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Evony Advanced Level 10 NPC Guide by WN1_Hit

The most detailed level 10 NPC Guide you can’t find anywhere ELSE!


Barbarian Cities Shown Above:

First Barbarian City: Age II Historic Level 10 Barbarian: Atlantis
Second Barbarian City: Age II Historic Level 10 Barbarian: Name Depends
Third Barbarian City: Age II Historic Level 10 Barbarian: Name Depends
Fourth Barbarian City: Age II Historic Level 10 Barbarian: Name Depends
Fifth Barbarian City: Age II Regular Level 10 Barbarian
Sixth Barbarian City: Age I Level 10 Barbarian

Chapter I: Basic Information

Non-player character, usually known as barbarians or NPCs, is a city that is not controlled by online players, but is controlled by a non-player character that is a usually a machine that is an online smart processor.

In Evony, there are estimated around 10,000-20,000 NPCs in one single server. The most widespread NPC shares its spot with level 5 NPCs and level 4 NPCs, but the most commonly farmed/conquered NPC for Advanced or desperate players is the popular Level 10 NPC. The reason is, unlike a level 9 or level 1 NPC, this special NPC has a remarkable amount of Level 10 buildings… or I should say all of buildings inside. Also, it has a stock of 19 Million food if you want to farm from it which regenerates every 6-8 hours.

A level 10 NPC has a total amount of troops that equal to the courage and honor you have. Sending 100k archers without the proper Accessories can equal to 6000-20000 prestige loss… if you lose horribly. The key to attacking is what some say, the layering, the hero attack, and the items you use. Layering is a key factor to the NPC attacks/Farms. By layering, it affects the amount of troops you lose, the rounds of fight you receive, and the prestige gained. Sending ANYTHING faster than archers is the key to the low losses by attacks. Looking at the troop speed, you can calculate how the fight will happen. Using a evony fight simulator calculator can help understand Mechanics, and the way rounds work.

The heroes attack can also affect the losses you receive. By research, and time that Evony players have worked on, the heroes attack increases the armies attack by the heroes attack level by percentages. For example, when attacking with the same hero on two identical attacks but the defending heroes attack is different, the outcome could change dramatically plus the honor and the experience will increase or decrease depending on just the hero.

Using different kinds of items could also change the battle outcome. When using an item called, War Horn, or Ivory Horn, (they are the same thing but they last different times), like what the description said on the item, it will increase the Armies Attack by 20%. The difference between not using and using it is the losses you will receive. It could be a difference of 5000 to 90000, which is a huge difference between the lack of troops that beginners could have.

Key Definitions

Spearhead: the main wave that ALWAYS goes first on attacks. It usually consists of an extremely high attack hero, and the best wave formation. The spearhead is extremely critical for destroying large amounts of troops, and full defenses.

Spam-Loyalty-Waves: These are mainly the 3rd-Infinite Waves on the attacks.

Rainbow: Contains Workers, Warriors, Scouts, Pikeman, Swordsman, Archers, Calvary (Optional), Cataphracts (Optional), Balistas (Optional), Battering Rams (Optional), and Catapults (Optional).

Ballistae: They are spelled Ballistae instead of balistas. But for your own good, I’ve kept it as balistas.

Chapter II: Accessories Needed

Accessories such as Resources, Troops, Items, Heroes, Etc. are EXTREMELY recommended to follow, and do, even IF you think you have everything. It is critical to follow this guide step by step, because one false move can end up into a pile of casualties.

The EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED are marked with a *, while the recommended ones are not marked.

Troops Needed/Recommended

Depends on the Miles away you are from the Level 10 NPC, and also the strategy you want to use against the NPC (Single City Method, ‘Ezy’ Conquer Method, Multi Help Method, etc.)

