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Business Tycoon Online Staff Strategy by Exarch

PLEASE GIVE YOUR THANKS TO Serenade for rewording the entire guide, without his efforts this strategy guide would be very complicated.

Staff attributes can be divided into Execution, Management, and Confidence.

Execution:  Increases the success of executing a strategy.

Management: Increases the success of defending against a strategy.

Confidence: I’m not sure what it means here, but so far I only see confidence is used when you negotiate with MIB. Confidence deceases when defending or executing a strategy, but it can easily be gained back.

These attributes play a big role in defending guild landmark. You need to reach the upper limit ASAP. There are two ways to gain distributable points. The first way is to buy Superfish Soup from the Mall, and the second way is to make your employees do routine work. Routine work will increase employees’ abilities. Once your employees’ abilities reach 100, any points after that will be distributable to Execution and Management. Every 2 points in either Execution or Management will increase Confidence by 1 point.

Employees can be promoted to store manager or various positions in your company structure. A store with a manager receives a 5% revenue bonus

Store Manager: When your employee’s abilities and loyalties reach 50, you can promote them to be store manager.  Each store can only have 1 store manager. You need to wait 7 days before you can demote them.

Company structure: Employees need to meet specific talent and attributes requirements in order to be promoted to specific position. You can check these requirements by hovering over the positions.

You need to fill the lower positions before you can promote employees to the higher ones. You will need to wait 3 days before you can demote them.

Employee experiences can be divided into Entertainment, Sales, Catering and Service. Only employees with experiences related to your industry can give % bonus to store revenue. Employees can be divided into 6 levels.

White:  does not have any experience (no bonus to store revenue)
Green:  experience is “Interested” (increase store revenue by 5%)
Blue: experience is “Experienced” lol (increase store revenue by 10%)
Purple: experience is “Successful” (increase store revenue by 25%)
Red: experience is “Preeminent” (increase store revenue by 50%)
Orange: experience is “Versatile” (increase store revenue by 75%)

You can upgrade your employee’s experiences by Further Training

Junior Further Training: your employees need to reach certain proficiency before they can take part in this training. Training costs TCN, and has a certain failure rate (failure will decrease proficiency of employees by 40%)

Senior Further Training: training costs gold and does not have any requirement. Success rate is 100%.

Employees’ talents can be divided into Product, Marketing, PR, Admin, and Media. Each talent has 4 ranks:
Junior: Increase the store revenue by 5%
Intermediate: Increase the store revenue by 10%
Expert: Increase the store revenue by 20%
Master: Increase the store revenue by 50%
Enlightenment can be used to help employees reach the next rank. Enlightenment costs gold (and only gold T__T)

Common Enlightenment (random success rate)
No talent to Junior: 60 minutes, 200 gold, obtain a random talent (Junior).
Junior to Intermediate: 120 minutes, 500 gold.
Intermediate to Expert: 180 minutes, 800 gold.
Expert to Master: 240 minutes, 1000 gold.

Advanced Enlightenment (Success rate 100%)
No talent to Junior: 60 minutes, 600 gold, obtain a random talent (Junior).
Junior to Intermediate: 120 minutes, 1200 gold.
Intermediate to Expert: 180 minutes, 2500 gold.
Expert to Master: 240 minutes, 4500 gold.

Loyalty’s upper limit is 100. The higher it is, the hard it takes for other players to poach your employees. When loyalty falls to 90, people can start to poach your employees. Employees’ loyalty can be increased by: Holding a Meeting routine, Communicate, Rewards, Renew Contracts or Green Juice in the Mall.
To reduce other players’ employees’ loyalty: you can use Poaching, or Media Attack.

The upper limit is 960. When working in stores, employees’ proficiency increases by 1 point every hour. Doing routine will also increase proficiency by 1 point per routine. Failure in Junior Further Training will decrease proficiency.

Employees’ names can be change for free 3 times. After that you need to pay 10 gold for 1 change.

One week (salary increases by 10%):  loyalty increases by 5 points
Two weeks (salary increases by 8%):  loyalty increases by 6 points
Four weeks (salary increases by 5%):  loyalty increases by 7 or 8 points

You can only renew the contract when the contract has 14 days or less. (activate auto renew everyone lol). When you want to fire an employee, you need to compensate him/her with 3 weeks’ salaries (or you can use Settlement Agreement in the Mall)


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