of pet you prefere.Skills i have on pet are:

-Life Totem(Max HP)
-Dedly Kill(crit add)
-Strenght Mark(special for instances,adds strenght that adds bether hp steal in merge)
-Holy Insistly(crit res)
-Blood-^^er(must have on mage,that or panda skill adds hp steal per hit)
-Control Devil(matk adding).

Skills are seted by order from left to right

For contract pet needs 5x contract spirit from mall or e-gold shop.Go to pet master and take option contract pet.Put pet spirits click ok.After contract your pet will get Red writen (8) on every savvy and 8 on rank.

For rebirth pet need decidet lvl. 1st reb is on 50 lvl,2nd reb on 80 lvl,3rd 100 lvl,4th 110 lvl,5th 120 lvl.I had only 2 posible,mallers have more,needs 5x reborn spirit from mall or e-gold shop for every rebirth.Go to pet master and take option rebirth pet.Put pet,then spirits click ok.Rebirth update your savvy value grown rate.Means if your pet geting +0.30 strenght every lvl.After rebirth can give every lvl +0.40-0.50.Thepens on your luck.But one of savvys get +0.20 update.With 5 spirits rebirth adds 0.10-0.20 every savvy.But costs lvl of pet.When pet is 120 with more rebirths it is a lot stronger then normal 120.So it is usefull.

Magic Jades:
There is many tipes of magic jade in game,also new ons all time comeing.For mage of my tipe best magic jades are “Magic Jade : Panda” adds HP steal,”Magic Jade : Ester Bunny” adds crit,”Magic Jade : Ghost” adds mdemage(not so important if useing matk skill on pet but can be good insted it).There is many other jades,some are reflection,some deff,absorb.Everyone has own choices.But if ask me this 3 are best to use on pet.Last jade you use is final look of pet.I like ghost I dont have Jadet pet so i cant give ss about it.Same is writen on every jade.Jades can be buyd in Mall.Eich is 4050 gold.

Pet leveling effect on savvy value after rebirth and normal:
Normal pet teach savvy are usually low on all good pets,resson is merge,(need be balanced for game),Pixie and Minotaur have normal teach savvy,Rock Elf have stronger on windsom strenght and tehnique,Smart pets have all savvy stronger but no rebirth chances.Every pet lvl inserts added savvy value.Savvy inserts every lvl are 50% down-50% up from original teach.Means if you have for example 0.70 strenght teach,you get 0.35-1.05 every lvl.Any number btw that 2 can be hited.When rebirth pet teach savvys are inserting,Brave Rock Elf has 2 rebirth chances and when both passed well with 5 spirits Brave has better teach savvy then smart pets,costs more exp.Teach savvy cant be edited,that is only part that you cant tuch on pet,except zodiac.

Little guide for beginners

We decidet to make Mage as ouer class in game.When we start we are in newbie part of Athens or in newbie part of Sparta(maps are same,diff is what we decidet:Sparta or Athens),we look what quests we have and we take all quests.And we allways take all quests.We do all quests that arnt repeat always.

From lvl 55/60 do all events every day!!!Do marathon every day!!!

1.a)If we are on new server we lvl up till 20 lvl,we stop on 20 but we colect done quests(dont lvl up more),when first 50 comes on server we ask him for master and then we continue lvling.

1.b)If we are on old server we serch for master,we ask master if he have some EXP stones 4 from atlantis,if yes he wuld give to us if not we start doing ouer quests.We lvl up on 50 then.

2)Try to do all main quests,all dilays and silver quests,it is boring but will help you a lot(sugest do it in team for faster done).By quests you get one bag that every 10 lvls give gift.On 40 you get war materials.Paralel with this do events like war material,spys,heras labirinth,from lvl 40 do training graund with friends.Use systems like quiz,namplates and pool for more exp.Dont use e-gold,gems,cristals,exp pots,tp pots,pet exp pots till lvl 110.