  • *Archers AT LEAST 120,000 (*Extremely Recommended 150,000-200,000 – This depends on the way you want to attack or conquer the NPC) (farming the NPC just needs a total of at least 100k archers).
  • Warriors 1,000-200,000 (Usually/Mostly sent with Archers at Spam Loyalty Waves – Slows the the process with can lead to more troop deaths) (good layering skill for spearhead).
  • Swordsman 1,000-20,000 (Usually sent with spearhead; Slightly Faster than Archers: Key to Lower losses) (slightly recommended to send when farming but can decrease your losses. Swordsman act like meat shield against the defenders archer towers).
  • Pikeman 1,000-20,000 (Usually sent with spearhead; Faster than Archers: Key to Lower losses) (Slightly recommended to send with spearhead because they sacrifice themselves to traps).
  • *Scouts 10,000-50,000 (*Extremely important to send, great key factor to distract the warriors & defenses while archers fire. You can also use scouts to change the level of the defending hero if you want lower losses. They can also destroy a couple of traps without getting hurt).
  • Calvary 100-1,000 (Not recommended but can reduce losses by about 1-1,000) (these usually take out a couple of traps but mainly get killed by the abatis).
  • Cataphracts 100-1,000 (Not recommended but can reduce losses by about 10-1,000) (these usually take out a couple of traps but mainly get killed by the abatis).
  • Ballistaes 0-10,000 (Not recommended if you send too much. Shown in the What To Send chapter, it tells exactly what will happen if you send too much).
  • Catapults 0-10,000 (Not recommended if you cannot build it or if you cannot keep it) (*Only for Pros* There was a war report once with a 400 attack hero with around 9,000 catapults attacking a level 10 NPC.. the results were spectacular with a win for the catapults? suffering a 4k loss).

Technology Needed

  • *Level 9 or 10 Archery (Archers, Balistaes, and or Catapults Range) (this can also mean the archers, Balistaes, and or catapults attack)
  • *Level 8, 9 or 10 Medicine (Recommended level 10 to raise your Armies Life)
  • *Level 10 Military Tradition (to raise Armies Attack)
  • Level 10 Iron Working (to raise Armies Defense – May help a slight percentage)
  • Level 10 Compass (For speed for your Infantry *This is not needed but highly recommended if you are trying to conquer it. Lots of people are trying to find out if Compass actually helps your losses or harm your troops. The main reason they are trying to do this is because with a higher speed for your archers, the less time the other faster troops have to distract the defenders and set off more traps.*)
  • Everything else does not matter.

MISC Needed

  • 5 million or more food (to send troops out *Depending on how far you are from the NPC – Needed if you are trying to conquer. You will need approximately 400k food to farm a level 10 NPC).
  • *Rally Spot Level 9 or 10 (Number of troop dispatch and waves; *Recommended level 10)
  • *Level 10 or 9 Feasting Hall (Number of heroes to send out with attacks. You mainly need 1 if you are farming).
  • *Level 135+ (recommend Level 165 or 250+ for the spearhead) attack hero and all other heroes 100+ attack (less losses. Also the other heroes are only for conquering) (having a higher attack hero will most definitely lower your losses. A level 135 attack hero cannot attack an NPC level 10 with just 100k archers while a level 200+ can).
  • *War/Ivory Horn (Extremely recommended using. (there are many tests made for the difference between attacking with or without a War/Ivory Horn, and the tests are extremely different from each other. Sending an attack with a level 135+ attack hero with proper layering and no horn will give you results that differ from a win or lose situation).
  • (Ultra) Corset (Recommended for less losses – Might decrease losses because it increases your defense of your army).
  • 1 or more War Ensign (for Spearhead but not required) (Remember to tick or untick the box if you are using/not using the war ensign to avoid item loss).
  • 1 City Slot (If you are conquering the NPC)
  • Penicillin (If you want a 13% troop wound instead of a 10%)

Rally Spot Key

  • Level 1 Rally Spot: 10k troops dispatch, 1 wave max, *With War Ensign, 12,500 troops*
  • Level 2 Rally Spot: 20k troops dispatch, 2 wave max, *With War Ensign, 25,000 troops*
  • Level 3 Rally Spot: 30k troops dispatch, 3 wave max, *With War Ensign, 37,500 troops*
  • Level 4 Rally Spot: 40k troops dispatch, 4 wave max, *With War Ensign, 50,000 troops*
  • Level 5 Rally Spot: 50k troops dispatch, 5 wave max, *With War Ensign, 62,500 troops*
  • Level 6 Rally Spot: 60k troops dispatch, 6 wave max, *With War Ensign, 75,000 troops*
  • Level 7 Rally Spot: 70k troops dispatch, 7 wave max, *With War Ensign, 87,500 troops*
  • Level 8 Rally Spot: 80k troops dispatch, 8 wave max, *With War Ensign, 100,000 troops*
  • Level 9 Rally Spot: 90k troops dispatch, 9 wave max, *With War Ensign, 112,500 troops*
  • Level 10 Rally Spot: 100k troops dispatch, 10 wave max, *With War Ensign, 125,000 troops*

Chapter III: What to Send

There are MANY Screenshots to show how to attack a level 10 NPC. The most commonly used tactic requires ANYTHING that is at least faster than archers. The key to a successful attack is sending scouts to the mission. Having a speed of 5000 while an archer has around 500 (with level 10 compass), the scouts will outrun the archers, which in turn, leads to having combat with scouts first.

