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Dynasty Saga Troop Type and Abilities
Infantry Series: Have the special abilitiy of Blocking
Yellow Turban  Feature: None  Generals: None
Infantry   Feature: None  Generals:None
Heavy Infantry   Feature: High chance to Block  Generals: None
Scimitar Warrior   Feature: High damage  Generals:Zhang Liang
Spearman   Feature: Increased damage against Cavalry  Generals:Gongsun Zan,Zhu Ran
Light Infantry  Feature: High Initiative  Generals: None
Shield Guard  Feature: Reduced damage from Archers  Generals:Hua Xiong
Halberdier  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals:None
Immortal  Feature: High chance to Block  Generals Lei Bo,Zhao Yun,Cao Zhang
Stone Guard  Feature: Like a rock  Generals: Dian Wei
Inferno Squad  Feature: High damage and Initiative  Generals:Yan Baihu, Qin Mi, Chen Lin
Guerrilla Corps  Feature: High Initiative  Generals: Orchid,Fu Shiren, Sima Shi, Lu Xun
Maul Infantry  Feature: High damage  Generals:Zen, Zhang Fei, Xu Zhu, Sun Jian
Pike Brigade  Feature: Increased damage against Cavalry  Generals: Guan Xing, Xu Huang, Han Dang
Phoenix  Feature: All stats boosted  Generalsiu Bei, Sun Quan
Crusher  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals: Wutu Gu, Cao Hong, Cheng Pu
Woodland Ranger  Feature: High Counterattack rate Generals: Sha Moke, Ma Liang
Rattan Infantry  Feature: Reduced damage from Archers  Generals: Zhu Rong
Cavalry Series: Have the special ability of Dodging
Cavalry  Feature: None  Generals: None
Heavy Cavalry  Feature: High Defense  Generals:None
Phoenix Rider  Feature: All stats boosted  Generals: Rock, Zhao Guang, Pang De, Sun Ce
Raider  Feature: High Initiative Generals: Zhang Jiao
Charger  Feature: High damage  Generals: Gongsun Yuan
Lancer  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals:None
Blackrider  Feature: High Counterattack rate  Generals:None
Inferno Rider  Feature: High damage and Initiative  Generals: Daisy, Cao Ren, Ling Tong
Blitz Cavalry  Feature: High Initiative  Generals: Guan Ping, Wen Yang, Gan Ning
Shadowrider  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals: Leng Bao, Wei Yan, Xiahou Dun
Dragon Knight  Feature: High Defense  Generals: Wen Pin, Wang Ping, Xiahou Yuan
Lion Brigade  Feature: High damage  Generals: Wang Shuang, Ma Chao, Jiang Qin
Equine Natator  Feature: High chance to Block  Generals: Ji Ling, Huang Zhong, Zhang He
Archer Series: Won’t be hurt after their damage is blocked, and have increased Critical Strike rates
Archer  Feature: None
Longbowman  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals: None
Armored Archer  Feature: High damage  Generals: None
Spear Hurler  Feature: High damage  Generals: Zhang Bao
Dart Thrower  Feature: High Initiative  Generals: None
Heavy Longbowman  Feature: High damage and Critical Strike rate  Generals:None
Sharpshooter  Feature: High Critical Strike rate Generals: Dong Zhuo
Shadow Archer  Feature: High Counterattack rate  Generals: Pan Zhang
Assassin  Feature: High damage and Initiative  Generals: Liu Zhang, Zhang Ti
Stone Bowmen  Feature: High chance to Block  Generals: Jasmine, Hua Xin, Lu Meng
Magma Launcher  Feature: High damage and Critical Strike rate  Generals Jasper, Han Sui, Yang Xiu
Tree Chucker  Feature: High damage  Generals: Guan Suo, Zhou Tai
Stormbolt Shooter  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals: Liao Hua, Dong Xi
Phoenix Crossbow  Feature: All stats boosted  Generals: Cai Mao, Guan Yu, Xiahou Ba
Mounted Bowman  Feature: High Critical Strike rate  Generals: Dragon, Zhang Bao
Shadowdart Thrower  Feature: High Initiative  Generals:None
Machinery Series: No Morale or Gambit, but have outstanding Normal attack and defense
Catapult  Feature: Damage a row of enemies  Generals: None
Siege Tower  Feature: Single target attack, and high Critical Strike rate  Generals: Xu Rong
Iron Ram  Feature: Single target attack  Generals: Yan Yan, Deng Zhi
Tortoise Tank  Feature: High defense  Generals: Yuan Shu, Jiang Wei,
Ballista  Feature: Damage a column of enemies  Generals: Zhang Lu
Redwood Tower  Feature : Stronger version of Siege Tower, Single target attack  Generals: Zhao Tong, Xu Sheng
Thunder Catapult  Feature: Stronger version of Catapult, Damage a row of enemies  Generals: Zhou Cang, Le Jin
Fire Ballista  Feature: Stronger version of Ballista, Damage a column of enemies  Generals: Hao Zhao
Magic Series: Damage given depends on their leading General’s Intelligence. They have no normal attack and a high chance of missing.
Pyromancer  Feature: High success rate,but low damage  Generals: Jia Xu, Sun Qian
Rain Caller  Feature: Average success rate, Slightly increased damage Generals:None
Thunder Caller  Feature: Low success rate, High damage Generals: Li Ru, Fei Yi,
Flame Lord  Feature: Stronger version of Pyromancer, High success rate  Generals: Chen Qun, Zhou Yu
Flood Lord  Feature: Stronger version of Rain Caller, Average success rate, Slightly increased damage  Generals: Fa Zheng, Cheng Yu
Thornweaver  Feature: Attacks multiple targets and causes a portion of target’s units to flee each round  Generals: Guo Jia, Zhang Hong
Doombringer  Feature: Cause panic on successful attacks  Generals: Ma Shu, Sima Zhao
Summoner  Feature: Attack damages multiple enemy targets, moderate damage  Generals: Bu Zhi, Xun Yu
Storm Lord  Feature: Stronger Version of Thunder Caller, Low success rate, High damage  Generals: Zhuge Liang, Xun You
Auxiliary series: No damage, and are often used as tanks
Herbal Shaman  Feature: Heals friendly troops  Generals:None
Dancer  Feature: Randomly fills Morale for one friendly target  Generals: Cai Yan, Sun Shangxiang, Xiao Qiao
Medic  Feature: Heals more than Herbal Shaman  Generals: Hua Tuo
Corps of Drums  Feature: Adds more Morale than Marching Band  Generals: Yi Ji, Liu Biao, Jiang Wan
AOE series: Attack all enemies simultaneously
Fire Bull  Feature: Damage all enemy troops  Generals: Xu Shu, Sima Yi, Huang Gai
War Elephant  Feature: High chance to Block Generals: Jade, Meng Huo
Certain unit types will counteract one another, unless one is stronger than the other. The potential for infinite strategizing is what makes Dynasty Saga a great game! Hope this introduction helps you on your path to building a powerful army!