Do all quests till only quests left are repeats,do war material,heras labirinth,quiz,training graund,bay under attack 1/2, take namplates every day,do 10 chances of pool wish for exp every day,do 5 incomplet lost books/lost books,zeus praying event and zeus exchange.Do cursed zone to get gears for zeus and to compose perfect gears that are missing.55/60-90 lvl

3.)We are lvl 50 now,and we need get to lvl 61.By harder work and doing everything that gives exp and tp shud be fast lvling to 61.Do pindus and ni mini from now.

4.)We are lvl 61 now,and we need get lvl 90 and perfect gears to start.There is instance called ˝Bay under attack 2˝,when we are 61 we can enter with ouer friends.There we get a lot gears,skills,gems,cristals,and many other thinks.Do it every day.Do training graund for your lvl with friends,helps in exp a lot.

5.)We are lvl 90 now,and we need get lvl 110.This will go slow cos we got in higher lvls but dont give up.Do all quests till only quests left are repeats,do war material,heras labirinth,quiz,training graund, take namplates every day,do 10 chances of pool wish for exp every day,do 5 incomplet lost books/lost books,zeus praying event and zeus exchange.Do instances atlantis and meduza with your friends,dont spend points of that till 120 lvl.At this time we start with makeing apertizes,we make 1 more ID,then we make starter char that is lvl 1,we master it and lvl it to 50.Traget is 25k master etics-75k master etics.We can do only pindus from 90 lvl so we need fight for rep.Colect always 15k rep.Exchange is 1 time per month so no need rush and exchange for lower.By now we shud have a lot gems and e-gold from warious quests,events and amrathon.Still don use it.Use gear of your lvl and perfect one save in bank.with patience get lvl 110.On zeus we get 11 amethysts.From 1-110 need 1 month time.

6.)We are lvl 110 now,we need get lvl 120.This will go slower then any other lvling part.Wea re close to end of lvls.Now as we are 110 we get ouer perfect gear on char.We edit all gear by e-gold,gems,cristals that we got by events,exchagnes,etc.We forge it best we can.From common g1 till classic g7 we use lvl 1 cristals.After that we use lvl 2 till eternal g9.Then lvl 3 for epic g10.We will get all classic g7 on 110.Now we use amethysts and we get all this gear on 110.From meduza we try catch brave rock elf or we buy one.And as we saved all pots we sue all pet exp pots(dews) on him.After finishing of all quests,events,systems we set afk with pots.Exp,Pet exp,tp.Pet must be out.Use your zodiac for more exp now as you will get 10%.We lvl up on 120.On zeus we start takeing lvl 3 cristals.Till 120 we again save all gems,cristals,e-gold.

6.)We are 120 now and we are slowly lvling on 125(1 week 1 lvl).Now we start useing holy suit.We ahve perfect gears,we forge what we like,dont sue e-gold still.from 120 till 121 will take 3 days,but we will do in 7.We will store exp and build ouer holy suit on 120 from 120-125.On 125 we finish holy to 120.Same rule of lvling do everything you can.Now we use atlantis points,every lvl there is 1 class suit.We start geting ouer atributes of matk on lvl 5.by using zeus for qp3,drops of bosses for qp2 and meduza for qp4.We try find gold for drill all ouer gear.Salle rares and that.Do that from lvl 90.We drill all gears on 125 and we start puting holy stones 5 from meduza points.I did 4 cos i wasnt patient.So be patient.Thats about it for 1-125 lvling.I hope it helps.

novanaga’s guide to mage


First post.
(INTRO) – Well, intro..
(MTPS) – Mage’s Talents Explaination
(GMAGE) – How to stuff ourself

Second post.
(GPET) – What Pet?
(MTIPS) – Tips on how to play a Mage
(GZod) – Zodiac Settings
(GEND) – Conclusion

(INTRO) – Well, intro..

