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My little CHAMP guide by orochiagha

Ok since alpha is over and beta is going to come soon.. iam sure many ppl screwd up on talents and want some info abot champ+skils and how to + them
Wel now that iam free from the game lol.. il share some info with all who wana be a champ =)

Ok lets start with the talent tree

Depdending on what u wana be PVP champ or PVE champ

At lower levels it doesn’t matter since your forced in to  PVE.
In my opinion I think its better to + ATT /DF/MDF/ABS… the reast wont matter now since your low lvl and u need to kil mobs faster and not die.
After u reached abit high.. start adding abit of  HP/MP( hardend resolve).
Don’t add any points in defensive spear play (tencity) or released dander(mp1st 1) for now.
When u have reached lvl 50 start adding points in the other skils like critical dodge and more hp also try adding points in improved healing.. it helps and heals u more when u use pots.. (note: u can add improve healing since lvl 1 .. its up 2 u depending on your taste)
Keep going this way.. but remember  keep your ATT talents highest and DF/MD/ABS along with hit and crit abit close while u lvl more..dont focus much on HP yet
Once u hit lvl 80 start adding abit of hp and more dodge don’t forget the df hit and critical too..
When your 90+ u should understand by now on how to add up your talent tree.

For PVP spec
Its best to have ATT/HIT/DODGE/CRIT
Rest of status doesn’t mater a lot since u need to kil your opponent in 1~2hits
U stil need abit of hp and mp/hp res just incase also add abit of tencity  like to 10~15 so u could atleast resist dodge

This is how I built my talent tree

About gear
PVE gear
Items with +hp+mp+resist+dodge+heal+df+absorb

PVP  gear
Items with +att+physical+crit+dodge+df+hp

Id prefer this as balance but mostly pvp gear

Make sure each of your items has the best status
Like  a mix of physical att crit df and hp on each part

Weapon= +att (a MUST)+phys+crit
Top= +df+hp+dodge

Don’t forget attack rings with +att phys and crit !

+hpres/healing done is a good bonus on them too if u can find

Etc.. just to get idea..

Iam not sure what each part can have since some parts cant have att and some parts cant have df etc..

But that’s my opinion above about gear..
Here is a small example of a good gear.. not excellent
( u don’t need increase healing  or buff items..id prefer replacing them with absorb md or hp res)

By lvl 100 you should have my status or better depending on gear and how u spenYouour tp
You should do about 2~4k dmg normal hits 4~10k dmg skill hits by lvl 100.. If not then you suck :p

I didn’t afk at mobs for 5 days btw like some do =)
I just do quests and afk only when I sleep for 4~5hours (50% of time iam dead due to pk)

A good champ is a champ with high ATT/DODGE/CRIT/HIT
i been an agilty player in all MMOS i played.. as u see i love dodge… so i prefer +dodge on nearly all parts
And when I say high I mean really high

many people asked me whats best class pvp (1on1)
the answer is champ.. u cant beat a good champ 1on1 its just impossible unles ur a champ urself
but this game is about raid vs raid id say.. 1on1 is boring :>

Thanks to all Spartans and Athens who gave me all those gems/crystals to + my stuff
If u got any questions pls ask iam sure my little guide is missing some points.. i will will add them as u ask !

See you in beta ! <3

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17 Responses

  1. rokizta13 says:

    For the Zodiac Make it all lvl 6 :)
    Then i will tell what skill gonna put :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the guid ..
    yur the best !!! :DDD

  3. Anonymous says:

    nice guide…thank for it.. btw, your gear low rank & grade..

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah dude you 103 but small damage my character lvl 80 but 2.8 damage

  5. Anonymous says:

    dude why you are lvl 103 but small dammage my character lvl 98 but 4.6k dammage

  6. Anonymous says:

    adding attri (lvl 1)attack to (lvl 2) attack:

    1st go to GEAR MENTOR
    2nd click ENHANCE GEAR ATTRI
    3rd put the corresponding QUARTER PLATE and ATTRI STONE
    NOTE:u can purchase QUARTER PLATE and ATTRI STONE from the B-GOLD SHOP or from player


  7. Anonymous says:

    thnx for the guide hope every player will know this ^^

  8. Anonymous says:

    do the melee in talent increase physical damage???
    i wanna know pls rply…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    playing godswar on facebook. my 20 plus talent points just disappears.

  10. Anonymous says:

    uhhh…. dude how can i increase the lvl1 + attack.
    in your example the (lvl 2) Attack +80 of your stygian pike.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. dannn says:

    Thanks for the guide bro… im from aegean server with lvl 70 champ im using this for my guide thank you very much… keep it up !! more power ! i hope u post the guide for zodiac.. keep it up !! thx thx thx.. !!!

  13. dannn says:

    Thanks for the guide bro… im from aegean server with lvl 70 champ i using this for my guide thank you very much… keep it up !! more power ! i hope u post the guide for zodiac.. keep it up !! thx thx thx.. !!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    this is a very great guide… thank you.

    i want to be a top player in olympus.

    im using your guide.

    keep on sharing.

  15. i don't really have any guide for the zodiac at the moment sorry

  16. Anonymous says:

    yeah the zodiac?

  17. Anonymous says:

    how about the zodiac?? can you post it?

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