*Please notice that this Information CAN be wrong/inaccurate
For example, if you send 6900 scouts to the mission with 92000 archers following that, the first round will contain the scout fights, but because mechanics come into play, most likely not all the scouts will die. The simulation that was played in the fight basically had the Archer Towers distracted and started aiming at the scouts, which caused about 1000 casualties. The other around 3000 casualties occurred when the scouts were fighting the 400000 warriors, and the other defenses mainly the traps.*

*This is an example from Deathprone of how scouts and units work against the NPC.

Scouts never move unless they are the last unit on the attackers side (they react differently on defense, but it doesn’t matter here). Range starts at the highest base + 200. So, when fighting a NPC10 the battle will start at 5200 due to traps, abatis and defensive trebuchets. Scouts will sit there at 5200 until the battle is over. Their only purpose when used on NPC10 hits is to lower the losses taken by archers, since they are cheaper and quicker to build. They also help avert losses taken by your layering, and since traps go off individually and have random targetting, losing a layer can be devastating for someone just beginning to farm NPC10’s.

Scouts can also potentially be a double-edged sword. If you do not have enough archer firepower you can potentially lose more archers or even suffer a massive or complete loss due to the scouts. This is because it is possible to make the battle last an extra since your archers cannot kill enough warriors or completely wipe the AT’s in 1 round, thus bringing your archers into melee combat and reducing their effectiveness to 25%. I only recommend starting to use scouts when you can safely 12 or 13-round a NPC10, and I would recommend using around 3000 of them.*

Specific Battle Report Threads shown here about level 10 NPCs are great to follow. Most of them used the accessories that are shown above, and it is extremely recommended to remember to follow each and every step correctly.

Some people use mechanics. If you dont understand how mechanics work, dont even try to attempt to use them. This is because you can lose the battle and not know why you lost so much prestige.

battlewn1.evony.com/default.html?logfile/20100213/d2/a6/d2a6d44f01d75be61a7ea652ec682682.xml *report was deleted and blank*

This example shows if you send too much balistaes, you start losing them (they cost more than archers). The reason is because the balistaes are not supposed to be the meat because they are extremely expensive to build. If you send 100k balistaes, you will probably lose the same amount as sending 100k archers. The difference between balistaes and archers is mainly the time it takes to build them, and the resources it costs to build. Most people prefer to lose archers than balistaes in battles. One cheap way to attack a level 10 NPC is shown here:

battlewn1.evony.com/default.html?logfile/20100213/78/2f/782f2c7f53d35fe91e47736e9fdcf85a.xml *report was deleted and blank*

This one is a perfect example of why to send scouts with archers, less losses. (This is a level around 140 attack hero, no horn that time). It shows how the scouts did their part of distracting the enemy to them.

This report shows many attack styles of what professionals do. They tell the amount of pikeman, swordsman, cavalry, etc. to send and if they used a war horn, level of hero, etc. This is a key to know what to send in battles.

This is a chart from DCJerboas Guide. *Note that he gave me permission to add this on my guide*


Chapter IV: The Attack

The Attacks on a level 10 NPC is important… but mainly the first attack called the spearhead is the star of the line. A spearhead can be extremely different from other players spearhead, because of one players believe and another players believe. Some major factors that beginners always get confused on are the Attacks, and the spearhead part. What you need to know is what to do. Here is a newly released step-by-step procedure that you should do before attacking.

Regular Scout Report of a Level 10 NPC

Remember to activate all required items/things before attacking!!!
Scouting for a low hero does NOT give lower losses shown here…

ALSO, remember to check your medic camp frequently if you want some archer returns (wounded proportion of troops).

To Capture

This strategy is to tell you how to “teleport” yourself within a 100mile radius of your home cities, and begin laying down the smack instantaneously

General Idea: – Extension of the regular level 10 NPC conquest, except doing it without waiting for troops to return. – It takes exactly 40 attacks (with new revised method) within a 6 minute window in order to conquer a lvl10 NPC city successfully – It needs coordination and timing, but can be done solo.