Hi, my IGN is Dawn. I was a player on Atlanta server as an Athenians Mage. I’ve been asked to make a guide and I’ve saw that some people don’t really like xTalianax’s mage guide. I never made a guide before, but I tried to make one for you, new mage player and old mage player. In this guide, I’m giving tips on which talents to level or not and also giving ideas on what gear to get. I hope you will enjoy.

I started playing Godswar when the Alpha 2 opened. I first created a priest, but when I discovered that priest are nothing about support, except healing, I delete it and took my other favorite class. I think you figured out who are my two favorite class. Priest and Mage. I mostly take these when I play a mmorpg. I made my mage a week after Alpha 2 opened. I got level 116 and then, I’ve quit Godswar(my mage) on June 25th 2009. Then, when Venus has opened, I’ve gave a new try to Godswar and made a Priest. I won’t do a Priest guide though. I’ve quit my priest on October 14th, 2009 and totally gave up on Godswar. Anyway, since it’s Godswar’s forum, I will just do my guide and shut up about what I did next.

What is a Mage? Mage is a class who fight with a spear. (10 seconds waiting)
Yeah, I mean a two-handed wand, sorry. They are weak at the beginning, but worth it at higher level. Like every game, Mage start weak, but end strong.

I don’t really know to start with what, but I guess I will start with Talents since many people might have question about this.

(MTPS) – Mage’s Talents


Main Talents : Basic Intellect

Caracteristic : +12 Maximum MP per level .
Additional Information :  Important talent, you must level it if you want to level other talents.


Magic Attack Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Basic Summoning

Caracteristic : +8 Magic Attack per level.
Additional Information : It is a must. It must be leveled.

Sub Talents : Improved Fire

Caracteristic : +14 Magic Attack per level.
Additional Information : It is a must. It must be leveled.

Sub Talents : Gorgon’s Blood. L

Caracteristic : +0.04% Magical Damage per level.
Additional Information : Not really important in early level. I recommend leveling this talents after level 80.


Hit Rating Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Improved Hit

Caracteristic : +3 Hit Rating per level.
Additional Information : I recommend leveling this from time to time. It is important at high level.

Sub Talents : Eagle Eye

Caracteristic : +4 Hit Rating per level.
Additional Information : I recommend leveling this from time to time. It is important at high level.

Sub Talents : Dionysus’ Carnival

Caracteristic : +1.2 Critical per level.
Additional Information : Not really important in early level. I recommend leveling this talents after level 80.


Absorb Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Basic Absorption

Caracteristic : +4 Absorb per level.
Additional Information : Not really important, but you have to level it in order to level Lore of Staves.

Sub Talents : Lore of Staves

Caracteristic : +8 Physical Defense per level.
Additional Information : Might be needed in PvP. I don’t really recommend leveling a lot this talents at low level.

Sub Talents : Congeal

Caracteristic : +6 Absorb per level.
Additional Information : Not really Important. Level it a bit if you get too much damage in PvE.


Magical Defense Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Basic Mana Shield

Caracteristic : +4 Magical Defense per level.
Additional Information : Not really a bit change, but better than nothing. Useful for PvP and needed to level Lore of Air, Lore of Water, Lore of  Earth and Natural Defense.

Sub Talents : Natural Defense

Caracteristic : +8 Magical Defense per level.
Additional Information : I had this talents level 5 until I got 110, so level it when you need or if you PvP a lot.


Dodge Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Lore of Air

Caracteristic : +4 Dodge per level.
Additional Information : Nothing big at early level. Some dodge might help if you get hit for too much, but Mage have low dodge. This talents is needed if you want to level Storm Shield.

Sub Talents : Storm Shield

Caracteristic : +1 Tenacity per level.
Additional Information : Nothing big at early level. Tenacity only make change in PvP since PvE doesn’t really do much critical hit. You need this if you want to survive longer agaisnt Champion and Mage.