Click the “Info” button on a General’s portrait in the Training or Recruiting menu to see their Stats, Unit Type, Gambit, as well as a short description.

a. General Level can never exceed your City Hall Level.

b. After reaching level 51, your Generals can reincarnate. Reincarnating will cause your General to return to level 1, but the Unit Level of the Unit he commands will start at a higher level than before, effectively improving his max potential.

c. Initiative: Influences the speed that a unit moves in battle. High initiative will allow a General to attack before his opponent. Also allows unit to dodge.

d. All Stats Boosted: This simply means that the General has a slightly increased chance to Dodge, Block, and Critically Strike.

e. Morale: Increases by 25 every time a General strikes or is struck by gambit or normal damage. Drops to 0 after a Gambit attack is used. Being struck by collateral damage from siege units will not increase morale. (Only applies to Generals with Gambit attacks.)

f. Full Morale: When Morale rises above 100, the General will be prepared to unleash a Gambit attack. The General will use their Gambit attack the next time they attack as long as their Morale remains at or above 100. Once a Gambit attack is used, Morale will drop to 0.

g. Panic: The General will sustain losses every round as his troops flee.

h. Dancers will randomly increase one General’s Morale to 100 each round. There is a chance of failure, it may even be linked to the level difference between your Dancers and your opponent’s level…

i. Marching Bands and War Drums will always succeed in adding 30 Morale to each Gambit general; they will also reduce the Morale of enemy Gambit generals.

j. The amount healed by Herbal Shamans and Medics is determined by their Spell damage.

k. Single target Siege Units have the highest single target normal damage, while the defense of Tortoise Tanks is second to none.

l. If a general unit type does not naturally have an ability, they will not use that ability at all in battle (eg. Blocking, Dodging, Counterattacking) unless you put them in a formation that gives the ability.

Spearmen and Shield Guards all naturally have the ability to Block no matter what formation they’re in.
Archers have the natural ability to get Critical Strikes
Cavalry have the natural ability to Dodge

m. The Iron Will gambit will make the General and his troops immune to normal and gambit damage for the next round. They will remain vulnerable to Spell damage, however.

n. The Demoralizing Shout Gambit will not damage troops with 0 Morale.

o. The Last Stand Gambit, and other continuous gambit attacks, will not reduce Morale when used and will continue to activate every round while the General has at least 100 Morale.

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