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Evony Age 2 Everything about NPC Farming Guide

This is a full copy from the original thread before it got deleted, all credits go to Sedlakos for the original combined post and the people who provided the information. Everything below the following line is copied from the original thread. (Added some punctuation and corrected some spelling though)

– EDIT –
Please do not PM me, i no longer play Evony nor visit these forums. Ask questions in the topic, I’m sure there will be people responding and helping you out.


I would like to get everything about NPC cities in 1 thread because i am too lazy to bookmark or search for anything … this what i will type here is completely copied from previous threads … so i hope that i don’t make anyone angry.. if so please PM and i will delete it ….

If you want your own NPC city you can build it by this way – conquer valley of level X … build your new city in that spot … go to another city you have, click main building – cities- abandon your new created city… now the city of level X will be ready for farming / conquering.

NPC city resources are replenish each 8 hrs, A barb city will take approx 1 hour to regenerate all to full (10% of the full amount per 6 minute tick). A barb city will also immediately regenerate approx 18% of all lost wall units each time some are destroyed. Example: if you destroyed 1000 towers and hit it again 1 second later 180 towers will be back.

(copied from ZORTHOX thanks)

Attacking low lvl NPC cities are mainly for resource and gold, this is done with ballistas to achieve 0 loses. The maximum level without loses is level 5, level 6 or more have trebuchets so you will always suffer losses there.
But there are ARCHER TOWERS… so you need specific tech level of archery and Horseback Riding (HBR).

Archery 08 / HBR 03 (Massive losses due to being in tower range)
Archery 08 / HBR 04 (Smalls losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 08 / HBR 05 (0 Losses )
Archery 08 / HBR 06 (0 Losses )

Archery 08 / HBR 07 ( Small losses )
Archery 08 / HBR 08 (Massive losses due to being in tower range)
Archery 08 / HBR 09 (Massive losses due to being in tower range.)

Archery 09 / HBR 01 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 02 (0 Losses when using over 575 ballistas )
Archery 09 / HBR 03 (0 Losses )

Archery 09 / HBR 05 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 06 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 07 (Small losses from units @ tower safe range)

Archery 09 / HBR 08 (0 Losses )
Archery 09 / HBR 09 (0 Losses )

Archery 10 / HBR 00 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 05 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 06 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 07 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 08 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 09 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 10 (0 Losses )

(copied from syoganai1111 thanks)

This number depends on your hero ATTACK attribute, the safe numbers for heroes with no attack with 0 loses are:
(Note: You still need one of the above zero loss Archery/HBR combinations)

20 Ballistas vs Lvl1 NPC
50 Ballistae vs Lvl2 NPC
170 Ballistae vs Lvl3 NPC
250 Ballistae vs Lvl4 NPC
550 Ballistae vs Lvl5 NPC

DONT FORGET TO HAVE RIGHT AMOUNT OF TRANSPORTERS!! they are similar to ballistae numbers so be sure that if you want farm you will take everything.

In previous thread you saw lvl of HBR/ARCH if there is small losses due to troops, number of ballistae should be higher.

Okay this is end, hope that there is everything important about farming… i don’t mention medals because there have different drop rates on every server, and i don’t mentioned tactics about LVL10, everyone should conquer it on their own.

So i hope that this one helps, thanks to everyone who was making these strategies, I only copied them in one big thread.


Farming a LVL 10 NPC

Well it’s been fun trying to determine a way to farm LVL 10’s with small archer losses, but now that I’ve re-tested this method, there’s really no other reason to update this guide again… What else is there for me to do? Please send me a PM if you feel there is something missing, after all, I’m just a kid who likes to play online games… i’m not perfect.

(1st of all) This “guide” is not for the weaker players! When the time comes and your army is too huge to rely on the simple LVL 5 NPC’s and selling lumber, this is the next step. I did not scout before any of my attacks, it’s a waste of time when you know you’re going to lose 10k-15k troops every attack. This guide is for when you can produce a large number of archers in a single day, so it won’t really matter if you lose them all in an attack.

(2nd of all) My compass level is 8, I’m sorry to those of you whose level is 9 or 10, I really dont plan on upgrading mine any more, and for those of you who are at a lower level, maybe bring it up to 8.

(3rd of all) I’m sorry if this guide didn’t work for you, I really am. I don’t know the exact game mechanics, my only tool was trial and error. If it doesn’t work, then you’re going to have to figure it out on your own

(4th) I also don’t waste any items on my lvl 10 farming… ever….

(5th) I don’t really know a good/efficient way to level up your hero’s. The way I did it was just farm lvl 5 NPC’s for a while, until their attack was 120ish, then I tried the lvl 10’s, and from there it was easy.

(6th) Any more questions? Post a reply or PM me, i’ll see what I can do

A HUGE thanks goes out to LaVanche, if it was not for him, this guide would not have been anywhere near as good as it is. Using his technique, I have been able to successfully farm a LvL 10 NPC with a 137 attack hero and only 8k archer losses.
Thanks Again

When you look on the forums you’ll see that a lot of guides on here go up to lvl 5 NPC farming, I mean yeah there are a few that go higher, but not that many. It’s because everyone is afraid of losing a few troops. But let’s face it, when your army becomes so big that farming lvl 5 NPC’s aren’t getting the job done, you’ll lose troops anyway. Some people are trying to make guides for lvl 6 – 9 NPC’s, but if you’re going to lose troops might as well be worth the loss right?

