Facebook Business Tycoon Online Where to Use Gratis Gold

Business Tycoon Online Where to Use Gratis Gold

Name: Gratis Gold Guide
Skill level: Begginner
Author: Sputink

I looked in the guide index and i couldn’t find a guide on how and where  Gratis Gold can be used. Here is a detailed guide with images on where Gratis Gold can be used.

1. Accelerating Stores, Mansions and Flagship Upgrades.
When you upgrade a store, Mansion or a Flagship it consumes are certain amount of time. To skip that time you can use Gratis Gold.

1 hour of upgrade = 1 Gratis Gold.

Example: In the above diagram in 3 Hours 58 Minutes 57 Seconds the store will upgrade this upgrade will use 4 Gratis Gold. The cost is always rounded up.
(Advice: Only advised for mansion or store upgrades which allow you to upgrade corporation straight after.Also if the time remaining is like a some hours and like 10 minutes i would wait 10 minutes cause it could save you 1 Gratis gold.)

2.Buying some Shop items.
Some objects in the shop can be bought with Gratis Gold insted of Gold. This can be helpful for some non-gold buyers.
Items that can be bought from Shop using gratis gold

  • VIP cards
  • Superfish Soups
  • Store expansion agreements
  • Moving company
  • Company renaming application
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Flying Guard’s
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Material Box’s
  • Trumpets
  • Green juice

The Exchange rate is the same 1 Gold is worth as 1 Gratis Gold. When buying the the shop make sure to change the payment option from Gold to Gratis Gold like the above diagram.
(Advice: ONLY purchase VIP cards, Superfish soups, Store expansion agreements because you can gain all the others from Destiny cards using TCN, from company upgrade packages, the only one left is Material boxes which are vastly overpriced and not worth buying)

3. Accelerating Training
Further Training/Occult Training/Enlightenment can also be paid by Gratis Gold.

The system will first charge you with Gratis Gold, if insufficient then it will take Gold away. Also if training is accelerated the exchange rate is the same as Store Accelerating.
(Advice: It is advisable to save gratis gold up to train your employees, 1st priority should be Occult training, then Enlightenment, then Further, i say this way because you have chanced to Further train using TCN once
per day.)

4. Accelerating Strategies

Strategy can be accelerated however the exchange rate of Gratis gold to time is different.
10 minutes of Acceleration = 1 Gratis Gold
1 Hour of acceleration = 6 Gratis Gold

In the above example it will take 6 Gratis Gold. Unfortunately the game doesn’t allow you to accelerate any amount of time you want. If you want to accelerate you must accelerate the whole time.
(Not advised under any circumstances.)

5.Advanced Store Cleaning/Disturbing

When Cleaning or Disturbing someones store you have an option to choose between Standard or Advanced.

Advanced Consumes 1 gold but does double the effect than standard.

(Advice: It is advisable to only use this when in a war unless you have ample supply.)

6. 24 Hour Activities
There are 2 24 Hour Activities that cost 1 Gratis Gold. “Anything is Possible” and “Raising Social Status.”

(Advice: Raising Social Status Can be paid by TCN which is advisable. “Anything is possible is the only activity you should consider doing for 1 Gratis Gold as the rewards are very helpful.)

7.Celebrity Club – Dine with Mr Buffet
This activity uses 3,999 Gratis Gold or Gold. Generally people don’t have 3,999 Gratis Gold so it will use as much of Gratis Gold you have and then Subtract. The activity gives you 500 Attribute points.

(Advice: It is advisable not to do this unless its for a wishing tree or in the first week or 2 of a new server to give you a head start, or if you have nothing left to spend gold/gratis goldon and your icon hunting)

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