Send an attack to a random (close-by) NPC city. – send 6 scouts, timed 1-6 minutes camped to the same NPC city right after attack lands – use scout reports to determine *exactly* when the 6 minute refresh interval is, and do a +1 minute for safety. – So if it refreshes at 1:02. You can bet that at 12:03-12:08 there will be no respawns of troops. – So choose the 12:03 -> 12:04 window for your attacks to land.

For the initial strike:
a) for short range, I typically send 15k balls + 5k pults along with rest archers. There is a big danger in doing this because you may lose some mechanics during the fight.
b) for Mid range, I will send 100k archers
c) for long range, I will send 8k workers + 92k archers with a *very* high attack hero (this works up to 120 miles radius)
d) for longer range, I will send 98k archers, 2k transporters.
e) even longer if you are willing to take more archer losses Warning: Initial attack with archers only requires high ATK hero with max techs.
The second attack, I will send 1 more archer wave to clear out towers. I usually send 30k war/30k archers (it can be done with as little as 20k warrior / 14k archers, or even 20k archers). – Range/losses will be your deciding factors. For the rest of the 38 attacks, you can just send 10k warriors, plus whatever transporters/workers needed to make the trip. Make sure you prepare all your towns with the right amount of troops (if you are only close to it), all heroes returned, max out heroes per city always. For the last attack, minimally you can send 10k warriors. But if you want to put your forward troops there, send the troops you want to be there when you takeover (in case you are afraid of an immediate response)

3) Send attacks using camp time to have them all land within your window (I try to do them all within 1 minute usually)

Timings (example window 12:03-12:09). Here’s how you would time your attacks. (Green Means that a reader had reported that this part was wrong) 1xInitial Strike: 12:03:00 1xAT clears: 12:03:05 37x Primary 10k war waves: 12:03:10 1x Last conquering wave : 12:04:00 The whole thing requires only about 130k archers, 400k warriors, and whatever your “conquering force” is. Your last attack to conquer will place your troops into the forward base. Could be like a 100k archer wave, and you have yourself a lvl10 forward base, with lvl10 rally point which you can then start sending out that 100k archer wave at someone’s city.. This requires the usage of CAMP function in attacks. What you will need to do is figure out where your “furthest city is” Send the attack from there first. lets say it takes 1 hr to reach destination from furthest city. You send your N attacks from that city. Choose the next closest city, this city lets say takes 50 mins to reach destination. So you camp for 8-9min (depending on how fast you switched). This will allow your attacks from the 2nd city to land inside the same minute as the attacks from the first city. Keep doing this for N cities that you are launching from The key to using camp function properly is to look at the ARRIVAL time on the lower right corner of your attack dialog box. This will allow you to coordinate your attacks

This is another kind of attack style you can use.

1. Send 6x 5k warriors to clear traps

2. This 2nd link of a wave report at step 3 is what a wave from a level 10 rally without buffs looks like so Either/Or don’t Equip War Horn, Corselet (i don’t know if Corselet works when you are attacking so apply this if you think it does, i will attack another level 10 without Corselet and check if it makes a difference, to be editted ) and War Ensign, and if you want also penicillin but i haven’t used this for this level 10. You do this by going to My Items, underneath Your Account picture in the North-East corner, search for War Horn and Corselet, click on them and Apply, after you’ve done that you click on the level 10 barb and in the North-West corner of the window that pops up you can just select war assign.

3. Next you send out 1 big wave with a hero that has a high attack level (mine had 133 att ): 112200 archers, and around 25 of every kind of troop, though it slows your army down, doesn’t matter at this point, it should look like the following.
Wave Report: Report

Now, i have succesfully conquered a level 10 from my city wich was a former level 10 barbarian. I only had 1 war ensign left and i thought by myself, if you have the guts you try this without war ensign, so i did. NO War Horn, NO War Ensign, NO Corselet, NO pennicillin. Sending 1k Pikeman, Swordsman and Scouts along should decrease casualties to about 7k or less
War Report: Report

