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Dragon’s Call Basic Warrior Guide by akfgrlz

Basic info about the warrior
-gets the most hp from stamina and most p.def from agility
-lowest dodge/hit rate since there has to be a balance between stamina and strength compared to other classes
best physical defense from armor
-different play styles (shield/sword) not limited to switching same kind of armor for stats

1. Stats per 10 points (placed in order of importance)
Strength: increases atk by 5-7, .2% special/combo atk, +3 hit, +2 dodge
Stamina: +79hp, +21Pdef, +20 Mdef.
Agility: +2 dodge, +3 hit, -0.01 speed, +52 Pdef
Luck: .39% special/combo atk
Int: +50 mdef

http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthre … &extra;=page%3D2

2. Skills

Passives (before 60)
Dragon’s Might: boosts damage, especially useful when dual wielding, max out
Light of life: boosts hp, not very noticeable low lvls, save skilpts early on or max out, ur choice
Wild blow: main source of combo attack
Holy shield: depends on how well you upgrade your equipment and stats, you will need less agility for defense if this is max (last passive to max or even at lvl 80, since promoted warriors get bonus defense and at lower lvls there is not much of a difference

Passives (60+)
(highly recommend using these skills, especially against classes you have trouble with)
Fortitude I,II, III: reduces critical (combo, fury, armor ignore) by 10%, increase by 2% up to 26% max
Tooth for tooth I, II, III: reflect half of damage from critical (combo, fury, armor ignore) ignores armor, chance 10% to 26%
(very helpful against mages cause you don’t take as much damage from other melee classes as much as an armor ignore so just leave first 2 passives I, II at 2 and focus on mages)
Damage skills


Pelting strike: Max before level 31, only 5 points after.
Whirlwind: basic damage skill. Max before level 31, only 6 points after.

Prior to 80
Thunder Strike: 50% to increase damage inflicted by 10%, high chance of small damage increase
Vacuum Blast: increase combo rates by 10%, higher chance of crit
Frost strike: 10% to reduce enemies haste by 20, last for 10 sec, useful against low atk spd opponents
Ghost Flame: 10% chance to reduce enemy’s atk power by 20%, last for 10 sec, useful against any opponent, high damage especially

Secondary skills

Fury attack: increase damage 25%, decrease defense by 10%
great skill to use unless your wearing a shield, u don’t lose as much as it says since its impossible to get 100% defense reduce 80% is max I think, so must you will lose is 8%, hover over your P-def to see how much you have, changes each level

Block: reduce damage by 15%
Great in pvp, less useful against melee class when you get 80% damage reduce but always helpful against a mage

Bloodlust: reduce hp by 10% to boost atk by 10%, chain atk by 10%, haste by 5
Useless skill, serves no purpose other than to get perish (lvl 83 skill), reason warrior atk spd even with haste from skill is 5.5-6 seconds on average, so you will only attack 5 times which is half an attack or 50% damage for 10% of your hp or more of your hp if it occurs more than once

Elemental barrier: absorbs all elemental damage from enemy and reflects a small amount
Good skill for guild quest, with a shield that’s near your level, even at stage 5 you will start to take elemental damage from monsters, unless you have wards but at later levels, it will get really help, remember to switch back to block afterwards. Only keep at minimum lvl so you can get block

1.        Bloodlust cancels fury damage if it activates after
2.        Fortitude and block can stack
3.        Bloodlust 10% combo rate is 10% of your current combo %, if you 20% it increase it by 2%

I will add more if I can think of any

3. Builds

1. Fury/bloodlust
Passives: dragons might, light of life, tooth for tooth, wild blow
Damage skills: thunder strike;
Secondary skill: Fury, bloodlust
Optional: vacuum blast, holy shield
High damage
Lose hp, lack of defensive skills, bad at long battles (instance bosses)

2. Block/ele barrier
Passives: dragons might, light of life, fortitude, wild blow?
Damage skills: frost strike
Secondary skills: block, ele barrier
Optional: ghost flame strike, holy shield
good at reducing damage
good at guild quest
Less damage without fury, might have problems against mages

3. Hybrid build (advanced)
Passives: dragons might, light of life, wild blow, fortitude
Damage skills: none
Secondary skills: block, fury attack, ele barrier
Optional: Tooth for tooth instead of fortitude, holy shield
Better against mages, survive longer
Balanced, has attack and defensive skills
Cons :
Slightly less damage, skills add up to 1k damage or more if you use all mp
Have to wait til 6X or 7X to really use this build effectively