Health Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Lore of Water

Caracteristic : +10 HP Restoration per level.
Additional Information : Not a big deal. This is required if you want to level Elosmith’s Mystery

Sub Talents : Elosmith’s Mystery

Caracteristic : +80 Maximum HP per level.
Additional Information : Nothing big at early level. You will need this if you want to survive longer agaisnt Champion.


Mana Talents Tree

Sub Talents : Lore of Earth

Caracteristic : +20 Maximum MP per level.
Additional Information : Really useless, atleast for me. Required for Gaea’s Energy.

Sub Talents : Gaea’s Energy

Caracteristic : +4 MP Restoration per level.
Additional Information : Again, this is a bit useless, but I noticed the change when it get to higher level.

(GMAGE) – How to stuff ourself

What are we, Mage, looking for on our gears? Here is the answer!
Bold attributes are the ones that I recommend.

Two-Handed Wand
°Magic Attack Lv.
°Crit Bonus
°Magical Damage %
°Maximum HP Lv.
or Hit Rating

°Magic Attack Lv.
°Magical Damage %
°Hit Rating
°Crit Bonus

°Magic Attack Lv.
°Magic Damage %
°Hit Rating
°Crit Bonus

°Magical Defense Lv.
°Defense Lv.
°Maximum HP Lv.
°Crit Resistance

°Maximum HP Lv.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done / MP Restoration Lv. / Absorb Lv. / HP Restoration Lv

°Maximum HP Lv.
°Magic Attack Lv.
°Crit Bonus
°Magical Damage %

Since Mage have “kinda” low health, I’d suggest to use Red Star Ring at level 110. (HP Ring)

Pendant / Amulet
Many opinion on this too. You might want to take what you prefer.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done % / Absorb Lv.
°Dodge Rating Buff

Physical Armor
°Defense Lv.
°Maximum HP Lv.
°Dodge Rating

°Healing Done / Absorb Lv. / Dodge Rating Buff / HP Restoration Lv

Physical Armguards
°Defense Lv.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done / Dodge Rating Buff / HP Restoration Lv

Physical Leggings
°Defense Lv.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done / Dodge Rating Buff / HP Restoration Lv

Magical Robe
°Magic Defense Lv.
°MP Restoration Lv.
°Dodge Rating

°Healing Done / Dodge Rating Buff / Absorb Lv.

Magical Armguards
°Magic Defense Lv.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done / Dodge Rating Buff / HP Restoration Lv

Magical Leggings
°Magic Defense Lv.
°Dodge Rating
°Crit Resistance

°Healing Done / Dodge Rating Buff / HP Restoration Lv

For the last attribute of many items above, here is a small explaination to every of those.
Healing Done : By choosing this attribute, priests and potions will heal more. This can be good if you need a priest to kill an Elite/World Boss. It is also useful to not waste time using Medium Healing Potions or waiting for HP to restore himself.
Dodge rating Buff : By choosing this attribute, you will have higher chance to dodge Freeze or Stun, or any other debuff.
Absorb : Only useful at low level or agaisnt a priest(windblade) or a mage(flame blast).
HP/MP Restoration : By choosing this, you will regain mpre HP/MP per 10(?) seconds(I forgot how long).
I highly recommend to take Dodge Buff whenever you can.

(GPET) – Which Pet should I get as a Mage?

What pet should a Mage use?
When you reach level 10, you can get your first pet. You must do a quest for it first.
First of all, you speak with the Newbie Guide and get the quest. Then you have to go speak with the Pet Master, which should be around. You will have to choose your pet, Moderate Minotaur or a Moderate Flower Pixie. Minotaur’s unique skill increase Physical Attack while Flower Pixie’s unique skill increase Magical Attack. I recommend taking a Flower Pixie, since you are a mage and need Magical Attack.