4. Once your 1st wave returned, send out 9 waves. These 9 waves should exist out of:
1 big one (this is called a spearhead, this wave should exist out of 40k archers
and 8 small waves of 10k, *rainbow these 9 waves also
The gap between the waves should be as little time as you need for changing the 4 in 40k archers to 10k archers, that should take about 2 seconds.
You want to sent this attack so fast after the spearhead because you want your smaller waves to have as much profit of the spearhead. The spearhead clears all the traps, and thus these traps will, pretty fast, regenerate. Thats why nimble-fingeredness is important here, send out those subsequent waves out as fast as you can to warrant them as little resistance as possible. The delay between the waves doesn’t affect the loyalty they lower per wave so you might aswell send them out fast. Make sure you act fast because a delay of either 2 or 20 seconds makes the difference between 500 or 2000 archer casualties.
Here i lost most troops. These first 10 waves, 2k each and at 1st wave 10k, lost 40k archers overall but thats because i was STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT RAINBOW MY FIRST 10 WAVES.
May the following be clear: always rainbow your first 10 waves remember, big losses cause not rainbowed, with rainbow the losses should decrease dramaticly…

War report of Second wave: Report
War report of Third to Ninth wave; This is what it should look like: Report

Now that you have cleared all the defenses that this level 10 has, it is all about timing. Every 5 minutes and 57 seconds this barbarian will spawn 10% of his army and defenses, that means 40k warriors and a couple of traps and AT’s. So make sure you time the following step carefully because you don’t want your spearhead to hit just before the spawn of his army and the little waves get saddled with the spawn, this can cause some serious damage so either just wait (5min57s – (attack and return time)) or don’t care and send waves of 30k archers each, method 2 is probably the best thing to do if you just don’t care about a couple more k of archer casualties.

5. after your first 10 waves you want to send: 40k archers (rainbowed) and the following waves 2-9 will be 10k archers only (losses aprox 500 each) from now on , including this step, you don’t have to rainbow anymore. Just watch the time and loyalty drop

6. Keep op repeating step 5

7. VICTORY! This is what your level 10 will look like:
Your level 10 produces around 360k of food, send over a level 80 politics guy and it produces 570k+…

8. What to do when level 10 barb. Conquered.

^This was taken from another guide btw.

Chapter IV: The Attack Page II
Farming the NPC level 10 basically is the same as sending a first wave of a spearhead to it. Here is a list for you to follow to successfully attack the NPC level 10.

  • Plan your one attack on that NPC.
  • Set your Horn on, without it, even a level 200 attack hero can suffer 20k losses without proper layering.
  • Remember to send a good hero.
  • Get the requirements needed and activate them shown in What to Send

It is always important for advanced players to gather all the food in the NPC possible to feed their army. So taking out 2k of troops in your usual spearhead combo and replacing it with 2k transporters is critical to do. Sending no transporters can give you a 4 million food return instead of a 19 million food return.

Attacking the NPC is pretty straightforward. Send your usual spearhead with 2k transporters added and you are basically good. Just remember to keep your medic camp open if you want that 10 or 13% troop return after the attack happened.

Attacking with LOW Attack hero..

Use this strategy..

Now the mix is:
90k archers,
1k swords,
1k pikeman,
2.5k ballista,
2k trans,
3.5k scouts


(Taken from.. http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?…light=cornford)

Chapter V: Aftermath/What Next

Send some transporters with a couple mill of food and around 500k gold to your level 10 barb. Because your Archer army that took the level 10 barb and maybe some waves that were send to attack but since the earlier attack took the city, they are now only just reinforcing. This army should apox eat 1M of food an hour so you may want to transport food there so that they don’t starve or you can reinforce them back to your army base which you probably have.
Now this gold thing. The barb you take has loyalty 1. You don’t want any foes in the neighborhood to take this city over so easily after your hard work. That’s why you are going to comfort. So go to Overview again underneath your picture, make sure you are in your barb city, and you go to Comforting, now select praying. Now the gold comes in handy cause praying is going to cost you 110k gold but its worth to pay because you increase the loyalty with 25 instantly.

The whole conquering took me 47 minutes, and because of no layers in first 10 waves i lost 45k out of 175k archers, but believe me its all worth it .

What to do after you conquer your NPC level 10.
I won’t presume to be the expert in this matter, however I will share with you what I’ve learned and what works for me.

Moments after taking over a lvl 10 Barbarian town you want to:
Step 1: Reinforce. Be sure to send a little food, and a LOT of gold with your reinforcement troops. The food will keep your troops from rioting. The gold is for step 2.