Before level 30
9/9 Pelting Strike
9/9 Dragon Might
5/9 Whirlwind
6/9 Fury attack

After lvl 30 (note you should not have all these skills, this is just minimum for branch you choose to follow, I just don’t feel like repeating myself, so I apologize if you are confused)
5/9 Pelting strike
6/9 whirlwind (keep min if you want to use other attack skills)
9/9 Dragon Might
5+/9 light of light (a few hundred to 1k ish hp wont make much of a difference early on….but remember its your build)
9/9 fury attack/block
6/9 elemental barrier
7/9 thunder strike/frost strike

After 60s (again not suppose to have all skills, place amount you feel necessary)
9/9 wild blow
?+/9 holy shield (not much defense gained
?+/9 fortitude
?+/9 tooth for tooth 7/9 bloodlust to unlock
(don’t recommend tooth for tooth until 80 cause 7 skill points for bloodlust seems to be a waste if you don’t use, perish is awesome if you’re a berserk warlord though)

5. Equipment
1. full Instance set: cheap
-high hp
-low defence
-balanced stats
-good damage boost at +9
-weapon with hp leech is optimal for guild quest or instances, long battles generally
-more critical
-sockets: 1 on some equipments but guranteed
-low defence
-luck, combo damage boost are unnecessary
-may have to use for a while since true armor is every 20 lvls, non true only gives better defense, not stats
2. mixed instance set (change rings, boots, neck)
-high hp
-balanced stats
-+9 give good damage
-rings, boots, neck can give more melee, defense, hp
-cost (red rings cost a lot at higher levels, rerolls are difficult sometimes)
3. full reds
-a lot of possibilities, so no comment
-not recommended until promotion in my opinion
-you will probably keep the true weapon/shield

Comments- at higher levels, 8X+, the stamina bonus given by instance armor is less significant compared to hp% and more and more reds should be use except for the helms and leggings at 96, 88, 98…. You will need defense whether it’s by def %, upgrading you armor or using agility gear. In order to not pay $$ at all it would be best to have the stats in your armor which can be changed more easily, may cost a lot but at least you don’t have to resets


warriors have 3 prefixes that suit them, most out of 3 classes
Psychic’s – HP
Defender’s – Defense
Slayer’s – Melee Damage

these 2 are ok

MagicResister – Spell Resistance
mage’s armor ignore makes this useless, very difficult to increase, best to just get psychic/hp %
Skywalker’s – Attack Speed
needs a substantial amount of agility to make this work. Use if you have agility armor/stats


Single Stats:
Strength – Str
Stamina – Stm

Two Stats
Valour – Str/Stm
Defense – Stm/Str

Three stats
Harmony – Stm/Str/Agi

A lot of agility is not recommended until 80+ for a lot of defense although you can experiment with your gear.

Against mages:
1. Mages have highest damage of all classes and highest special attack rate
2. Its not possible to tank a good mage for long, most damage from mages comes from armor ignore
3. Mages have restoration shield and fiery revenge but low hp typically
4. Some mages are using Concentrate for damage increase
5. Most mages are using Palsy secondary skill which disable your attacks for 9 sec;
6. Some mages have Eye for Eye skill which returns half of your combo attack damage back to you

1. Balance between damage and attack (can’t stress this enough, low damage n high hp results in mage leeching off hp for you, high damage is better but not the best since palsy or several armor ignore finishes you off, balance will make it so difficult for mages)
2. Never use a shield, dual wield since atk spd is faster and shield only useful against melee classes
3. Fortitude/Tooth for tooth, block and fury is great against mages
4. If you get challenged by a mage and tooth for tooth reflects and match ends up in a draw, mage wins
5. warriors are second fastest class so you can attack faster than mages usually (minor advantage)
Against warriors/sins

read above for warriors

Only sin
1. sins can dodge, hit fast, and poison
2. They will debuff your hit and defense with passives
3. weaken and fragile can stack (they both cancel each other but stack with Focus passive skill)

1. block/fury still works
2. shield not useful until 8X
3. high defense helps keeps battles longer, high hp is good but with poison being more popular then weaken, you might want high defence against sins
4. Runes/socketed gear are great against any class since they hit despite dodge
5. you can use instance neck for combo % boost, if you do might as well wear the rings for boosted combo damage, I only suggest this if you dual wield due to more hits and higher damage from comboing

Leveling (mainly guild quest)
-do 3 instances, free runs a day, also guild quest once your over 30

-warriors are the best at guild quest since if you use a shield that is close to your level can block numen/rune damage up to stage 4 completely, 5 if you guess correctly, most of the mobs are also physical attackers so you will survive very long
-use strike runes to attack monster which will dodge a lot
-suggest you use elemental barrier, fury attack if you survive to stage 7+, block doesnt help as much since with a shield most of physical damage is blocked, damage being done to warrior while in fury is not that much
-make sure to upgrade your weapon before your shield, Ive experimented and even a +0 shield is fine…


– Obviously put all 5 stats each levelling up to STR to maximize damage. You will also have higher Combo attack chance, high hit and normal dodge.