When you reach level 90, you can go to Medusa’s Island and catch a new pet. They are called Rock Elf. Those pets can only captured with Gold Tools or Mysterious String Bags. Rock Elf’s unique skill increase Maximum HP. Mage have low defense and health, so you might want some more HP instead of the Magical Attack from Pixie, since that pixie almost give nothing. If you are a maller, capture a rock elf until you get a Brave Rock Elf. Those rock elfs got Merge as a talent and also have Heal! It is like a cheaper version of a Smart Panda. If you are not a maller, try to aim for a Grumpy Rock Elf, they have Work and Quest Dispatch, but you can still just get a Cowish Rock Elf, still good and not much different as a Grumpy Rock Elf.

Click here to see my FAQ for Pets.

(MTIPS) – Tips on how to play a Mage

Tips about Talents : There is many way to build a Mage at early level. But I recommend to focus on Magic Attack Talents Tree and Hit Rating Talents Tree until they are 25-30. Level Absorb Talents Tree and Magical Defense Talents Tree only if needed. Don’t level too muchyour Absorb talents since Absorb only reduce final damage! You can level others talents if you want, I only recommend you to focus on Magic Attack and Hit Rating.

(Example on calculation added on second post.)

Damage Calculation : ((((Magical Attack -Magical Defense)*Skill Bonus) +Base Damage) *Magical Damage) -Absorb

/—This part apparently don’t work anymore.———————————–
Lightspell combo : Use your combo! Best way to do damage with spammable skill is by spamming Lightball and Lightblade!
Lightspell combo work perfectly if you have Lightball 3/4 and Lightblade 2/3/4.

Important : Use your own strategy if you want, this is just some suggestion. You can add some if you want.
How to fight? There is many way to fight. I will give some.
Use Silence when you think it is a good moment.
A) Cast Thundercloud while the guy is walking. Then follow with a Fire Lotus and finish with some Lightspell combo.
B) Do some Lightspell Combo and finish him with Fire Lotus.
C) Cast quickly a Flame blast in front of you and then cast Fire Lotus and finish with Lightspell combo.
There is a lot of different way to fight, maybe you prefer to use your own strategy. When you are 1v1ing, Hit and Run! Don’t listen to those noob whiner who tell you that you are a runner or a noob, or whatever they call you. It is a strategy, if they are not happy, they just have to quit. <.<

Daily Quest : Daily quest are important if you want to level fast. I haven’t done many daily quest when I were low level. I started to do daily quest around 104, when I got the quest where we have to kill dragons.
Click here to see my Gems Quests Guide. (or to know how much E-Gold/Gold we get for FREE per month.

Important notes:
°Hermes’ Spy is obtainable at 50 and can be done once per day. You get a free Crystal Lv1.
°You will lose “Kill the Pirates” quest at 113. (Crystal Lv2 quest, obtainable at 94 and can only be done once.)
°You will lose “The Heretic” quest at 117. (Emerald Lv2 quest, obtainable at 100 and can be done twice.)
°You will gain the quest “Hunt the Red Dragons” at 104. It can be done 3 times a day and rewards some gems.
°You will gain the quest “Chaotic Front” at 106. It can be done 2 times a day and you get Sapphire Lv2.

(GZod) – Zodiac Settings

Since I’ve quit the game, I can’t provide screenshots, but here is a small example..
Fire Lotus / Thunder      –      Light Blade / Flame Blast
___________ / ___________ / ___________ / ___________
___________ / ___________ / ___________ / ___________

Basicly, in this suggestion, you would have to buy the two extra slots for the offensive zodiac slots. Put whatever you want on the lines, I don’t have anything to recommend you. Try to put the skills of the class that attack you the more often, so you don’t have to change it often.

(GEND) – Conclusion

So, this is my quitting gift. Well, I hope it will help some people atleast. Thanks for reading. If any question, feel free to ask. Have a nice day!

PS: If you want to read another guide, take a look at xTalianax’s mage guide. http://forum.gw.igg.com/viewthre … page%3D3&page;=1

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