Step 2: Praying. Do a disaster relief: praying, and raise loyalty 25 points instantly. (Do this again, every 15mins until you are around 75 loyalty.)

Step 3. Production: Go into TH, go to production and set value at 100 for each.

Step 4. Tax rate. Set this as low. (Tax 0 works well for a few hours, as this will raise your population as fast as possible). Adjust accordingly once your population/loyalty is stable.
Step 5. Demolishing buildings, and replacing them with barracks.
These are the buildings which I suggest as demo for replacement:
Workshop, forge, Inn, Stable, plus 10 cottages. ***Demo the Inn last***
***Demo these buildings once you no longer need them for the technology advance***

After you demo one building, replace it w/ a lvl 5 barracks. Then demo the next building, and replace. Repeat this process until you have 15 lvl 5 barracks.

The reason I say stop at lvl 5 is: A lvl 5 can build warriors/scouts/archers/cav. There isn’t much you cannot do w/ combinations of those forces. Once you have your barracks to lvl 5, you can then begin upgrading each one to lvl 9.. until then, lvl5 is preferred.

Step 6. A lvl 10 comes with 11,000 abatis. Demo 9000, and reuse the wood to build archer towers. I build in sets of 500. Get these going asap, to thwart any attacker who might want to rob you of your new city.

Step 7. Once you have adequate wall defense, and reinforced troops being supported by the city, you will want to go about gathering lakes. (Some people might wish to get forests and hills, but I see no point, since the town has mostly all lvl 10 farms). The lvl10 NPC town makes for an excellent support base to garrison large armies inside of and remain in the “green” with positive food production numbers.

Step 8. Keep checking the inn and recruit hero’s accordingly.

Step 9. Evaluate your:
Demo/Upgrade/Reinforce/Wall defenses/etc.

Begin using your town to raid/plunder NPC’s and other players to gather resources and build more warriors/archers.

Step 10. Once you have 15 lvl 5 barracks, begin upgrading each one to lvl 9.(Or lvl 10, as you get scripts).

Also: You can demo the lvl 10 quarry and either build a lvl 9 lumber or iron to replace it, or demo the stone, iron and lumber and replace with lvl9 farms. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Barracks Optional: After you get them all to lvl 9, you can begin upgrading the barracks to lvl 10 as you get mitch scripts. (what else are you going to do with them all?)

This is what your NPC will look like if you completely convert it.

Chapter VI: Flaws

Losing Too Much Troops
The reason behind losing lots of troops is because of one, setting off lots of traps and losing thousands of archers, Going against an extremely high attack hero, or just didn’t follow all the requirements that was required to have. Scouting for a low level hero does not help at all. It is all about luck and hope that you end up with a hero with a ‘sucky’ intel and attack.

Chapter VII: Questions?/Requests?

Q: Why did I lose so much?

Q: Why doesn’t my NPC come with a warehouse?
A: Nobody’s does. But it is always important to have a warehouse in every city though.

You should try and condence it to make more people interested so they will not get bored and just leave.
What the Author Did…
I Revised, edited a million times, and shortened the guide as much as possible. But still it is long

Chapter VIII: Credits

Reason: Being the greatest friend I EVER had in my tech life. Told me NEVER to give up and told me how to actually attack and conquer a level 10 NPC. He is the best guy in the world.
Reason: Guide HELPER.
Reason: Giving me a scout report to add to my NPC guide.
Reason: Giving me threads and a scout report
Reason: What to send
Reason: Giving me a battle report
Reason: Giving me a battle report
Reason: Giving me a battle report
Master Shake
Reason: Giving me detailed city battle report
Reason: Having time to make a thread about regular NPC battle reports
Reason: Taught me about Mechanics… was the best guide ever
Reason: Copied the attack of the level 1 NPC hit
Reason: Given me information about the new 0,0 barbarian
Reason: Copied Attack Information
Reason: Copied Attack Information and What next…
Reason: Stickying this thread by request
Reason: Giving me a table of the least losses (Hits) to a regular/normal Level 10 NPC (Will be updated by DC at http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=97160)
Reason: Gave me important information to add
Reason: Fixing a mistake that I have put.
Reason: Helping out answering questions
Reason: Helping out fixing mistakes in timing your waves
Reason: Giving me Age II information
TheShow (Theshow_wn1)
Reason: Stealing City Layout Picture
Reason: Giving me things to fix.
Reason: Pointing out tips and helping

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