Facebook Clash of Kingdoms Developing Guide for Beginners

Developing Strategy Guide for Beginners by turtle12345

Hi, everyone, I am “come here”. As you all know, I am pretty good at city work. And I invented a way of getting top of Player Ranking list. But frankly, I hate this way of playing Clash of Kingdoms. It is boring and I am nothing to my kingdom. I cannot help my kingdom expand border, I cannot fight against other kingdoms. All I have is first of Ranking list. That is meaningless. However, I spend much time on researching the best developing methods, and I would like to share my first 3 weeks experience with all players. (Of course, I created several accounts to do research.) I would be very happy if these experience can make you do better in the coming beta-test server. And if you disagree with my developing strategy, you are welcomed to discuss here.

Week 1
Set up the foundation of your future.
At the beginning of this game, Silver is the most important thing. It helps you upgrade Empire of One technology, which can provide you more manors. So for the first 3 manors, except the double bonus lots, build and upgrade residences on every flat land and pour all silver on Empire of One tech. From your fourth manor, you can start focusing on resource output and recruiting troops. For each manor later on, you should build and upgrade four resource buildings of each type of resource, two military buildings, one granary and one warehouse. BTW, if you can pay gold on four locked lots of every manor, that would greatly increase your resource output. The first four locked lots are not that expensive, and it’s a permanent investment. In sum, these are all you should do on your first week, hence they are very important for your future development. (tips: you can instantly finish a building queue in less than 5 minutes)
I do NOT recommend you to recruit many troops on your first week. You can register your hero to King’s Order every morning and afternoon, which helps your kingdom expand border without losing any of your troops. But if you have extra resource to recruit troops, just do it. More troops means more development points, means higher ranking, which reflects you’re more active than other players. Probably this will lead you more support on the coming election.
The Goal of 1st week: At least 8 Manors, Upgrade every resource building to at least Lv. 8

Week 2
Start recruiting troops! Start leveling up your heroes!
First, keep upgrading your Empire of One tech. to level 10, and create new manors on level 4-5 cities. If your kingdom’s premier already decided the future military direction, you’d better create your last one or two manors near the frontier to help you mass troops and prepare for battle. Try to keep a good balance on recruiting troops and upgrading resource buildings. After level 10 Empire of One, you can start upgrading military technology. Once you get level 4 Atk and Def tech of one troop type, you can have tier 2 troops, which is a lot more powerful than tier 1.
If you have spare silver, you can upgrade Hero summit tech. to level 3 to have four heroes. As you do not have a great many of troops, I do not recommend you to pay too much silver for the quantity of heroes, but focus on leveling up your epic hero to at least level 10. About the gold epic, I don’t know if you can get a gold epic by using silver to refresh tavern. And if you want to refresh tavern with gold, I also don’t know exactly how much gold you have to pay for your first gold epic. But based on my closed-beta test experience, you can recruit your first gold epic in less than 100 gold for sure. However, the level of your hero is equally important, a level 20 silver epic(or even bronze epic) can easily beat a level 10 gold epic.
Ways of leveling up your heroes:
1.Bandit blowout: only consume hero stamina(regenerate for free) and some food. If you have a huge army, you can gain considerable experience without any unit loss.
2.Patrol City: consume hero stamina and a great amount of silver. (Not recommended unless you are insanely rich. Because you’d better spend that silver on upgrading troop’s Atk./Def. tech. That will benefit all your troops, and that’s a permanent investment.) Tips: do patrol city only when both the kingdom stimulus task (Order Boost) and the city-palace task(Patrol city) are on. These two tasks will triple your experience gained.
3.Siege Neutral Cities. Consume Troops and provisions. If you already have over 1500 troops and a strong hero, you can deploy your troops to siege a low level Neutral City. If you are lucky, you won’t lose many troops. But you know, at the 2nd week of this game, troops are the most expensive thing…
4.Battle with other kingdoms: consume everything… Strongly not recommended if you want to gain Exp in this way. But if it is a mass military action well organized by legion or kingdom, just enjoy it. : )
The Goal of 2nd Week: 11 Manors, Resource Buildings to above level 10.

Week 3
Follow legion/premier’s command! Let’s Fight!
Keep upgrading and recruiting, try to build your great army. Mass your troops near frontier and prepare to fight.
Abandon the Silver focused manors around your capital, and create more manors near the battlefield, this will help you gather your troops faster and save your provisions.
Till now, you must know this game better than me. Just do your best, your kingdom will rule the whole world!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Make capital hybrid silver/resource farm, make the next 3 towns all silver farms, save your taxes until 4 hours before the server reset to maximize silver gain on the first day. you should be able to get your 5th manor in the first day or maybe your 6th if you started as the server opened. ( This build is strictly for non gold users ) if you buy gold go hang yourself. have a nice day :)

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