LvL 10 NPC’s give 19 million food, this regenerates FULLY every 8 hours…
If you cap this LVL 10 instead of farm it, it will take a couple days to get 19 million, even with all those lvl 10 farms. If you farm 2 lvl 10 NPC’s a day you get 38 million food, and if you farm those 2 NPC’s 2 times a day, that’s 76 million food just from 4 attacks. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, not to mention 1.5 million experience for your attack hero, the chance of getting an item, a medal, and 2k prestige per attack.

First, we’re going to have to make sure you have enough transports to carry back all the goodies you’re going to be getting. Now, if you try to “test” how many transports you will need exactly by clicking attack on the lvl 10 NPC and only sending transports until you reach 22,300,000 resources. This is very bad because some of your troops will eat up some food on the way, especially if you send ballistae or catapults. Although the number of transports vary with the distance of the NPC, it should NEVER take more than 3,000 transports MAX, unless you’re farming from 75 miles away, in which case you shouldn’t even be farming at all. And you don’t have to worry about losing transporters in the fight. Every single battle report i’ve seen where the attackers win, not a single transporter is lost since they are so slow at moving

So it has been concluded that sending ballistae against a LVL 10 NPC will do absolutely nothing since they are out-ranged.

So the approach you should go with is all archers. A friend of mine can make 220k archers in a SINGLE DAY. So if he losses 10k from an NPC it’s really no big deal, and if your army is that big you need to farm a lvl 10 i’m sure 10k or even 15k troops aren’t that big of deal.

So you’ve got all the archers, but that’s not everything. YOU NEED TO LAYER! The difference in results is substantial. And not just 1 of each troop either, since it’s been found that 1 troops dies from the traps before they even reach the warriors. Some people send 20, others send 40, some do both. However Lavache sends 1,000 troops for layering, this has been proven to work for him and now myself.

Also some people like to send waves of 3,000 warriors before hand to clear out traps, if you choose to do this keep in mind that once the first attack hits you have 6 minutes before the NPC spawns 1,100 more traps.

This is the first report i’ve gotten (thanks to LaVache ) where the archer losses are only 5k, there were NO items used with this attack!
(Every tech relevant to this attack is at lvl 10)

— 1000 pikes, 1000 warriors, 1000 swordsmen, 95k archers
— 5.8k archers lost
— Attack hero -> 180

Here’s another one of his attacks

— 1000 pikes, 1000 warriors, 1000 swordsmen, 95k archers
— 5.7k Archers lost
— Attack hero -> 210

From the two attacks above, what happens is that the 3k troops of layering absorb some traps, the rest are taken out by the archers. The remaining troops march forward, and the archers can kill all 400k warriors before they are in range to attack, then, they march until they are in range of the archer towers, since the archer towers have a greater range, they take out some of the troops, then the archers take them out in 1 round. (Someone please correct me if i’m wrong)

The following are my first attempts at an NPC farm.

Techs: Medicine – 9 Compass – 8
Every other tech relevant to the attacks is lvl 10

— 97670 Archers, 2000 Transports, 25 Layering of troops
— 66k Archers lost X_x
— Attack Hero –> 130

— 10k Warriors, 70k Archers, 15k Ballistae, 500 layering of troops
— 10k Warriors lost, 63k Archers lost X_x
— Attack Hero –> 135

It has been determined that ballistae are a waste, it was foolish of me to send them, and I advise you to not send any as well.

What happened in the above 2 reports is that the fights lasted 24 round and 32 rounds. My “layers” were taken out by the archer towers before they even reached the 400k warriors, allowing those warriors to attack my archers, causing heavy losses.

My third try at a lvl 10. Using LaVache’s method, (adding 1k scouts as well though) I was able to successfully farm the lvl 10 NPC 1 mile away from me, and only lost 8,000 archers! And the attack of my hero was only 137!! All techs except compass (lvl 8) and medicine (lvl9) were at 10. I don’t know what will happen if you try to attack an NPC further away, that will be coming soon. But until then, HAPPY FARMING

— I did send 2 waves of 5k warriors to clear
— 1k warriors, scouts, pikes, swordsmen, 3k transports, 93k archers
— All layer troops dead, 8.5k archers lost!
–> Attacker Hero -> 137

So far the lowest attack hero that can be sent and has a confirmed win is 124, although it did incur 200 more losses then with an attack hero of 137. I think as long as you send 1k of each of those 4 troops, you should be fine. More confirmation coming later, battle report below.

–> Standard Troops
–> Layers Lost, 8.7k archers lost
–> Attack Hero -> 124

Attention Everyone!!!
If you are losing massive amounts of archers try sending two waves of 5k warriors less than 3 minutes before your attack. It’s been working for me, maybe it will work for your as well.

This is the first attack with the merged servers, and everything seems to be the same. I DID NOT send the two waves of 5k warriors before this attack, although the attack of my hero was 183. If you are having troubles with lower level heros i suggest sending the 2 waves of 5k warriors to help

— 1k warriors and pikes, 500 swordsmen, 85 scouts 3k transports, 93k archers
— All layer troops dead, 11k archers lost
–> Attacker Hero -> 183


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