– For gears, focus more on getting highest haste speed as possible. With +7 Haste speed on all ur gears can possibly get warrior around 3-4 seconds attack speed. DO NOT PUT AGI FOR ATTACK SPEED COZ IT JUST ADDS A LITTLE ON ATTACK SPEED YET U WILL LOSE THE ATK BONUS FROM STR.  So get haste speed max and str stats for ur gear.

– If you can reach 3 attack speed it means you can hit 100%/double attack (that’s if you can reach that or less than that). You will also have more chance to trigger BROKEN WAVE sub-skills which will reduce opponents defense by 40% (I’m not 100% sure about this coz the skill said “shield” and not defense. But I assume it’s defense, coz if it’s a shield this skill will be very useless. So it has very high chance it means defense). This skill will be very usefull against high defense warrior. a lv 100+ warriors with 10k defense will get his defense down to 6k for about 6 seconds. If you have 3 seconds attack than it means you can attack him/her 2 times when skill trigger. About the trigger chance, it is 6% (20%-skill trigger chance x 30%-subskill trigger chance). But if you have 3 atk speed, you will have 12% chance every 6 seconds. Double chance to trigger than berserker without haste speed. And after it triggers, you can hit twice too. I use simple math for that. With ur high str/high attack, when the skill trigger, it will be deadly =).

– With 3 atk speed you can also have double chance to trigger slash. At lv 9, Slash have 10% chance to activate str/1 damage if hp below 50%. Slash damage will also increase by 6% with ares wrath lv 9. So every 6 seconds you have chance to trigger slash 2 times with 16% chance each. I would say, full str will have around 1000 str at least at lv 110, so it means additional 1k damage every 3 seconds if it trigger

– Obviously with 3 atk speed, you will double chance every 6 seconds to trigger Bloodlust and fury attack. Fury attack is 100% good. About Bloodlust, It’s your choice. But with victory rush (increase bloodlust damage by 15%), it will increase your damage by 20% total. The risk is ur hp might be reduced 2 times every 6 seconds and the good effect cant be stacked. Well you can gain 5 atk rating from the skills and also 10% increase combo attack chance.

– Remember, 10% increase on combo attack chance doesn’t mean that if u have current 20% combo attack chance then it will be 30% after the skill triggered. But it will be 20% + (20%x10%) = 22% combo attack chance. This to help you to decide which skills you want to use.

– If you don’t prefer bloodlust, you can use PERISH TOGETHER secondary skills to replace it. It’s very good coz it doesn’t have anything to do with opponents defense. At lv 9, PERISH TOGETHER have 12% chance to reduce 10% of opponents HP at the cost of 3% of ur HP (Max damage 20% of ur HP). If your warrior get around 10k HP at lv 110, you can deal 2k damage at most, with the cost of 333 HP, and its kinda always hit if its trigger coz it’s secondary skills.  ARES WRATH will increase PERISH TOGETHER chance by 6%. so total will be 18% chance. So in simple word, if you have 3 attack speed, you can trigger PERISH TOGETHER (That deal 2k pure damage at max) 2 times every 6 seconds with 18% chance.

– With full STR you can get a high damage. And with high atk speed, you will add more, I would say 100% more damage if you have 3 atk speed coz you can hit 2 times every 6 seconds =). Yet with full str, your hit will be very high so you don’t really have to worry about sin dodging ur hit

– DANGEROUS. Berserker warrior full damage is so weak without refining gears coz it has low defense. But once you refine all gears to +9, you will be able to survive longer and has more chance to trigger ur skills that brings u advantage =). And of course if u refine ur both swords, ur damage will greatly increase especially with all the multiplier bonus you can get from high attack speed.

– About tooth for tooth skills, if it’s possible I would recommend to get warrior one (stam warrior is nightmare, high defense and high hp) or maybe mage (you will have similar or a bit less damage from mages but u have slightly higher HP). Sin might not be a very huge threat since it has low hp, normal defense and your hit is high so you will barely miss the hit.

-Most of the things above is base on 3 atk speed, so if you can’t reach 3 atk speed, it will be less than that. But I think still good =)

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